September 30, 2010

No Makati For Me Yet, What I Realized After An Emergency

I have long hated living in Paranaque. Not only am I far from my friends, I do not have the luxury to come and go as I please. This is why I am looking forward to my plans of moving out in March 2011, the month of Bubot's wedding.

Last Thursday, I even met up with my 3 best friends and we talked about how much I wanted to move out already. We had dinner at Nanbantei before heading to Manila Peninsula hotel for chocolate fondue. We kept talking about my plans to move out and live in Makati, what we should do [exercise].  So imagine my surprise when just a few hours later, I got a wake up call that really woke me up [literally and figuratively].

3:10am. I received a call from my dad asking me to take him to the hospital because he wasn't feeling well. With just a couple of hours of sleep, I was a bit shocked about this but it did not stop me from waking Bubot. We both rushed dad to the Emergency Room of Paranaque Doctors' Hospital. He was experiencing vertigo and his blood sugar and cholesterol level shoot up to high amounts. Of course, this gave us quite a scare since he has been diabetic for over 10 years already.

A couple of hours later, we were allowed to take him home so he could rest. I sent updates to Kuya Nikki and informed him what was going on.

This got me thinking though. If I moved to Makati, who will be there for my dad when another emergency like this happens? A single second can already have a huge impact on his life, especially on an emergency.

So now, despite me hating Paranaque so much, I am staying.

Family matters

September 29, 2010

Recipe #7: A Healthy Carbonara

Last September 17, my sister asked me to cook dinner for the birthday of her (soon-to-be) brother in law, George. Since George has been a good mentor (photography) to me, I decided to spare a few hours of my busy work day to prepare a delicious dinner with his favorite dish: Carbonara.

If you know me, I like to spice things up by adding my own versions to the recipe. A typical Carbonara dish contains bacon bits. Since I am on a "health conscious" diet, I decided to forgo the bacon and used broccoli instead. I also added two kinds of mushroom: shitake and straw mushrooms.

I also choose Farfalle pasta instead of ordinary spaghetti since white sauces go well with this shape of pasta. If you can't find Farfalle, you can still use Fusilli or Rotini. ^,^

Image by George Bermeo

100 g Broccoli
1 small can Mushrooms, sliced
50 g Shitake Mushrooms, sliced
Garlic, diced
Onion, diced
Sauce: 1/2 cup Nestle Cream
1/2 cup Fresh Milk
1 block Eden Original Cheese, grated
1 tablespoon Butter, melted
1 tablespoon Flour
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste
Parmesan Cheese

Blanch and shock Broccoli. Set aside.

Saute garlic and onion in butter. Add shitake mushrooms. Once you notice that they have softened, add the other mushrooms and the broccoli. Put salt and pepper. Set aside.

Mix melted butter and flour in a bowl to make roux. Once thoroughly incorporated, heat on a deep pan.

Add the cream and the Fresh milk. Add the grated cheese.

Put salt and pepper and let boil. Taste. If it does not exude any flavor, add more salt. Continuously stir the cream-milk mixture until it thickens.

When ready, add the sauteed mushrooms-broccoli mixture.

Toss Farfalle pasta into the sauce. Add grated Parmesan cheese on top before serving to your guests.

September 28, 2010

Recipe #6: Crusted Dory with Mushroom Tomato Ravioli Filled with Cream Cheese and Spinach

After a few months of being traumatized of cooking (after my disappointing stay in culinary school), I finally got the nerve to cook new dishes again. Lately, I have been experimenting and whipping up some dishes on my own--some I have learned from school. I was unable to cook for a few months since it felt like every dish I prepared was under/over cooked. My recent dishes have been cooked right. ^,^

For tonight, I cooked Crusted Dory with Mushroom Tomato Ravioli Filled with Cream Cheese and Spinach

1/2 kilo Dory, cut into quarters
10 sheets Lasagna, cooked according to instructions
200 grams Spinach, blanched
1/4 cup Cream Cheese
1 pack Tomato Sauce
1 small can sliced Mushrooms
1/2 cup Flour, mixed with salt and pepper
2 small Garlic, minced
1 small Onion, minced
Parmesan cheese


Prepare ahead: a container of the flour, pepper and salt. Make sure it has a tight lid.

Once you have cooked lasagna, cut them into squares. Put blanched spinach in the middle, being careful not to crowd the lasagna sheets with the filling. Place about 1/2 teaspoon of cream cheese on top of spinach just so it won't escape the pocket. Fry for a few seconds and drain on paper towel.

In a separate pan, saute garlic and onion in oil. Add mushrooms and the tomato sauce. Place black pepper and salt into the sauce, testing for the preferred taste. Let the mixture boil.

Cover dory with flour-pepper-salt mixture. Place lid on top and gently shake to mix. Remove from container and fry in a shallow pan of oil. Flip on to the other side after a minute of cooking. After another minute, flip back to its previous side before transferring to a plate lined with paper towel.

Prepare the ravioli on the serving dish. Pour the tomato-mushroom sauce on top of it. Place dory on the side and top the middle with parsley (optional). Serve.

I hope I inspire some of you to try this dish. If you did, let me know what you think!

Enjoy!  ^,^

Sparkazine is UP! Win P50,000 worth of shopping spree at Fred Perry!

After several months of being SPARK Magazine's first issue being launched, the next thing you have to look out for is the sparkazine website that we have all been working so hard on. I wrote several articles for the blog and I am very excited to see that some of them have already been posted.

You can now read articles I've written as well as see some of the pictures I took. Simply go to the website of the magazine!

Aside from reading my articles, make sure you click LIKE on SPARK's Facebook fan page. You get a chance to win something!

Win a P50,000.00 shopping spree at Fred Perry! Just click ‘Like’ on Spark Magazine’s Facebook page to join!

Let me know what you think of the articles! ^,^

September 26, 2010

COMDDAP Announces Several Contests for December Expo

Last Thursday, Sept. 23, I was among some bloggers who were invited by COMDDAP to post some of their material on my blog. I felt very honored as I am a fresh blogger and have not been consistent with my blog posts. They treated us to a meal via Travel Cafe and we were welcomed by the people behind the group.

Since it was traffic outside, the other bloggers who got invited were inconsistent with the time they arrived. This is why the group decided to talk to each blogger separately. I arrived in the event with Let's Go Sago, who I have never met in my entire life. We were welcomed and told about the event that COMDDAP was planning for December 2010.

Every year, COMDDAP (Computer Manufacturers, Distributors, and Dealers Association of the Philippines) hosts an event held on the first week of December to showcase the best of the IT world. This year, the 2010 Manila Expo is scheduled to be at the SMX Convention Center on December 2-5, 10am-7pm. The good news about this event is that it is FREE!

What can you get from attending the expo? 

COMDDAP has long made it a point to showcase the different IT products since 1986. [Yes, it's the same year I was born] They have witnessed the IT industry change before their very eyes and they are really knowledgeable of the different products that have and will make it in the market. Think of the event as a one-stop shop where you can get some gadgets for your Christmas shopping!

Okay, so what else?

Did I mention they have a series of contests as well as an auction?

Imagen.I.T. Pinoy
The theme for this year is called Imagen.I.T. Pinoy because COMDDAP believes that Filipinos are really talented in just about any field. COMDDAP is inviting EVERYONE to submit their digital art, no matter how it was made as long as it is in digital format. 

Oldest PC Hunt
If you still have an old PC at home, even if it isn't working anymore, you better bring it with you on December 2-5. You might win some prizes that they haven't disclosed with us yet!

One of the biggest reasons why COMDDAP holds its events on December is because each attendee has been alloted several months to save money for the live auction held on these dates. At the same time, it is the season when everyone just received their 13th month bonus! This is perfect timing for people to enjoy auctioning new gadgets!

Mark your calendars people!

*For more information on these contests, send a comment and I will forward the mechanics to you. 
** Thanks to COMDDAP for the Norton 2010 Anti-Virus installer!

Recipe #5: Kratong Thong

For Christmas 2009, I was originally planning to make Black Sambo since my relatives were not aware what it was. But since I was unsuccessful in making the gelatin the right texture for three attempts, I ended up making Kratong Thong (Thai dish) instead.

It's a dish made with chicken mixed with corn and some carrots and placed on fried cups. I never actually got the recipe for this dish but I made up my own recipe.

1 Kilo Ground Chicken, seasoned with Salt & Pepper
1 Can Corn
1/2 Carrot, Diced
20 Lumpia Wrapper, Fried


1. Mix in the carrots with the raw chicken. When it has thoroughly been mixed, saute it with a little oil.

2. When chicken is almost cooked, add in the whole kernel corn.

3. Once chicken is thoroughly cooked, place it on fried lumpia wrapper cups.

September 25, 2010

Why I'm Thinking of Returning to Culinary School

Yesterday, my family and I got quite a scare when my dad phoned me at 3 in the morning. He asked if I could drive him to the hospital because he wasn't feeling well. He woke up to switch off the air conditioning and go to the restroom. As soon as he lay back in bed, he became dizzy. He felt like everything around him was spinning uncontrollably so he decided to take his blood sugar. It read 177.

Yes, he is a diabetic and has been for several years already. His condition has limited his diet to several restrictions and he is unhappy about it. Aside from taking so many medication, he is also required to inject insulin two times everyday. This is why even if it is an ordinary problem, we worry so much about him as it can be dangerous.

I hurriedly drove him to Paranaque Doctor's Hospital because he was already nauseous. He usually goes to Medical Center Manila but I knew we would not make it, considering his current condition and the car I was driving overheated a few hours prior.

When we reached the hospital, we took him to the Emergency Room where the nurses took his blood again. This time, It read something like 229. My uncle, Rene, arrived and he talked to the doctor. They decided to inject him but I was unable to witness this as I hurriedly rushed home as I was not feeling well either. I needed to use the restroom and the hospital's wasn't ideal for my condition.

When I arrived back in the hospital, dad was sleeping and everyone had calmed down. They told me that everything is okay already and that dad experienced vertigo. A few hours later, we were allowed to take him home where he could sleep and should not be disturbed.

This event got me thinking of two things: the first one is that I should get in touch with my culinary friends and ask them if they could help me come up with a few recipes that are good for diabetics. I don't want my dad to eat anything which is not good for him anymore but at the same time, I want those dishes to be as good taste even better than high MSG foods.

Friends, please direct me to someone who can help me put together a program for diabetic dishes. I would really like to make a diet plan that my dad can use.

Thank you to everyone who wished him well. My dad is okay now, stable but okay.

September 24, 2010

Why I Think Charice Has A Lot On Her Plate

With the pilot episode of Glee Season 2, it is no wonder why there are a lot of people who talk about the success of Charice. She really has done a great job in proving that Filipinos have the talent to be in Hollywood.

Even though Charice has already proved herself, I think she has a lot on her plate right now. With all the fame she's about to receive, it will really be hard if she falls into the same situation as the other Hollywood stars. I don't think I need to say who but you probably know who these stars are.

Needless to say, the first episode was great. Hearing Charice sing Listen by Beyonce really sent chills up my spine! BRAVA!

September 22, 2010

My 15 Seconds of Fame Starts Here

Today, I was finally able to get my complimentary copy of SPARK magazine from the office. For those who already know, I was the Web Marketing Manager of SPARK for the past 4 months. I was in charge of writing the blog posts for every month as well as supplying images. Recently though, I resigned from this post as I wanted to explore my world more. It was because of SPARK that I was able to discover I had a talent for photography. Because of this, I am forever indebted to the people behind the magazine as they have motivated me to continue this craft. 

But unfortunately, I had to let go of the position so I could get to travel more and to achieve my life goals. Despite the fact that it (working for a magazine) has always been my lifelong dream job, I knew it was time to let go and move on. I have always been having trouble getting into the magazine industry as I am not a graduate of this field. But my heart has [and always will be] been in it. Even today, I am still going to continue this but as a contributor. 

Despite my goodbyes though, I was very happy that I was able to work with such an esteemed magazine. Not only was I under the supervision of one of the country's most deified EICs and personalities, I was also able to get a chance to showcase myself. Having the opportunity to work with them was really the highlight of my year, if not, my entire life. I look forward to working with them again sometime in the future. 

Because this is the very first time I had my name on a magazine, I could not help but feel proud of it. Maybe on the second time this happens to me, it won't feel like this but I cannot help myself as it is really the first time I was able to get included in a magazine. Instead of having a camwhore moment, I took pictures of my name. 

I have to warn you though, the magazine only contains 3 of the photos that I took. The rest of my work are still set to be posted on the blog of SPARK, which will be sometime this month. If you are planning to buy a copy of the mag to see my work, then I strongly advise that you wait for the blog instead. But if you are thinking of getting a copy because it is an interesting magazine, then by all means GO! 

Please stay tuned and wait for the release of sparkazine, the digital platform of SPARK magazine. In it, you will be able to see really amazing photos that I was able to take as well as the 120 articles that I have written. 

But for now, please enjoy these pages I have contributed to the first issue of SPARK Magazine:

SPARK Magazine is now available in leading bookstores for only P199! That's quite a buy for 200 pages full of beautiful, creative photos and good reads!

September 21, 2010

Recipe #4: Hockey Pucks

A simple way to enjoy your all time favorite Peanut Butter snack. I found this recipe in under the name Hockey Pucks.

Fita Biscuits
Peanut Butter Creamy
Chocolate Bar

Sandwich peanut butter with the crackers.  Set aside.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or you can use a steamer for this.  After the chocolate has melted, dip the PB crackers in the chocolate and place on a plate.  Let it cool again.

Eat as a snack or dessert.  Works both ways.

I hope you enjoy the recipes that I found.  Will post more recipes next time. Feel free to leave a comment.  As always, I like knowing what you think about what I have written.

September 18, 2010

My New Babies...

Because I miss Ponti so much, I decided to buy a pair of rabbits to take care of. ^,^

I named the boy Bruno and the girl is called Matilda. I am still adjusting to having a pet that does not bark and just eats all day :)


I like my new pets a lot since they are so cute! Just got angry today though because the kids of our next door neighbor threw a piece of paper, an aquarium plant accessory, and a piece of red hot chili into my new pets' cage. I got so irritated by this.

>Sigh< Why are there some parents who can't teach their kids not to mess with other people's belongings?!?????

September 17, 2010

Food= A Happy Memory

My father heads to Quezon Avenue, Quezon City; and I am initially aware of where he is taking us--our other companions get excited and begin reciting what they’ll order while I sit and frown.  Ma Mun Lok.  It is a local restaurant where Mami and Siopao top the list on the menu.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that I don’t eat Mami or Siopao.  I just often wonder why of all the restaurants in Quezon City, why is it that my father loves to eat at this famed restaurant.  It isn’t like it’s the only place you can eat Mami and Siopao.  Why is it that we have to go all the way from Paranaque to this old place just to eat this dish?

Sitting on the table, my dad is pleased. He nods at two of the elder waiters who seem to know him from way back—and he begins his story. He would tell us, time and again, of how Ma Mun Lok came to be. About this Chinese man who introduced Mami to the Filipinos.  Of how he used to ride a tricycle and bring all the ingredients along with him on his sidecar... How he used to sell along the offices in Old Escolta... Stories about the branches the restaurant opened throughout Metro Manila but in the end, closed all but this particular branch remained until today.This is the man who is currently looming over me through a bigger than life eerie painting.

My dad takes a bite off his siopao as he brings up another story--a memory of his childhood.  Every day after school, he would take his sister and they would order mami, siopao and Coke for only P 7.50.  Another memory is of him and his whole family.  His father would ask them where they would like to eat, and the six of them would overrule one sibling who would choose another restaurant.  They would then eat at Ma Mun Lok while this sibling would spend the rest of the time crying because of her defeat.  (I think I got that from her.)

Now, as I stare at my father, the man who continuously supports me through my choices--no matter how right or wrong they are; I get the answer to my dilemma.

A chef once told me: food should be able to transport you back to a happy memory.  That’s when I understood--that no matter how far it is from our house, this is something that brings my dad closer to his youth.  That when he is in this restaurant, the ghosts of his childhood are on the next table; the little Terry sits beside his mom and happily teases the little Judy who just lost their vote on where to eat.  He remembers a happy time where his family was complete--something that rarely happens.  No matter how many mami or siopao stores will open, this is the one place he would still prefer to eat those two dishes.

And just like me and the affection I feel for the restaurants that I frequently visit, these are the places that make me feel at ease and give me comfort knowing I am home.  And just like me, people who ask why I go there will hopefully realize that the answer is just inside their hearts.

How about you, what food brings you a happy memory?

my dad and his siblings on his 56th birthday

September 16, 2010

The Untold Story of a Culinary Arts Dropout

For many, going to culinary school is something that can be considered as recognition; an achievement, or even something to be proud of. This entitles them to bragging rights when they are in a restaurant and to act as the guru for small kitchen mishaps. It also gives them the unparalleled ability to savor dishes and identify the flavors that are present. In doing so, they can copy the recipe of the item they have ordered and even alter it so that it tastes much better. But all these, do not apply to me. This is the true story of a culinary school dropout.

Back when I was in college, I took a course which had something to do with cooking. Aside from writing, marketing, and acting, cooking was a skill I had always wanted to acquire. But since I was given the privilege of having someone to cook my meals three times a day, cooking was something I only did on occasions.

Despite this, I loved to cook. I would experiment on new recipes I found from the internet, friends, and through taste. Some have become my specialty and most were fiascos. But even so, I did not let this disappointments get me down and still continued to aspire to become a chef.

After graduating from college, I started calling up some of the culinary schools in Manila. My sister and I were moving in with our dad so I wanted to know what my options were after college. Our family isn’t rich. We were just a typical family who was able to afford trying out new restaurants every weekend. And in order to get a shot at my dream, I asked around for some scholarships. Unfortunately, there were none.

A couple of years passed by after my college graduation and I was still working in our family business. I was given the task as the HR Manager of the company but I was unhappy. I wanted to do something that I loved and would make me happy. This was certainly not it.

Seeing this, I was finally able to convince my dad to finance my culinary school degree. The whole course reached almost P300,000 and would last 9 months. To this, I was ecstatic, I was finally getting a shot at my dream to become a chef. With a grin plastered on my face, I started school on the last week of February 2009.

The first two weeks of the course was all classroom discussion about HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and safety in the kitchen. There were 7 of us and I was among those who were acing each test. I felt so happy being on the top that I was so sure I would do good once we were introduced to the kitchen. This is where I was proved wrong.

For the next few months, I struggled inside the kitchen. I burnt food, wasted some expensive ingredients, burnt my thumb and suffered several cuts on my fingers. There was even a time when almost all of my fingers had bandages. All of this did not stop me. I kept in mind that this was all part of the process—that if I wanted to achieve my dream of becoming a chef, I needed to get hurt first.

I would have. But eventually, it all got to me. My passion for cooking got fizzled. I was having a hard time telling myself to give cooking another shot as I found myself always being ridiculed by my classmates and my chefs. They were always saying that if I would be put in charge, the dish would be ruined. This got to me until I finally gave up my dream.

On a daily basis, I found myself waking up crying. I always felt I was pushing myself to wake up to another day and go to school. It seemed that the only solace I had left was on the weekends, when I had no school. But then Sunday come and I would be depressed again. After school, I would always go out and drink with my guy classmates. This gave me a nickname of a heavy drinker.

I wanted out of it since I was no longer happy. I kept forcing myself to do something I no longer loved. And it even affected the food that I would create. To this, I was convinced I no longer wanted to become a chef. I knew that I loved cooking and that is something I will never grow tired of. But working inside a real kitchen for 10 hours a day with your Sous Chef screaming at you to “double time,” was something I could not do.  Cooking is still something I loved to do but I can no longer cook for a group of people. For this reason, I quit culinary school while I was on our fifth month.

The moment I quit, I was able to do a little soul searching. I got into a phase where even the presence of food would make feel nauseous and I would immediately lose my appetite. I couldn’t eat and when I did, I wanted to throw up after. I felt like I was deserting myself and everyone who supported me.

When people ask me if I know how to cook, I hastily say yes. At the same time, I pray they don’t ask what my specialty is because this will only lead to them knowing about my fall out. It then leads to the typical conversation: they’ll ask me why I quit, I tell them I was no longer happy, they’ll frown and say “What a waste.” I know it was. But if it meant losing my sanity and my happiness, I was willing to let go of it.

I was only lucky that my dad did not force me to go back. Although I regret the harsh decision I made and the money we lost, I couldn’t think where I would be now if I continued. Perhaps I would be on my way to graduation; perhaps I would have committed suicide. I would never know what would have happened if I had stayed. But I know I will never be as happy as I am now.

I got back to writing only this time, I was able to find opportunities where my skills could generate money for me. And this is what I am still doing today.  I have never been this happy with my career in my whole life. And even though I am just starting out, I could really see myself in this industry for the rest of my life.

There are days I do wonder what it would be like if I continued. I still do wonder what would happen if I pursued my diploma and where I would be working after. My chef’s uniform, toque, and knives wait for the day I will use them again. But for the meantime, my pen takes over and writes about things I’ve learned the hard way.

If you are thinking about getting into culinary school, you must assess yourself first. Ask if you want to work inside a real kitchen or you just want to learn so you can use it at home. If you want to use the skill as a profession, make sure you can handle the stress and all the pressure. You can even watch popular reality shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef as these are the usual things that can happen inside the kitchen. In addition, you also need to prepare yourself by cooking at home a lot. You can’t act slow since you need to finish a task in just a few seconds.

For a chef, it is normal to make enemies while you at work. But at the end of the day, you need to make amends with the person you have hurt as this is a regular part of the career you signed up for. If you are ready for all these things, you might be able to survive culinary school the way I wasn’t.

September 11, 2010

I Am Grateful For... Sept. 11, 2010

In lieu of my Life Coaching session last Thursday, I was asked to write 5 things that I am grateful for on a daily basis. So here is my list today:

1. I am grateful for the chance of getting to sleep and rest the whole day. I rarely get to do this as I am so busy with work. Today though, I was able to rest and watch some of my favorite movies on HBO. Yes, this includes A Very Brady Sequel. No matter how many times I watch this movie, I just can't get enough of it. Even if there are people who say that it's such a nonsense movie, I absolutely love The Brady Bunch and wish they were back on screen!

Image via

2. I am grateful for work. Because even if I am working as an independent contractor, I still get to find new clients and those who are really interested in having me on board their team. I get to work in my own pace yet still deliver the quality of work desired from me.

3. I am grateful for the fact that there are people who care and love me. Even if I am who I am. They text me and let me know they care in the most unexpected ways. Like today, one of my best friends Cristel sent me a text informing me that Daniel Henney (my only Korean crush) MIGHT be in the Philippines. ^,^ We researched this bit together and found that he was with Rain in Manila Hotel press-con last Sept. 9. Awww...

Image via

4. I am grateful that another best friend, Sai, is in zen mode when I got to talk to her  this noon.  
Hopefully, she and Pat will get through the problem they are both currently facing. ***Hugs to you both!***

5. Lastly, I am grateful for today. For nothing bad happening to me and those around me. 

Recipe #3: Khaaw Neow Ma-Muang

After arriving from Bangkok, I still had a hangover of my trip.  From the MRT, the Skytrain to walking the whole city, Suan Lum Night Bazaar to the lockers of the small hostel we stayed in.  As much as the whole experience I had, I also miss the food that we got to taste.  So this past few days, I've been searching non-stop and trying different recipes I found on, and from yahoo! answers as well.  Just about everywhere!  I tried cooking Mango with Sticky Rice and Tom Kha Gai-- the food we were able to eat.  As much as I love to cook, I'm sharing my discovered recipe with you all out there:

1 kilo Thai Malagkit Rice
1 can (13 lq. oz.) Coconut Milk
1/2 tsp. Salt
1 cup White Sugar
1/2 kilo Mango
3 tsp. Sesame Seeds

Wash malagkit rice four times. Drain water each time. (Of course). After the fourth wash, drain water and soak in cool water, 2-3 inches above rice for about 6-8 hours. After 8 hours (I did it overnight), drain water again and place rinsed rice inside cheesecloth.  Tie cheesecloth and steam in bamboo steamer (I used the ones you can buy from the grocery/department store) for about one hour or until the rice is tender.

While steaming the rice, heat the coconut milk and add the salt and sugar until it boils.  Remove from heat and put 3/4 of the milk with the steamed rice (this is when you've already removed it from the cheesecloth) and let it cool.  Separate the remaining part of the milk because this will be used later.

Once the rice mik mixture has cooled down, put it on a plate and place mango slices on the other side of the rice.  Drizzle the plated rice and mango with the warm milk and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

You can get 3 plated servings of this.

The real Khaaw Neow Ma-Muang looked like this

September 9, 2010

What Happened With My Life Coaching Session

At this moment, I am in Gratitude, drinking Iced Tea and writing a few articles. I just finished with my session with my Life Coach Analei. After talking about an issue with her, I felt uplifted and inspired to do better things. I was even surprised when I was waiting for my appointment with her, I was able to get a really suitable quote from Gratitude's bowl.

The quote I got was "I am very fortunate to work at what I love to do."
I don't know if it was coincidence or true but I really am happy being an online writer.

So anyway, I talked to Analei and she gave me some tips on how I could move on from my issue. She asked me to do things that made me happy and that would make me love myself more. I think it's really good that I set up a schedule for life coaching because I think I can do it and I can get myself back on track.

Wish me luck guys! ^,^

Life Coaching is available in Gratitude Restaurant, Bonifacio Global City by appointment. For appointments, you can text Analei at 09178055525.

September 7, 2010


by: Trixie F. Torralba

It's been a year
Yet I still want you near
In my dreams, it's you I see
I thought I could go and set you free

I still think of you
Wishing you think of me too
Though that's too much to ask
In my heart, there we're still not the past

What ever happened to forever?
What good came from that November?
My dreams were crushed when you were gone
I begged you to stay and be the only one

I can't let go of you still
Wishing I could be with you again, if you will
Those days with you were nothing but the best
Those days are gone and I think of you less

Until such time that you'll be nothing but a memory
I'd think of you still and wish you were doing the same with me
But I know it's over and I'm on this alone
Still I'm waiting for the day... you'll find your way home

September 6, 2010

Recipe #2: Black Sambo

No matter how much I try to fight it away, there's no denying Christmas is just around the corner. And for this reason, bit by bit, my Scrooge-ness is trying to cave in and getting tempted to get presents to everyone that matters most to me. But since I will be going against myself if I do that, I decided to make them food instead.

I asked my aunts if they wanted to get cookies or Black Sambo from me. So when they answered me "What's Black Sambo," I was shocked. This dessert dish is actually pretty popular back home. For this reason, I decided to make them Black Sambo and sharing the recipe with everyone as well.

image borrowed from

First of all, what is Black Sambo?

Black Sambo is a dessert which is composed of two gelatin layers and covered with chocolate syrup. The bottom layer is made with cocoa while the top is made with cream.


Bottom Layer:
1 Cup Water
1 Cup Cocoa
Sugar to taste

Gelatin Sachet
1 Cup Water
1 Can Evaporated Milk
1/2 Cup Sugar

1. Mix water and cocoa and bring it to a boil. Add sugar, depending on how sweet you want it to be.
2. Cook gelatin in 1 cup water. When it comes to a boil, add in 1 can evaporated milk, 1/2 cup sugar and the cocoa.
3. Let cool for a few minutes before you transfer to gelatin mold.

Top Layer:
Gelatin Sachet
1 Cup Water
1 Can Cream
1 Can Condensed Milk

1. Cook gelatin in 1 cup water. When it comes to a boil, add in the cream and the condensed milk. Stir well.
2. Let cool before you top on the previous gelatin once the cocoa gelatin layer has set.
3. Allow to cool.

Once it has cooled, add in chocolate syrup on top and refrigerate. Enjoy the dish once it is already cool.

September 4, 2010

Free CBTL Frozen Swirl

Hey everyone!

I received an email from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to try their Frozen Swirl tomorrow.
Unfortunately, I am currently in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya to attend my uncle's burial in a bit. We won't be going home until tomorrow so I decided to give away CBTL's coupon.

The coupon is for tomorrow only. For those who want to have yogurt on the house, please send me an email at or comment here. I only have one coupon to give away so whoever notifies me first will get it. ^,^

September 2, 2010

Yes, Alessandra De Rossi Sings

I am a big fan of music! I don't say it out that much but I really am. The only genres I can't stand is Rap, Heavy Metal, and Country. Don't get me wrong, it's just that these have a negative effect on me, especially when I'm driving.

Anyway, I was able to come across Alessandra De Rossi's website through some tweets on Twitter. I know everyone knows Alex as one of the country's most coveted actresses. I did not expect though that SHE COULD SING! Even until today, when I let other people hear her songs, they are shocked that she could actually sing. What's more is that I did not expect I would be such a fan of her singing instead of her acting.

Right now, Alex's song Make It Better is my ringtone on my phone. I really really like it a lot since it's a chillout song which does not sound too slow. For the first few months since I heard the song, I have always been asking people what the song reminded them of. I know that the song has been inspired by one of my favorite chill tracks, I just couldn't remember what its title was. I would usually hum the track to people 'tun tun tun.. tun tun tunnnn.. tunnnnannn.....' and they would NOT get me. I knew it was there somewhere. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

Make It Better by Alessandra de Rossi

Luckily, Aloha (my sister in law) was in my dad's office yesterday. Since she used to have several of the songs I loved in College, I asked if she remembered the song. Again, I hummed the lyrics to her and she was able to recall what it was! Thank God!!!

It was actually Kissing by Bliss. She remembered the track since it's on the movie soundtrack of her favorite TV show, Sex and the City 1.

So I'm sharing the two tracks with you guys so you could also give me a comment on what you think. Do you think Alex's song resembles Bliss's Kissing? Let me know! ^,^

Kissing by Bliss

September 1, 2010

Goodbye August, Hello September!

It's the first day of September and for almost everyone in the Philippines, it's the start of the BER season. I know it's crazy but it's what people have been saying to me all throughout the day. While they're busy getting their friends to buy them something for the upcoming Christmas season, I'm headed to another career decision (still it has something to do with writing).

I am currently making decisions whether or not to keep this job, or to let go of the other one. I'm doing this so I could watch my health and be careful not to burn myself out too much. Aside from this, I am doing my very best to be beside my dad through this tough time. He lost a relative who was very close to him last Sunday and we are planning to go up to his hometown, Bayombong, on Friday to attend the burial. I feel sorry for my dad since he said that this will be the last time he visits his hometown since he felt so empty during his visit yesterday.

So finally, August is over and I hope I don't get anymore disappointing news. August was a hellhole for me, careerwise, as well. I lost a client who paid $5 for each article and had a hard time coping with that. Luckily, I was able to find new clients that will take care of me. I also changed my phone (E75) as I believe it brought bad luck to me for the past 8 months. I finally let go of it even though it was my dream phone for 8 months prior to the day I bought it. But oh well, change is good and I welcome it with open arms.

More changes to come. Something to do with my career, exercise goals, rest, and maybe a reunion with my classmates in College... I don't see any signs of my lovelife becoming active anytime soon though. ^,^

Recipe #1: Mom’s Breakfast Casserole

Waking up to the smell of a delicious breakfast casserole reminds me of my mom's cooking when I was a young girl. Back then, I thought of her as a good witch that created magical foods. I loved her dish that I wanted to know how to make one.  I never got the chance to ask her 'cause she died. My siblings and I loved her special recipe and even when she was gone, they asked me to recreate her secret-- which turned out to be a mixture of ordinary breakfast dishes.  Whoever thought to combine them together right? This has long been a family recipe... Which I'm now sharing.

3 Hotdogs
1 can Corned Beef
1 can Pork & Beans

Saute garlic and onion.  Then add the sliced hotdogs.  After about a minute or two, add the corned beef.  Stir until they are all even colored.  Then add the pork and beans.  Wait until it boils before serving.  Enjoy!
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