September 7, 2004

Someone to Love

Someone to Love
by: Trixie F. Torralba

I want someone to love
And love me back
With no pretentions
And stay on track

I want someone to hold
And never let go
Who'll be there to catch me
When I fall

I don't care if he's broke
As long as he'll treat me right
I won't care at all
Even if he'll make love to me all night

I don't want him to see me cry
Cause he'll wipe away the tears
And try to comfort me
When I tell him about my fears

I don't want to be loved only in the dark
Cause I know he won't stay
Please be with me
Stay all through the day

I don't want to share his heart
I want it all just for me
Let me be the only one
To make him happy

I don't need another heartache
I've cried just enough
I'm not trying to be mean
Or sound so tough

I wish he'll find his way to me
Before the water runs dry
Please be there when I wake up
And never say goodbye

March 7, 2004

I Hate the Way

I hate the way you took my heart
And tore it into two
I hate the way we continue to be friends
And act like nothing happened

I hate the way you look at me
It makes me feel something inside
I hate the way you're being so blind
It's you whom I love

I hate the way you smile at me
It makes my heart ache for more
I hate the look I see whenever you're asleep
It makes me want to love you forever

I hate the way you hold me tight
It makes me want you to stay
I hate the way you hold my hand
It makes me wish you didn't have to go

I hate the way you said goodbye
It makes me cry today
I hate the way I feel for you
It makes me long for you everyday

I hate the way you touch me
It makes me go weak
I hate the way you kiss me
It makes me want that moment to never end

I hate the way you ain't loving me
It makes me wish you do
I hate the way I'm hating you
'Cause I really wanna hate you
- But I can't cause I love you too much


Don't be so sweet
Don't be so nice
Don't open your heart
Let me learn more about you

Don't be so loving
Don't be so caring
Don't treat me like a sister
Let alone, act like my brother

Don't treat me so good
Don't make me hope
Don't make me dream
That you like me too

Don't kiss me just yet
Don't look at me with love
Don't whisper words
Words that'll only make me fall

Don't tell me you like me
Don't show me your love
Don't make me fall in love with you
And tell me that all you wanted was just friendship

January 7, 2004

I Wish

I wish I didn't get to know you
So that you'd still be a mystery
I wish we didn't share moments together
So that I'd still find you cute
I wish I didn't feel anything
So that you'd still be special
I wish you didn't have to nice
Just to be with me
I wish you didn't make me feel so in love
So that I didn't get hurt
I wish we didn't kiss
So that I didn't feel weird
I wish you weren't so true
So that you couldn't know anything about me
I wish you weren't so sweet
So that you didn't make me fall
I wish you didn't care
So that I could be strong
I wish you weren't kind
To think of how I felt
I wish you didn't hug me
So I could stay away
I wish you didn't hold me
So that I don't have to long for you
I wish you already hurt me from the start
So that I could say goodbye
I wish you stayed
So that I didn't have to cry
I wish you didn't look at me
So that I didn't feel weak
I wish I didn't see you smile
So that I didn't get a headache
I wish you fell for me too
So that this dream could be real
I wish I didn't know you
So that you'd still be my crush
I wish you didn't hurt me with your lie
So that I'd now be so in love
I wish I didn't say these things
'Cause it just made me miss you so much more

January 2, 2004


I will forget the way you smiled
Whenever you saw me
I will forget the sound of your voice
Hearing it felt so free

I will forget the way you took my hand
And held it tight
I will foget how you swept me away
It was love at first sight

I will forget your words
When you bid me goodbye
I will forget the moment you walked away
And made me cry

I will forget how those eyes
Stared straight into me
I will forget those lips
Those lips that kissed me passionately

I will forget the feeling
You gave me
I will forget the memories
To set me free

I will forget your love tonight
And all the things you do
This is my resolution
To forget love and everything about you
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