May 30, 2011

If you're out there reading my blog, please uplift me

For the past few days, I have been struggling with depression. I don't know what it is yet. It might just be hormones or it could be clinical depression. I might also be bipolar. I don't know. I have to get it checked with a professional. (Can anyone refer me to a good one that's not too expensive?)

Over the weekend, I spent time with my family in Paranaque. One reason why I am getting depressed is because I am alone in my condo now. Although I can be perceived as an independent person, the reality that I go to sleep at night on my own is too overwhelming for me. Sad to say, the days when I used to think about what would happen to me if I die are back. The last time I experienced this was in November 2009, yes, to all who know me can agree that THAT was the saddest time of my post college life. Since then, I have been occupying my time with work and blogging on the side. Even though it has been a good 2 years for me, I am going through the same shit that made me quit Culinary school. While I succumbed to it in the past, I do not want it to get through to me now because I plan to make this job as my career.

I admit, I have been working slowly these past few days. I have not been able to meet my daily quota and I continue to seek different opportunities in websites such as Jobstreet, JobsDB, Freelancer and Elance. While I see some that are related to my field, I hope to get something from PR so I could get involved with people once again. I don't want to be alone all the time and this is what scares me. Yes, I do have some experience in PR and believe it or not, I love organizing events. If given the opportunity, I would jump at the next chance I could to organize an event.

Anyway, back to my condition. I have realized that because I have been closely monitoring my blog's viewers ever since I started blogging regularly, I have been getting more and more depressed. Thanks to my viewers, my blog has been viewed more than 1,000 times in just a week's time. Even though that's a huge improvement for my blog, I can't believe I have not received  A SINGLE COMMENT AT ALL. It is so depressing for me because I keep trying to improve my blog and hope that people will accept it. That one day, I will be a recognized blogger like most of my blogger friends.

Today, I have announced that my Plurk account will no longer be updated. If it weren't for work and family, I would erase my blog and Facebook account. If people don't want to comment on my posts or even send me their cellphone number (my iPhone's contacts got deleted last Saturday so I posted on Facebook for people to send me their number.. I can't believe I did not get a single text or message at all-- even from my closest friends). So yes, it makes me feel lame. Yes, it makes me feel that no one cares. No one needs me. Thankyouverymuch.

So while I sort things out with whatever it is I'm going through right now, my blog is on indefinite hold. I may or may not return to it or to Imeldanisms. I am not blaming anyone but myself. I expect too much from myself.

So you... If you have been reading my blog posts and would not want to see me go, I wish you would comment and give me some words of wisdom or advice. You can even give me the number of a good psychiatrist in the city. I would really appreciate it. Anything, just to let me know that humans are actually reading my blog and that the numbers on my blog aren't wrong.

If not, I guess this is my last post. It's really too bad 'cause I have collected quite a number of posts ready to be posted throughout June. Until then, is it adieu?

May 26, 2011

Korean Restaurants: Quick 24

I discovered a new Korean restaurant recently. Even though I am a fan of Maru Korean Restaurant, it is too far from where I live now. Also, there is a Korean restaurant right across my condo. But I've never eaten there because it's a bit expensive for me. The new restaurant I discovered was more of a convenience store that had a Korean restaurant on the side. It is where I got to try the delicious Ched'or ice cream. This new restaurant is called Quick 24.

The Menu
Espresso Ched'or Ice Cream, Quick 24
It wasn't anything spectacular. I just like it because it's affordable and I can eat there on my own. I don't have to worry about the large servings because they are just good for one. I can eat one dish for P100-P200 already and I'll be full. This is why I like to eat here, especially if I'm alone.

One thing I didn't like though, was that they claimed they are a healthy Korean restaurant. But when I got to try their Yuk Gye Jang, it tasted like it had a lot of oil and sugar. I don't think it was healthy at all. Plus there was only a few pieces of meat. So it was a bit of a disappointment.

Yuk Gye Jang, Quick 24
(Spicy Beef Soup) Served with Kim chi and Rice

Yuk Gye Jang, Quick 24
(Spicy Beef Soup) Served with Kim chi and Rice

Free Kim Chi
I like their Kimbap though. It was very tasty and it did not need any seasoning.

Kimbap, Quick 24
(Korean Rice Roll)
I would definitely eat here again on my own. But if I want something more delicious, I'd choose Maru or try out the other Korean restaurants in my area. At least it's one down already.

Really small Korean restaurant 
Quick 24 is located in the lower ground floor of Makati Palace Hotel, along P. Burgos St., Makati City. For inquiries, call (02)986-3552. The Korean grocery is open 24 hours. Delivery in P. Burgos St., Makati area should be a minimum of P300. 

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May 25, 2011

Help me become's new blogger!

Hey guys! I just joined's search for their new blogger. I would really appreciate it if you helped me so I could give you more interesting blog posts. :) Here's what I would like you to do:

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May 24, 2011

A Fascination with the Color Red and Sony Vaio E-Series

If you've stepped into a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch recently, you might have noticed two unattended laptops sitting on a table. You may have wondered whoever owns these laptops are careless and are not worried about leaving their valuables behind. But then you stop and look at the sign on the table-- yes, these laptops are available to the public. Anyone can use these laptops so they can try out the power of these Sony VAIO E-Series laptops. 

Sony Vaio Corner

Well last night, I finally got the chance to try one. At CBTL- A Venue branch, there were two laptops available--a hot pink and a black laptop. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that my gadgets have ALWAYS been black. But ever since I had my iPod Touch with a pink-turned-red jelly case, I've become attracted to red gadgets: my red Blackberry (which I sold just last week) and my iPhone; again with a pink-turned-red case. Oh yes, and who could ever forget my infamous RED-143 Honda that my dad has been letting me use?!
My red Blackberry now in the possession of its new owner--Gracielle

My red gadgets
My friend, Red, standing against my car (last year). Photo by Martin Villasor
Strangely, I just realized I don't have a picture against my car!
Even though the Sony VAIO E-series VPCEA45FG was hot pink, I could not help but get attracted to it. Believe it or not, red is not my favorite color; neither was hot pink. I do like pink but I prefer the baby pink colors. But still, there was really something about the color that truly attracted me--it drew me straight to this laptop. 

Sony Vaio E Series
The moment my hands laid on the keyboard, I knew I was in for! I couldn’t help but admire the easy track pad and the fact that it did not let my hand slip. Plus, I loved how each character had a few centimeters of space between one another! It reminded me of a pink MacBook! I really liked the keyboard and felt so relaxed when I used it. I think it would be a good laptop for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome because it provided just enough space for my wrists to rest.

Sleepy yet beaming at my new discovery!
I would totally get the laptop if I had the money. I am in need of a new laptop and I can already tell my current laptop (Compaq-Presario) is no longer happy with me as its owner. Of course, I have abused its keyboard with the numerous articles I make on a daily basis. It’s only understandable why my laptop is giving me a hard time when I’m typing—it would suddenly jump to the bottom of the screen. WEIRD.

Hmm… maybe soon. I hope so. But maybe for now, I can just use the laptop over at CBTL- A Venue branch for free (if I’m tired of my boring laptop)! :) 

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Call Beverly Hills 6750 now to get a free session of their Curvex Advanced Body Contouring program! Call (02) 893-8888 to set a schedule of your free 5 minutes Curvex trial! Hurry! This is only free until May 31, 2011!
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Rica Sarrosa: Newest Pinay Model in Ford/Robert Black Agency!

Woot Woot! This blog post is for Rica Sarrosa, a former batch mate of mine from St. Scho! She's now signed with Ford/Robert Black agency in the US! How awesome is that?! I always thought she was model material and now, look! INTERNATIONAL MODEL! We're proud of you Rica! :) Looking forward to seeing your ad photos! Good luck in your career!

Meet Rica Sarrosa
Imaged URL copied from Rica's Facebook account
Look at her other portfolio picture by visiting her Agency Book

May 23, 2011

Get a Free CBTL Ice Blended Drink on Sunday!

CBTL lovers, guess what? Our favorite coffee shop is introducing a new drink on Sunday, May 29, 2011. Visit any CBTL branch (except DLSU Cybernook, University Mall- Taft Avenue, and Ayala Avenue Convergys) so you can get a complimentary 12 oz. Espresso & Cream Ice Blended drink! Just go to any Coffee Bean branch (except for the ones mentioned above) between 10am-12nn this Sunday so you can get your complimentary drink! I love it when Coffee Bean has an open house. They always inform their loyal customers about it! :)

For CBTL branches, click HERE.

See you there!

May 19, 2011

Lamest Pickup Line I Got

What's the lamest pickup line that's been used on you? Me, every time a guy finds out that I'm a freelance writer, they tell me this:

So, you're a writer? Can you, like, write my life story? 
Every time.

EatsTrixie!'s 5 Things to do to Battle Pinoy Summer Heat

You know the heat is so intolerable these days when you just stepped out of the shower and you're already sweating. Yes, summer. It's that hot. Since some of us can't have the luxury to escape to the beach, we've got to make do with the intense heat we're experiencing. Here are some of the things I suggest to battle the hot summer season:

1. Wear comfortable clothing
Unless you're going to a formal event, leave out the pumps and formal wear. Go for shorts and light colored tank tops where you can feel comfortable in.
Check out Sueno de Espadrilles-- they're the perfect summer shoes at only P650!

2. Go to your favorite coffee shop

In my case, it's Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf because I get to use their free Wi-Fi and plug my laptop. Also, I like Starbucks'-- especially if I'm in Rockwell area because it's so comfortable to work there. I usually order the Mocha Ice Blended from CBTL and Java Chip from Starbucks.

CBTL or Starbucks?
3. Watch a movie

Oh yes. A movie always works. You get to entertain yourself for the next couple of hours, depending on the film that your watching. Plus, you get free air conditioning!

4. Eat ice cream

You can get cheap thrills such as McDonald's Sundae or indulge in uber expensive ice cream by Haagen Dazs or Ben and Jerry's! Depending on your budget, ice cream always does the trick.

McDonald's or Haagen-Dazs?

I recently got to discover a new Korean ice cream called Ched'or when a Korean friend bought one for me. I used to eat Samanco before but now that I got to taste this new ice cream, this became my new choice.

Ched'or Berrymix
A few days ago, I went to the Korean grocery located below Makati Palace Hotel in P. Burgos St. and looked for Ched'or. I wasn't able to find the Berrymix flavor and was shocked that it came in another variety--Espresso. I decided to try it out and boy! I loved it more! This ice cream cost P56. 

Ched'or Espresso Flavor

5. Stay indoors

Well, if you don't have any money and it's too hot to even move, just stay indoors and take a bath. :)

May 17, 2011

Why I'm Hoping I Don't Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

During the first few days of April, I started to feel a sharp pain on my right wrist. At first I did not mind the pain because I just might feel tired from typing on my laptop the whole day. But during a trip to a restaurant with some friends, it was hurting so bad that I could not open my hand to hold a plastic bottle of coke properly. My wrist did not only hurt, my fingers would not open fully. Then I remembered some of my friends in Plurk talking about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome a few months ago. I began to feel scared that I might have it.

I was supposed to go to the doctor but I couldn't fit it in my busy schedule-- moreover, I did not know a doctor who specializes in a condition such as mine. So I decided to leave it alone. After all, my internet sources said it only occurred to women age 30 and above.

Research on CTS
So I left it alone and hoped it wasn't CTS. Instead, I hoped that I was just having strains on my wrists from typing too much.

But when my dad told me that my grandmother had CTS, I felt scared once again. My grandmother used to be a piano teacher. But she stopped teaching piano because of her CTS. Also, she needed to have surgery on both her arms. During a trip to Bayombong last Holy Week, I got to see my grandmother's wrists. True enough, I saw the stitches on both of her hands. I don't know why I didn't take a picture but they looked something like this:

Image from
Except of course, my grandmother's stitches were already faintly visible. It just showed the white scar. I should take a picture of her wrists next time.

This got me scared. I'm only 24 and I don't want to go through surgery! I never want to go through any type of surgery-- that's why I don't want to get pregnant (even if I'll be at the right age). For me, surgery means death. I don't know why that it is but I don't want to go through surgery-- at all! So I'm only hoping for the best for my condition. 

A few nights ago, it started hurting again. Only this time, it hurt more than before. The pain was so intolerable that I would hold back the tears. In the middle of the night, I would wake up to a jerking pain on my right wrist that it made sleeping so painful. Plus, it did not help that when working, I felt the nagging pain almost after every article I wrote. So I knew I needed help. 

Upon research and the recommendation of my aunt (a doctor), I headed to Planet Sports in Rockwell yesterday to purchase a wrist splint. When I got there, there were two kinds available. The other one, also by LP Support, cost a mere P200 difference from the other. I decided to get the black wrist splint because it did not only look better, it was also made from Neoprene. Although it was more expensive than the other, I read that it was a better option because it promoted heat--which was good for CTS. The P500 version was made from elastic and had a brown leatherette feel. That's why I settled for the Neoprene black which cost me P700.

LP Support Right Wrist Splint P700
Planet Sports
So I walked around Rockwell wearing a dress and this wrist support. I even bumped into a guy friend and I know he was probably wondering why I had a wrist support on my right hand. But I didn't care. I didn't want surgery so I had to make do with wearing this. 

I wore this to Rockwell!
While I slept last night, I wore the splint on my hand. Needless to say, I had the best night's sleep for the longest time! I fell asleep around 10 pm and woke up 9 am. It was a good sleep and I will definitely wear my wrist support more. I'm just seriously hoping that I can get this condition fixed by this practice so I won't need surgery anymore.

May 14, 2011

Taking It Easy

Hey everyone! I know I promised I'm gonna start blogging regularly again. But with all the different Blogger issues going on this week, I don't want my efforts to be put to waste. So I'm taking another break until Blogger stabilizes itself. Until then, hang on for my blog's awesome posts. Stay tuned for a beauty blog post, shared recipe, online shopping experience, and some other stuff. :) 

Take it easy guys! :) 

May 11, 2011

Are You El Supremo?

DISPATCH MAGAZINE is looking for (4) fearless, spontaneous and unique wanderers to be DISPATCH MAGAZINE’S EL SUPREMO: THE HUNT FOR INDEPENDENT TRAVELERS. Do you think you got what it takes to be one? Got swag and guts to be our ultimate travel nomads? Check for a chance to win flights to KOTA KINABALU and any domestic destination. Deadline of submission of entries is on May 18, 2011 for travel period on any days between May 20-31, 2011.
  • Like our page! Be a fan of @DISPATCH MEDIA!
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  • Check for contest terms and details!
  • All participants should be18 years old and above and based in any location where there is a Cebu Pacific hub.
  • We are looking for (1) male and (1) female independent travelers for KOTA KINABALU and (1) male and (1) female independent travelers for any local destination.
  • We will only provide airline tickets. Pocket money and other expenses will be shouldered by the winning participants.
  • The winning participant will document his story for publication.
  • All winning participants will only be contacted by the official Dispatch Magazine team. You will be contacted via phone call and email. Tickets will be handed to you personally.
  • Deadline of submission of entries is on May 18, 2011 for travel period on any days between May 20-31.
  • Three consolation prizes will be supplied by Eagle Creek.
  • This contest is in cooperation with Primer Group of CompaniesEagle Creek and Cebu Pacific Airlines.
Check out my entry picture :) 

May 10, 2011

From Eastwood to Mall of Asia, Fazoli’s and Archery

Now that my Japanese friend is back in Manila to pursue his dream of working in the country, I got all excited because I couldn’t wait to show him around town. As much as I loved my girlfriends, I couldn’t be with them all of the time because of different reasons: 1) no money, 2)no time, 3)both. So when I invited them last time for an impromptu trip to Fazoli’s Eastwood on a Sunday, I was so shocked that they agreed.

I don’t know what it is but I really like spending time in Eastwood. If I were given a chance, I’d love to stay there for a few months because it really feels like home. Every time I go to Eastwood, it really makes me feel like my house is just a few blocks away. So every chance I get, I take the opportunity to go to Eastwood. Unfortunately, I am only able to do this once a year.

Now that my car is back, I took this opportunity to go to a road trip to Eastwood—on a Sunday because that’s the only time of the week where there isn’t much traffic.

When we got to Fazoli’s, I was extremely excited to eat their complimentary Garlic Bread. Not that I don’t like Fazoli’s, it’s just that the food there is commercialized and nothing really special. What really attracts me to this restaurant is the memories that I had with my friends and family members eating with me there. Plus, I enjoy having the liberty to refill my cup with any drink I want.

My order... Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish it... 
Yep, that's a hungry Japanese boy's order
 After Fazoli’s, we took some time to stroll around the mall and look at the clothes being sold. This reminded me of another reason why I wanted to live in Eastwood—they allowed dogs everywhere! Now I’m missing Ponti

Ponti at 5 months old...
When we finished, I wanted to get back to Makati so I could work. But knowing that this was Sam’s last day in Manila, I couldn’t help but take advantage of it. Plus, it was a Sunday so I think my body knew I needed the rest. So I invited them to play archery with me.

So from Eastwood, we hurried to Mall of Asia so we could play in Gandiva Archery. It wasn’t my first time playing archery. In fact, it was the second. So when Ryo challenged me to the game, I was all up for it. Considering the fact that it has been a year since I last played archery, I was all up for the challenge because Sam and Ryo have never played archery.

Choosing my bow... 
I am no expert with this sport but I wish I knew how to play better. All I remember is that they will put an arm band support on your left arm so that you don’t hurt yourself and it will support the weight of the bow. On your right hand, you will be putting a small belt for your two fingers. This is for the string of the bow. Also, you will wear a belt on your waist where you will be placing your arrows for easy access.

You won't have to strike a similar pose though... 
To play, you just have to attach the arrow on the string of the bow using the head that are attached to it. You will then have to close your left eye and avoid tilting your head. Your right arm should be folded straight across your chest and your two fingers are the only ones that are holding the string. With your eye on the target, release the string and it will launch the arrow.

Sam displays how to play archery
It’s really easy to play archery. The good thing about playing at Gandiva is they charge P500 for one hour. You can split the amount and divide it into 2 people so that means it’s P250, 30 minutes per person. You also have to pay P20 for a new target sheet. If you want to learn how to play archery, you can join the class they offer for P5,000. This class consists of 10 sessions, 1 hour each. You will then be able to play archery from scratch. This is a good idea if you want to learn how to play archery really well. But if you’re just like me who wants to try it out, just go with the P500 option. For both options, all the materials are already included in the rate.

Oh, I lost to Sam and Ryo. Turns out, I need more practice. Hmph, I call it beginner’s luck. 

Archery is fun!

Gandiva Sports is located at Level 1, South Wing, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay Road. For inquiries: call (02)556.51.73.

May 7, 2011

To My Mom on Mother's Day 2011

To My Dearest Mommy,

Tomorrow is another Mother's Day event without you. This year, it's gotten more difficult to get by with all my Facebook friends changing their profile pictures to a photo of their mom. This deeply saddens me because I just realized that this is the only photo I have of us. And sadly, it is the last photo we had together.

Mommy, I miss you more than ever now. During the day when everyone else is celebrating a pamper day with their mom, I keep wondering what will happen if you were with me right now. I keep on thinking how I would spend my Mother's Day with you-- I'd treat you to your favorite restaurant, buy you a dozen red roses, and even go to a spa and a parlor together! I'd gladly spend a week's earnings on you on this special day because you are worth it! Even if that would mean slaving for an extra week, I don't care because I want you to know how special you are to me. If only you were still around, I'd show you how much you mean to me.

It's weird, I know I've made it a point to write letters to you every year during Mother's day. Yet all I could find is an old post that I made in Multiply about not having an opportunity to thoroughly get to know you. This is really one of the things I regret because were taken from me while I was still so very young--I did not even have an opportunity to know who you are and talk about how you met Daddy. If I had the chance, I would listen attentively to you all day long talking about everything under the sun. I would love another opportunity Mommy. I would die for that chance to spend another day with you.

Today, we had a photo shoot that I facilitated. I got to showcase my true potential as a leader and I know you would have been proud of me. We shot 5 different moms from all walks of life and in the midst of all the chaos, I would hide a teardrop from people because I did not want to let them see I was thinking of you. I envied them-- they were young, healthy and full of life. I wished you were like them so we could have spend the rest of our lives together. I wonder what and who I would have turned into if that were the case.

Mommy, I've made it my annual promise to write to you during Mother's Day 2-3 years ago. So even if I can no longer find the blog posts that I've had in the past, I'd like to think that you already got them and that you were keeping them for yourself. I do this whenever I miss you most-- I think that you are just spending a long vacation in Austria (one of the places you've always wanted to visit). I like to think that you are just there and enjoying your time. Wherever you are, I still miss you terribly.

Mommy, I am thankful though that this past year has led me to wonderful blessings. I have met wonderful people who I want you to know of. There's even one of them that makes me feel so comfortable when I'm with her, almost like how I felt when we were together. The funny part is, she also lost a son-- her one and only son. So I'd like to think we're feeling off of each other's loss and that somehow, you are taking care of her boy.

I know that there are a lot of people out there who are annoyed with their moms and feel that they are being nagged. For once, I would love to feel that way too. There are several people I know who don't appreciate the time and effort their parents spend with them. I can only wish they knew how it feels to lose someone they've taken for granted. If they did, they will never hurt their parents. Sometimes I wish I had their mom instead of them because they didn't know how to appreciate her. But I know, you're the only person who's fit to be my mom. I miss you and I love you.

Your Penpal,

Dear Makati, My City

Dear Makati, My City
by: Trixie F. Torralba

I hear you now at the break of dawn
Waking me up from a good night's yawn
Inviting me to your sweet, sweet solace
While the rest still slumbers with a quiet embrace

The break of dawn kisses my cheek
Plans for today, I still have to seek
Calling me now, to this day I must wake
Each footstep brings, a step closer to take

With billowing shadows of skyscrapers' tease
Hunching over, watching as they please
This, but a routine, a daily partake
I must cherish each moment, each word that I seek

Oh Makati, my dear dear city
'Tis but a clear and cold morning breeze
I savor each footstep I take in your CBD
It is but a good feel that you bring to me!

Alas, the morning starts hustling
And the people are coming
Dressed in black, brown, corporate and chic
This ends my day, my morning's retreat

May 5, 2011

Trying Out Focaccia's Rolled Pizza

Last week, I came home from my dad's province with a sore body and a flu. That's why I decided to eat a lot of vegetables to help boost my nutrition. There was one day I wanted to eat rolled pizza--much like Yellow Cab's Dear Darla pizza, which I absolutely love. So when I found that Focaccia- Slice of Italy had their own set of rolled pizzas, I was so excited to try it. I didn't want to order from Yellow Cab because (1) I was going to eat it by myself. I can't finish Yellow Cab's serving, (2) I didn't want to wait for delivery, and (3) I was already in A Venue so I might as well just order to take out the dish.

I ordered the Tartufo al Funghi (mini) to take out because I wanted to go home before dark. Plus I was going to eat it on my own so I just had the mini. I wish it came in a smaller option still but it was already acceptable for the price (P299). What I really liked about Focaccia was that they offered different toppings and flavors for their rolled pizzas. Unlike Yellow Cab, which only offers Dear Darla.

Their cute wall!
While waiting for my order, they served me complimentary Focaccia bread along with Balsamic Vinegar mixed with Olive Oil (ala Italianni's). I didn't like the bread though because it was too dry for me. So instead of munching on it, I just had a glass of cold water to quench my thirst. Luckily, my order arrived in just 10 minutes.

Complimentary Focaccia bread
When I got home, I was eager to eat my dinner. I didn't like that it was stored in a plastic container because the pizza didn't retain its shape. I was sad to discover that they didn't have the chili oil that usually came with the Dear Darla.
Tartufo al Funghi, Focaccia
Also, the crust was a bit soggy from the oil. I think this is because it was stored in plastic so the excess oil was absorbed by the crust.

What it looks like when rolled

Overall, I found it okay. I'd eat there again but maybe not take out anymore. Well, I'm excited to try their pasta and gelato.. There's always next time! After all, it's just in my neighborhood! ^,^

Focaccia: Slice of Italy is located at the Ground Floor of A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue, Makati City. For inquiry or reservation, call them at +6327299403.

May 2, 2011

My Japanese Friend Loved Balot!

PETA, please don't be mad...

I've never seen anyone eat so many balot in one night, definitely not a foreigner. So last night, I was hanging out with my friends at Botongs Up, A. Venue Mall, Makati. What started as a night with a few bottles of beer turned into a crazy night. Of course, the fun started when Mark and CJ (my Korean friend) arrived. By then, Ryo and I had already drank 3 bottles each.
Me and Mark (Margaret), whom I haven't seen in MONTHS!
But when CJ arrived, he treated all of us to shots of the bar's Blue Fuck-- a drink with Cointreau and Blue Curacao. It was strong and I could taste the alcohol. After the shot, we had another couple of beers each before deciding to head home.
Ryo and CJ-- the Japanese and the Korean
Well, I know I went home after but I heard the two guys went to a KTV somewhere... Hmph. They didn't bring me. Probably picked up some girls. Haha! Kidding guys! 

Because you guys didn't bring me to KTV, here's my pay back ^^

Oh by the way, can anyone link this video as a video response to Mikey Bustos' tutorial on how to eat balot? :)
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