May 1, 2011

Everyday's a Cheat Day at Vikings!

 A few weeks ago, I was invited to partake in the birth of one of Manila's best buffet restaurants. Despite being on a constant diet, buffets are my weakness--especially if they are really good. This is why I shy clear of these restaurants because I do not want to gain a lot of weight. Too late for me though! I had already said yes to the invitation.

The first time I saw Vikings, was when it was still being constructed last December 2010. So I was really excited to know that it had already finished its construction stage and that I was among the very first to eat in it-- together with the newlywed couple, Ronnie and Bubot (who I shall now name RoBot for my blog's purpose).

Upon entering the restaurant, I began to feel a sense of regret that I did not bring my SLR camera for the occasion. In fact, we had to make do with my sister's Nokia cellphone and my iPhone to take the pictures. I promised though, that my next return will be with my SLR camera.

Canapes and other appetizers 
Clever design!
Bubot-- trying to be healthy with a salad dish

I seafood!
It was my first time to see crabs being offered in a buffet. So I was really excited to return to Vikings! Unfortunately, I could not eat crabs that night because I did not bring my anti-allergy meds with me. 

Schezuan crabs!!  
I loved their Asian selection!

Chinese dimsum dishes!
Japanese Omu Curry rice
Oh yes, they had pizza too! :)

What really made me excited about the restaurant was that it accepted special orders for cooking your favorite dishes... They even had a Kids Station where they can have burgers and fried chicken cooked for kids!

Oh, and who could forget dessert?

So yummy!
Gelatin anyone?
I just had to take a picture of my food. All in all, I had 5 small servings so I could taste every bit of goodness this restaurant had for me...

I started out with the Japanese appetizers... 
Salmon sushi, some varieties of Maki, and a few pieces of seaweed 
My second dish consisted of the fish fillet, rice, and a few other main course dishes. It was so good that I forgot to take a picture!

My third plate consisted of one of the appetizers, Buffalo wing (I think), more seaweeds, and a gigantic Chicken foot!
The Chicken Foot was HUGE!
For dessert, I had a few slices of the Chocolate Cake, Sansrival, and Crema de Fruta. The Sansrival was my favorite!

The best Sansrival in town!
 I had a chicken kebab cooked for my last dish. I took a picture of it but due to the quality of the cellphone camera, decided not to post it. Instead, here is my complimentary drink for that night: Banana Shake!

Yummy Banana Shake
Over all, my Vikings experience was a pleasant one! It was such a relief that this restaurant did not charge a huge amount of money. For the value, quality of service, and assortment of food, it was perfectly priced!

Now I'm back to my diet again. But if you'll invite me to eat at Vikings, well... let's just say that it's my cheat day! *,^

Read more of my Vikings experience when our magazine EPIC comes out on May 20! :)

Vikings: Luxury Buffet is located at Bldg. B, By the Bay, Seaside Blvd. SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. For reservations, call them at 846-3888, 846-4888, 846-5888. They are open for breakfast (weekends) and Lunch and Dinner (every day).


  1. The food looks delicious. I can't wait to eat here!

  2. Their dimsum tastes good as well as other Asian cuisines.


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