July 22, 2010

My First Permanent Blow-Dry Experience

Warning: Vanity Pics Ahead...

Recently, I was invited to try out Basement Salon’s new treatment called Permanent Brow-dry. This new treatment has been in Manila less than a year. Apparently, this is a Brazilian trend which coats hair with Keratin so that it gets the nutrients it needs to become healthier, shinier, and stronger once more. People who have been rebonding or perming their hair will definitely need to try out this new treatment as it will make their hair softer and healthier.

I first came to know this treatment during my first visit to Basement Salon in Rockwell last May. That was also the day I was scheduled for an interview/meeting with my (now) editor, Carla Sibal. But during that time, I was debating whether or not I should get a haircut or have a treatment. I had shoulder length hair already which I had been growing for the past year and felt like I needed a change as I was entering a new industry—something that I’ve always wanted.
Before my first haircut with Basement Salon

I wanted to feel empowered so I got a haircut which I patterned after Lucy Torres’ short hair in the March 2009 issue of another magazine. I felt like I was embarking on a new opportunity that required me to stay tough no matter what obstacle would come my way. And this meant being able to smile, even if I felt insecure with all the beautiful people I will be meeting.

But sadly, my hair never cooperates. It’s been like this forever! Once I cut my hair short (about eyebrow level), it starts to show waves. And this is not good for my intended hairstyle. Just after a few weeks, the waves started to show. So I got Mr. Shin of Beautybrick Salon to cut my hair again.

Haircut done by Mr. Shin

The haircut was a wash and wear hair style. A lot of people commented on it since it looked different from the ordinary straight bob. The problem was it only stayed manageable for a few weeks.
I was planning to get a haircut last time but I was deciding who should cut my hair. Luckily, I was invited by Stefan Wilczynski, an Executive and Senior hairstylist of the salon, to tryout their new treatment. This was after he saw me last Tuesday for an interview for SPARK magazine.

My hair has long been in need of a decent makeover and not just the ones that are temporary. I’ve even considered doing a Britney and see what happens when it grows back. But it’s not my nature and I am so scared to try it. Luckily, this big opportunity came and everyone I talked to advised me to go for it. It was even perfect since I was attending events for the magazine and needed to look my best.

So today, I came into the salon around 12:40 pm even though my appointment was at 1pm. I know, as usual I’m early. But this did not matter as they (Basement Salon team) invited me in. They even sat me beside my editor who, coincidentally, was getting her hair done! ^,^
Obligatory Before Photos

Stefan came over and told Baba (my attendant) to fix the color on the roots of my hair. 15 minutes later, they washed my hair. I was led to a different chair (with better lighting) and they put Keratin treatment on my hair. While I waited for the next 20 minutes, I took out my laptop and started working on some articles that I needed to finish for the day. Thanks to the salon’s Wi-Fi and cool lounge music, I did not feel anxious to finish the treatment. They even offered to give me some refreshments.

Getting my roots retouched

After the 20 minutes, Stefan came back and told me that it was time for the exciting part: the steam. Another attendant led me to a room upstairs where Baba was already waiting, a mask on her face. She asked me to wear another mask before starting to blow-dry my hair. A few minutes later, another attendant came in wearing a mask and started to help her.

This was necessary as the formula typically used for the treatment contains formaldehyde. Once its fumes are inhaled, it can be carcinogenic to the lungs and irritating to the eyes. But the formula Basement Salon uses is formaldehyde free, still they wanted to perform an extra precaution. For this, I was seated below an exhaust so that the Keratin could have a place to escape and not fill the room. When they finished, they ironed my hair straight.

I wanted to draw pretty faces on my mask... ^,^

After about an hour, they led me back to my original spot. They then told me I needed to wait for another hour so that my hair could take a rest. During this time, I was sort of anxious already. I was a bit lazy to write and wanted to see the change. I kept touching my hair and it was indeed softer than before. I then came up with an idea to take pictures of myself and post them real-time via Twitpic and Plurk. Of course, the first few procedures were already finished then.

By this time, my hair already felt softer

When the hour was over, they washed my hair before placing another conditioning treatment. This one, smelled good though and only needed to stay for 20 minutes. By then, I was thinking of what my new hair will look like. I was also starting to check pictures on the internet for hairstyles I want to get done by Stefan.

Last process

The 20 minutes went by fast and Baba was back to wash my hair for the last time. When she finished, she blow dried it using just her fingers. The end product was very smooth, shiny and soft. I swear, my hair has never been this soft in my entire life.

Finished product... So soft!
Look! There's Stefan's reflection!
Stefan came back and checked up on me. He was very pleased with the result and told me that my hair did not need any cutting. He even showed the result to my boss. =) And since he’s the expert, I trusted him and will return for a regular haircut after 2 months.

Back at home... 

If you’re interested in a change of hairstyle, try the Permanent Blow-dry. You won’t get disappointed.

What you need to know about the treatment:

1. The process takes a long time. So make sure you bring a book or your laptop.

2. It is not for those who want to straighten their hair. My hair only got straightened because it is a SIDE-EFFECT of the Keratin. After a while, it will go back to being wavy but still maintain its soft and smooth texture.

3. After the treatment, you need to use a shampoo that does not contain any sulfur. This is because the keratin only coats the outer layer of the hair so it becomes shiny, smoother and softer. When you use harsh ingredients that commercial shampoos contain, the keratin will get washed off easily.

4. You can get the treatment done as often as you like.

Basement Salon is located at:
Edsa Shangri-La,
Carpark Building, Shangri-La Mall, EDSA
+632 638 2222/ +632 638 6666
Rockwell Center
2nd Level Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City
+632 899 6666/ +632 898 2222


  1. How much did the treatment cost you? Do I need to make an appointment?

  2. Hi, I don't remember how much it cost. But I think it was around P5,000. I will recommend that you make an appointment because it lasts 3-4 hours. :)


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