January 4, 2011

Mama's Kitchen Cookies: The Best Pasalubong of Iloilo

Happy New Year to all my dear blog readers, if there are really any! Since I'm counting off my last 7 days in Bacolod, I decided to write my first post on souvenirs you can get in Iloilo. For those who don't know, Iloilo is just an hour's ferry away from Bacolod. So when my dad told me we were to go to Iloilo after Christmas day, I decided to buy my favorite Mama's Kitchen cookies!

I was able to discover these delicious and crunchy cookies during a field trip during my fourth year in St. Scho. I remember we rode our van and had a long drive to a small suburb in Iloilo which was far from the city proper. At that time, I had no clue what was in store for me so I didn't pay attention to the directions. But if I had, I'd sure remember where it is. 

We were taken to an old house and told it was a Sinamay factory. We didn't pay attention to what Sinamay really was since we were invited to try their homemade cookies for free. Since I was a fan of cookies, I took a small bite and was shocked at what I discovered! I remember my dad gave me pocket money for the whole trip but I spent about P300 buying these cookies! So when it was time to go to SM City Iloilo, I had to patiently wait for my friends to finish buying souvenirs. 

I was pleased to discover that these cookies were also being sold in Pendy's, Bacolod for about the same price. And when I moved to Manila, I found these cookies being displayed on a stall inside SM Mall of Asia.

But that has been several years. Last time I went to the stall in MoA, they no longer sold these cookies. I was also able to visit Pendy's on Christmas day and was shocked that the price of the cookies has doubled!

So when we were in Iloilo for one day, I asked my dad to drive me to the Sinamay house again. But when he found out it was far, he told me to look for an alternative. So I did. I found Deco's Pasalubong Center which is right across SM Delgado (the old SM). 

Mama's Kitchen cookies are available in Deco's Pasalubong Center for only P125 a box. My favorite is the Tsokolate Crunchies and the Cashew Crunchies. They also have Chewy Mango. 

While I was there, I took advantage of the situation and took pictures of other pasalubong delicacies you can buy from Iloilo. 

If you would like to visit the real Sinamay House and Mama's Kitchen, here's the address: 16 Osmena St., Arevalo, Iloilo City. Get in touch with them by calling 3374221, 3360713 or 09209506404.

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