September 6, 2003

Case of the Ex

The ears I used to whisper to
The nose I used to pinch
The hands I used to hold
The hair I used to mess with
The arms that used to hug me tight
The smile I used to get
The voice I used to stay up just to hear
The heartbeat I used to dance with
The eyes I used to get lost in
The lips I used to kiss
The boy I used to love
The feeling I now regret

I Wish I Were Her

You think about her everyday
I think about him quite often
You miss her when you're away
I love him more each day spent apart

You remember her in every song
I sing each song for him
You wish to see her again
I've been wishing to see him everyday

You daydream about her a lot
I think about many situations with him in it
You say she's got you good
I wish he feels the same

Your heart beats madly when she's near
I lose control when he stares at me
You want to be her guy
I wish to be his only girl

You do everything she tells you
I wonder when can I ever tell him the truth
You begin to fall in love with lucky girl
I'm too late, I wish I were her
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