January 12, 2011

Craving for Back Ribs? Don't Let Lord Byron's Stop You!

Okay, now I'm back in Manila. But I still have a few blog posts to write. So let me start with one of the most loved restaurants in Bacolod: Lord Byron's.

I remember this place first opened back in the last few months of 2006 and it was a huge hit right away. The only dish they offer (until now) is Baby Back Ribs and when you get to taste this, you'll really understand why they focus on this.

During my visit though, I was shocked to learn that Lord Byron's has become such a huge hit already. My brother even told me that when you go to the restaurant late, you'll no longer have a chance to eat there. So if you want to be sure that you can eat, you have to call or text them.

One of the reasons why this restaurant has become such a favorite of Bacolodnons is because it really tastes good. In addition, their price is really affordable and you already get a huge serving!

Since there will be a problem with parking, I decided to pick up my order.

Thanks to Dash for providing me their contact number, I was able to place my order ahead of time. When I picked up my order, it was already available and I did not have to wait too long.

Here are their prices:
Dine In- P 125
Take Out- P 130 (meal)
Take Out- P 115 (without rice)

I ordered for two (my brother and I) and I got so many ribs! I only took a picture of what I could finish and left my brother's other half 1.5 order in the styrofoam box. It was really good and it was too big for me so I decided to share it with my dog.. :)

Lord Byron's is open from 10.30 am-1.30 pm and 4.30 pm- 8.30pm. Get in touch with them by calling (034) 4324054 or texting 0910 425 7472. They are located behind Jack and Jill School in Homesite area, Bacolod City.


  1. with this post, you just made me crave so bad for ribs. =/

  2. wooooow those ribs must be really good! :D

  3. @dash: hehe. punta tayo maskara 2011 :)

    @smarla: yup they are! :)

  4. i love ribs! I wish I can visit Bacolod ; )


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