August 31, 2010

This Made Me Smile Today

Funny today while I was in Krispy Kreme, the woman in front of me was spending so much time paying for her order (a box of dozen donuts) while I had just 1 donut. Of course, I was patient and did not become mean. The thing that caught my attention was when she asked the cashier something. Here's their dialogue:

Customer: "Do you accept Senior Citizen discounts?"

Cashier: "Yes Ma'am."

Customer: "Yes! I get a discount!"

I had to hide my smile. It was the first time I heard someone very pleased to be a senior citizen cardholder. ^,^

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August 29, 2010

Of Jewels and Ex-Boyfriends

Being a woman, I know that diamonds are considered as a girl's best friend. Even if this does not (yet?) apply to me, I know a handful women out there who love getting jewelry from their partners. But what happens when you break up? Do you return the jewelry or do you keep it?

An ex gave me a necklace with a heart pendant for my birthday in 2006. A few months later, we broke up badly and didn't speak to each other until last year. Even though I had returned everything to him (our pictures, his basketball jersey, and other memorabilia), the necklace was something I held on to. I don't know why I did that because:

a. I'm not a fan of jewelry
b. I'm not even sure if the necklace was worth anything.

But there, I left it at home when I moved to Manila 3 years ago since I was in a relationship with someone else. When we started talking again, I returned home and took the necklace with me. (Yes, it is currently here with me.) Occasionally, I wear the necklace since it has a heart pendant and a silver chain. I wear it on special and formal occasions.

The reason why I'm talking about jewelry and my ex is because I came across a website where you can sell the jewelry your ex-boyfriend gave you, providing of course, it has some value. The website, called ExBoyfriendJewelry, advertises your jewelry along with a few pictures and (get this) a description of why you are selling it.

Image from ExBoyfriendJewelry

Now I know I told you guys that I first left the necklace at home, right? That's because I couldn't stand seeing it. Every time I do, it brings up memories of what COULD HAVE BEEN and what did happen between us. It hurt so much that I wanted to throw it away. But I held on to it.

For women out there who have been given jewelry by their ex-boyfriends and do not want to look at it anymore, visit the website and you can sell them as well as share why you want to get rid of it.

Sadly though, I have never received jewelry after that ex-boyfriend. All I got from the recent "relationship" was headache, heartache, and a drained bank account. lol! 

Image borrowed from Desmond-T

Does It Still Count As Home?

I can't remember the last time I was in Bacolod for a long period of time. My visits this year only included days when I stayed in my hometown. It's not that I don't like it anymore. There's just something about Bacolod that doesn't feel like home anymore. Each time I visit, I feel like I am a stranger in my own city-- the place I have called home for the past 20 years of my existence. Even until today, I feel homesick and wish I could return to devour on all the things I have missed: Batchoy by Logro, Wimpy's Burger by Kuppa, Cream Puff by Calea, Blackout by Vienna Kaffehaus, The Gypsy Tea Room, Bob's, University Courtyard, Lopue's, and a lot more. These things are the only remnants I have left of Bacolod and when I do get to taste/visit them during my visits, they remind me that I am still home.

I am afraid though, that one day, everything will be new to me. Lopue's would undergo more renovation, The Gypsy Tea Room will move, Calea's cakes won't be taste the same. I am afraid that these too will vanish and become just a part of my past. These are the only things that make me look forward to my visits.

Even my friends have changed. Each time I go home, I have to set a schedule for them just so we could all meet. Although we keep constant communication through text and Facebook, there are times that when we are already beside each other, we cannot talk the same way we used to. They have new friends and lovers, new careers, children, husbands, wives, new homes, new surnames. Times have changed.

There are also some people that have impressed me. While I thought poorly of them back in college (either they were a dropout or a junkie), they have risen above everyone's expectations. I can name A LOT of these people but I do not wish to cause a ruckus. Through Facebook, I get to watch my previous acquaintances skills come to life, like I am part of his audience. I seldom forget that I have met them before and we have attended the same class in college.

Through all these changes, I still see strength and hope. I miss Bacolod and I hope my next trip home won't make me feel indifferent to the place I used to call home.

Here's a clip of Sugal. A 2010 Negros Summer Workshop film by Jan la Ó and Marianne Magalona, two true Bacolodnons. It also features other Bacolodnons such as Raffy Alonso, who is another acquaintance of mine.

August 26, 2010


Last night, I was looking for a new app to download for my iTouch. I came across a new application, called Flurv, which is another social networking app. Only this time, it lets singles meet people who are within their area.  I wonder though why the app recognizes my location as Hong Kong which is why a lot of cute Chinese guys have been chatting with me last night. There were some who are from the U.S. but the ones that I found cute are from HK. ^,^

For those who don't have an iPhone or an iTouch, you can still use the app through their website FLURV

The best part about using Flurv is that it is safe! You just browse through the members and when you see someone you like, you can immediately send him/her a message to chat. You don't release any information unless you wish to. Once someone chats with you and you don't like him/her, you can simply close the chat or block him/her. Very simple. Oh, and you get to move to the next cute guy/girl you see. ^,^

The best part about this app: it's FREE. ^,^

Check out photos I found from iTunes.
The Home Screen

An Actual Chat Message

Photos Page

August 24, 2010

My DELISH Experience

Last Sunday, August 22, I was lucky to be invited by Michelle (Mrs. Martinez) to be part of Delish Restaurant's Blogger Night. Coming from a 7-hour workshop at Makati, I made my way to Teacher's Village, Quezon City just to join the event. Luckily, there was no traffic so I was able to arrive on time. ^,^

Mrs. Martinez and one of the owners
Michelle introduced me to the bloggers who have already arrived: Jeff/ Boy Kuripot and his girlfriend, Melody. I was also introduced to the owners of the restaurant. A few minutes later, the food started arriving... so did the rest of the bloggers: Rowena (Animetric's World), Rochelle (Hearty's Haven), Jane Chua, and Foodie Manila. That's when we all started taking pictures of the fooood!

Boy Kuripot and the Oysters
Here are some of the photos that I took of the food that I was able to taste. ^,^

Oysters: Spinach & Cheese & Garlic


Korean Beef Stew
The food was delicious and I especially loved the mashed potatoes served with lengua and the Asian Chicken. Being someone who eats vegetables a lot, I devoured on the Bagnet even though I knew I was allergic to the Bagoong they used. (I did not have an allergic reaction though!). The Korean Beef Stew was very soft and can be chewed easily. Plus the potatoes served as the garnish were cooked perfectly!

Butterscotch Paklava
The dessert I got to taste was the Butterscotch Paklava. I liked the meringue flavor but I think it needed more crust. Perhaps, a little more torching? I didn't think the mango went well with the meringue though. But I think that's my own preference since there were a lot who were enjoying the fruit. The meringue was very light and foamy that I felt like I was eating air. ^,^ I did like the Paklava. I just didn't put the mangoes anymore. 

And onto MY dessert. ^,^ Margarita. The thing I like most about Delish is that they serve Buy 1 Take 1 on cocktails after 10pm! Not to mention, the prices were already reasonable. I normally don't like this type of margarita since I prefer the slushie version, but the restaurant's drink was manageable. I found that it was just right, not too strong, not too lemon-y which I think is good. ^,^

If only I didn't live in Paranaque, I would definitely stay longer! But yeah, I live on the opposite side of the metro. I will definitely return to Delish though... perhaps when I'm no longer single and seeing someone on this side of town, again... Who knows? ^,^ 

Delish Restaurant can be found at 103 Maginhawa St., Teacher's Village, Diliman, Quezon City. 

For more photos, visit: LifeCapturedbyTrixie.

August 22, 2010

Vampires... Vampires EVERYWHERE!


I came from 2 events last night and it was alottafun. But in between those two events, I met up with my gals, Chris and Angel. I waited for Chris at Powerbooks, Greenbelt and scanned for new titles to read. Seriously? All I could find are vampire stories. CRAZY.

What happened to the other books? The real ones which don't include vampires!? This section is supposed to be General Fiction, but why is it full of vampires? There should be another section called VAMPIRES, with the number of books now dedicated to vampires. 

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of vampires and all the intense seduction happening between humans and vamps. But puh-leeze. It's time to move on. We already have Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and True Blood. Let's leave it there.

I am a fan of True Blood and am eager for tomorrow's episode on HBO. The other two, I'd watch if I'm bored. I still fancy Lestat though, despite all these new vampires coming out. I still stop whatever it is I'm doing so I could watch classic vampire movies such as Interview with the Vampire or Queen of the Damned.

Oh and I was so eager to watch the spoof movie Vampires Suck so I purchased a DVD. Sadly, the copy I bought was a raw one and did not go through audio processing yet before it leaked. Needless to say it did suck.

No more vampire books please... Else, I'd go straight looking for Poppy Z. Brite, Natsuo Kirino, and Haruki Murakami! Oh, except for Nightlight written by Harvard Lampoon, which is actually a Twilight Parody. ^,^

Yes, there is such a book

August 21, 2010

On Ninoy Aquino's 27th Death Anniversary...

It's August 21 and already, I've received about 5 or more notifications that someone has died this month alone. Although a huge percentage of those people are not really individuals I know, there is still something about August that makes these deaths weird.

Just today, my dad told me that his former boss, Mr. Marcos, has passed away. A couple of weeks ago, we visited him in Makati Medical Center while he was having his chemotherapy. Although that was the first and last time I met him, I couldn't help but feel sad. In addition, when I opened my Facebook account, I got news that my cousin's grandfather just died. Again, he was someone I've never met before. But it still made things feel weirder, with all these deaths.

I can't wait for August to end. It seems like this is not a good month for me (emotionally and financially). Things have been crazy and weird. I've been a victim to losing someone and it's really hard getting through it. For those who just lost a mother, father, daughter, son, grandparent, friend, boss, and spouse this month alone, I send out my condolences. Death is definitely something nobody would want, but it's the circle of life. People who have been left behind really need to stay strong. Life won't be any better soon but it will be. God will not allow his children to stay sad forever.

Like what I told my friend who lost her best friend last January: your memories with that person are the only ones that will continue to remind you of him/her. Even if they say 'time heals all wounds,' there will always come a day, when you're loneliest, that you'll think about your loved one. Let yourself sulk. Nobody is perfect. Nobody expects you to be totally over the person whom you lost. There will be days like that, even if it's 10 or more years after. Allow these days to happen and don't fight them. This is your way of knowing that you are still human and you once knew a special person that changed your life.

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August 19, 2010

The Effect of Roadhouse's Strawberry Mango Margarita Buy 1 Take 1 Promo!

After coming from an event last night, I met up with one of the very few gay guys I'm friends with, Mark. We met at Greenbelt before deciding to head over to Texas Roadhouse in Bonifacio High Street. When we arrived, we immediately ordered the Strawberry Mango Margarita, our favorite. Since I wasn't able to return to Roadhouse for a few months already, I forgot that they had a Buy 1 Take 1 Promo on their drinks after 5pm. The waiter told us that since our pitcher of margarita is measured as 1 pitcher : 3 mugs, we will be getting 6 mugs which meant 2 pitchers! We gave it a go and also ordered the Chips with Salsa.

Throughout the night, we were catching up on each other's lives and how things have been. We last saw each other in January and we haven't changed much. We were still single and still wondering when we would be able to find the right one. I told him about the 100 Bachelors event and we are planning to go.

Last night was one of those nights that we both wished we were with someone, just so we could hang out together and introduce each other's love interests. It would really be interesting to look ahead and see us both sharing the same spot and drink with our special someone, laughing and getting cozy...

Sigh. At least the margarita got its toll of us. We didn't get to finish the other pitcher so we asked for it to be taken home.

August 18, 2010

Free Gelato Every Wednesday!

Free Gelato! Yes, you read it right! Boy Kuripot posted on his blog that Gelatone is giving away a free scoop of gelato every Wednesday from 5pm onwards. The free gelato is only available for 100 people so its important you get there early!The free gelato is only until August 25!

Hope I could check this out later. ^,^

Gelatone is at the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 3,  Makati City.

August 17, 2010

Double Woot for Facebook + McAfee!

Browsing my Facebook account today, I came across a sponsored ad that triggered my interest! Just by being a fan of the page, you can immediately get a 6-Months Complimentary subscription to McAfee security software! This is indeed great news as most security software are only available for a 1-3 month trial basis. But with this one, your computer/laptop is protected for the next six months!

Hooray for Facebook and McAfee! Now I have protection for my laptop! =) If you would like to get your complimentary download, click on this link DOUBLE WOOT FOR FACEBOOK + McAFEE!

Event: 100 Bachelors The Perfect Ladies' Night Out

I was at SM Megamall today and I happened to see the posters of an upcoming event for single ladies. The event is entitled 100 Bachelors The Perfect Ladies' Night Out. It is an event presented by Vivre Fort. For those who don't know, 100 Bachelors is "The World's 1st Online Community for Ideal Singles."

As mentioned on their website, the event is said to be the kick off party for a series of year long events full of fun and excitement where single ladies are able to meet some of the community's "ideal bachelors." The event will be on September 24, 2010 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. Starting at 8pm, attendees will be able to see the 100 Bachelors (from the website) as they showcase their qualities, gifts and talents looks, muscles, and charm. There will also be some interactive activities and 100 booths where ladies can shop from 10am until 12 midnight.

Hmm.. This sounds interesting. If I get to invite some friends, I might go to check out and cover the cute guys event. Anyone want to come with me?  ^,^

Oh, and single men can also join in on the fun. =)

You can buy tickets at SM Cinemas. Call 470.2222 for more information

August 16, 2010

Awww... A Cute Calendar for Next Year?

Okay, so I'm a bit late in my blogging today. But forgive me, I've been writing articles for the magazine and some clients. Plus I also talked to another client who was supposed to give me a test project last Friday but didn't get around to it. I waited for 3 days but he didn't even send me a message. I was able to talk to him today and cleared the issue with him. Although I might be working for him, this did not stop me from telling him what I thought about him (professionally). We were able to clear the issue though. So there.

I was browsing through the internet today and saw this adorable blog that made me squeal for its über cuteness! It was for a promotion of the 2011 Yoga Puppies Calendar and the 2011 Yoga Kittens Calendar. Since I'm such a dog person, here are the pictures of the dogs included in the calendar.

Oh alright! Here's to the cat people out there:

Aren't they just adorable??? :) Nama-STAY everyone!

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August 15, 2010

What Are You Blogging For?

I came across one of my favorite bloggers' (Boy Kuripot) new contests that asked why I am blogging. This inspired me to join the contest since he was giving away a free scholarship to Maven Secrets.

This is not really my first blog. I have tried numerous times to maintain a blog but kept changing it. Last month, I even had but I decided to let it go since I don't have a specific niche that would really attract people to read my entries. Also, I was having trouble with the RSS feed so I decided to create a new blog, thus Ms. Single & the City was born.

To be honest, the reason why I am blogging is so I could preserve my memories--my thoughts. If you ask anyone around me, they will tell you that I am very forgetful. There are certain things about my past that I have already forgotten and it feels like I imagined them. Sometimes, someone would come up to me and tell me that we were very close in college. But I cannot remember them. I feel terrible about it but there must be something wrong with my brain.

I cannot remember anything minor prior to the time my family and I moved to Manila. Growing up in Bacolod, life was very simple. You either know people or you don't. That was it. But now that I am in Manila (since 2007), I feel like I have lost a part of me. I look back and think "that wasn't me" or "what the hell was I thinking?" But there are also times when I really can't remember anything.

With blogging, I am able to look back on the past and read my posts to help bring back memories. I write when my memories are still fresh which is why I am able to capture what I really want to say.

I feel like one day, when I am old and my words have failed me, I can browse my blog and I will be able to remember facets about my life. When that time comes, I won't be the writer or the blogger. I'll simply be reading the entries of someone who I used to be. ^,^

Sunset Voyage

One of my (very) few pieces of art

Who's Holding _____ Now?

Okay, I'm calling it a night.

Here's a good night song for everyone! If I could just change the lyrics of the song, I'd change it to "Who's Holding __________ Now?"Yeah, I'm hoping I know how he is right now. ^,^

Who's Holding Donna Now by DeBarge

The Best I Got Out of A Relationship

If there is one thing I got out of my previous 5-month "relationship," it's that I was able to get into the world of writing. He is also a writer/blogger who got me into the world of writing for a living. But hey, don't get all the credit for it. I have long been writing even before I met him. I just never knew it was possible for me to ACTUALLY get paid for doing something I loved. Plus, it was a real eye opener since the course I took in college was not leading me into this world.

But yes, I did get the inspiration from him. Plus he also taught me to become a better person. When we ended things, I became a hard worker and someone who was passionate about working. I got it from him since he was such a busy guy.

So yeah, I guess I could say I am still thankful I met him. Even though he crushed my heart, I cannot find the guts to really hate him. Other than this, I wish we never meet again. 'Cause I really can't stand the thought of seeing him all over again.

See, even Ponti can't bear to look at you.

August 6, 2010

Use PAL's Barkada Flights Promo for Masskara 2010

I am a true Bacolodnon. I've been raised there all my life until I turned 20. Almost all of my friends are also from Bacolod. This is why when the opportunity comes knocking, I fly to Bacolod whenever I can.

Since it is now August, I know there are some who are already planning to go to Bacolod for the Masskara Festival. I was there last year and was able to witness how much our local fiesta has changed. Although I've always seen that the festival brings in a lot of tourists, I never expected that it would get better.

After not being able to go home for Masskara for the past 2 years, I was not able to witness the new developments of the fiesta. When I was back in high school and college, I remember going out to different bars with my friends and family members since there are a lot of parties. In addition, these parties were frequented by a lot of actors and actresses. I was able to meet Vhong Navarro, Tita Glow, and Drew Arellano back in Masskara 2004. I was even able to dance with Jhong Hilario in a bar called North. In the same year, I came up to Gwen Garci and asked her if my eldest brother could dance with her. She agreed but there was some *jerk who poured beer over my kuya so he left.

Me and Tita (Ate) Glow, Masskara 2004

Me and Danilo Barrios, Masskara 2004

Me and Drew Arellano, Masskara 2004

I even remember going out with my friends on the highlights of these days of the festival since there were a lot of parties. From my house, we would all go to a bar called MO2 using a tricycle and laugh all the way.

Mass Comm friends about to go out, Masskara 2005

Masskara 2006 (Enchi at MO2)

Those are memories that will never escape me. And even if I had the worst Masskara experience last year, this does not stop the fact that it is my favorite festival in the country.

Anyway, I was checking my Facebook today and discovered that PAL has a new promo called Barkada Flights. This promo is for those who will buy their tickets online and through their Mastercard credit card. For every 2 tickets purchased, they get 1 free.

The reason why I'm sharing this with you all is because I know how crazy the tickets for the Masskara season can be. If you've been wise and have booked your ticket as early as July, you will be able to get a roundtrip ticket for only P2,500 for the festival. But the closer you buy your ticket to the travel date, the more expensive and scarce plane seats will be. You can't even get an economy ticket below P5,000!

I know it's crazy. That's why I'm sharing with you all the link I found for the promo. Since I can't go home this year, I wish you all have a happy Masskara experience! :)

Bobbi Brown: Foundation Stick & Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

I forgot to blog about it but I was really planning to. Back when Basyang hit the country, my sister and I came to Makati the next day (for work) and found it empty. We didn't know that there was a system blackout everywhere so we were already in Makati at around 7 am. At work, no one could do anything since the buildings ran on generator power. So we decided to go to Glorietta.

We went to Rustan's and she asked her favorite sales attendant, Ms. B or Bea of Bobbi Brown to give me a makeover. While doing my makeup, Ms. B also gave me some tips on what products to use and how best to use them.

Since I came from a makeup session the weekend before that, I listened intently and purchased some of the products she showed me such as the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick and the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner (Black).

Foundation Stick
Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

Ms. B also taught me the right way of applying gel eyeliner. I found that gel eyeliner is better and easier to apply compared to the pencil or the liquid eyeliner, which I found is very messy and tends to have an unnatural look after a while. But the gel eyeliner did not have the same effect.

To apply the gel eyeliner, the best brush to use is the Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush by Bobbi Brown as well. That's what I'm planning to buy next time! Or even take a one-hour makeup session by Ms. B and have the P1000 fee converted to the brush. ^,^

Here's the result of the makeover!

Me and the beautiful Ms. B!

See you soon Ms. B! :)

August 3, 2010

Music: La Nina Cerveza by I.B.A.

If you're looking for a new song to upload to your iPod, iTouch, or any other mp3 player, you can always find the latest songs by listening to the radio. But if you're looking for a new band that plays really good songs, then you should be going here. TheGypsyWrites.

I am lucky enough to have friends who introduce me to wonderful people. [Thank you Angel!] And in turn, these people have introduced me to several others who have helped me in my career. [Thank you Sammii!] This is why I am also here to help expose these people and show the public that they have a talent.

I really believe that my friends, the 5 over 5 gang, has a lot of potential when it comes to music, art, theater and writing. Don't get me wrong, I have lots of other friends like G-Clan, my High School bestfriends, friends from College, and even friends from photography, etc. All of these friends share a distinct interest with me. And with this, my friends from 5 over 5 are those who really have the talent for the arts.

I have introduced Stories of Now before. Now let me introduce you to their sister band, I.B.A.

The reason why I.B.A. is considered as the sister band of Stories of Now is because their lead vocalist and keytar player, Mela, is part of the 5 over 5 group. Along with members Migz (vocals & keyboards), Trini (vocals & bass), Raymond (percussions), and Gyte (guitars), these people make up the band called I.B.A.

I.B.A. is a new band and they have not yet released an album. They are talented and have a unique sound which is new to our Philippine music. Their genre is electro and they have a slight techno-house sound.

Among their songs include La Nina Cerveza, Narcissism at its Best, Pretention, Glad to Know that I Don't Know, Love at First Dance, and No Regrets.

Mela was generous enough to send me an mp3 track of their original song, La Nina Cerveza, which I absolutely love! This song reminds me of summer and is the perfect road trip song. Since summer has just ended, I look forward to playing this song on my next summer outing. I also see this song as part of the TV summer plugs that local stations usually do. Could anyone refer this to ABS-CBN? ^,^

To get updates on the next gig or any new track by I.B.A., add them on their Facebook page by clicking this: I.B.A.

Listen to their original mp3 La Nina Cerveza by clicking on the title.

Good luck I.B.A. and I hope to photograph you guys someday *hint, hint Mela. *,^

August 2, 2010

Kseniya Simonva Sand Art

Ukrainian artist Kseniya Simonova displays her unnerving talent in Ukraine's version of America's Got Talent. With her skill for sand painting, she was able to interpret the invasion and occupation of Germany during WWII in Ukraine.

She was not armed with a great voice or the talent to dance. Her talent is so much more compared to those. Using only a giant light box, sand, dramatic music and her imagination, Kseniya was able to woo the crowd and even the judges as she did a wonderful interpretation of the unfortunate history of Ukraine through sand.

And this is why she was able to win last year's talent search. Even if I did not understand it, I felt moved by her skill. Watch video:

This is one of, if not, my favorite videos in YouTube.

August 1, 2010

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Open House Frozen Swirl

Being a big fan of yogurt that I am, I knew I wanted to try Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's new Frozen Swirl. But I never got to since I thought they were overpriced. (Original Yogurt at P105?!)

So when I came in today for my regular... umm.. schedule, I was surprised when the barista told me if I wanted to try their Frozen Swirl since they were having an open house until 12nn.

Instantly, I beamed up with surprise. I ordered the Banana Caramel.

It was so good! I could really taste the banana in the yogurt. ^,^

Now if only they weren't so overpriced.....
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