September 6, 2003

Case of the Ex

The ears I used to whisper to
The nose I used to pinch
The hands I used to hold
The hair I used to mess with
The arms that used to hug me tight
The smile I used to get
The voice I used to stay up just to hear
The heartbeat I used to dance with
The eyes I used to get lost in
The lips I used to kiss
The boy I used to love
The feeling I now regret

I Wish I Were Her

You think about her everyday
I think about him quite often
You miss her when you're away
I love him more each day spent apart

You remember her in every song
I sing each song for him
You wish to see her again
I've been wishing to see him everyday

You daydream about her a lot
I think about many situations with him in it
You say she's got you good
I wish he feels the same

Your heart beats madly when she's near
I lose control when he stares at me
You want to be her guy
I wish to be his only girl

You do everything she tells you
I wonder when can I ever tell him the truth
You begin to fall in love with lucky girl
I'm too late, I wish I were her

July 2, 2003

Rhythm of the Night

The night is young
And you held me tight
You slipped your arms around me
As we danced all through the night

You smiled at me
To make sure I was okay
Can this be a dream?
Can't we stay this way?

You started to kiss me
I felt something inside
I can't tell you yet
Of the love I've always tried to hide

We started to dance
And had a great time
People began to wonder
They asked if you were mine

I've been waiting for this
For so long
Hoping against hope
That you'd love me all along

As we continued to dance,
I began to realize
Can people see the real me
Beneath the lies

Can they see?
That I'm crazy for you
Was I too obvious?
I hope you didn't see me through

A perfect night
And a lovely kiss
A groovy beat
Oh pure bliss!

I wish we didn't have to say goodbye
I didn't want to see you leave my sight
But the feelings have to stay behind
Dancing in the rhythm of the night
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