July 28, 2011

EatsTrixie Says Adieu

Hi Everyone!

I am no longer going to post blog entries on this site. I have decided on a more target based blogging since it's much easier for me. As of the moment, I already have a roster of blogs and will be planning to add more.

For those who love my food blog, kindly support Sira Ang Diet. This is my new blog for food. :)

Thanks for the support everyone! For my lifestyle blog, I will put up a new blog but it's no longer going to be this one.



July 27, 2011

Looking Back on My Bucket List at Age 21

Cross posted from my Multiply site... Long before I became active as a blogger, I already made my own bucket list. Here's a look back at my bucket list when I was 21 years old... I wrote this last June 17, 2008

This is just a short compilation of the things I want to try.  I put 30 years old as my deadline since most of the things listed here are physically challenging... Enjoy and set a date if you want to be my partner.  

1. Ice Skate- well they have it in MOA but I don't have a companion...  

2. Rock/Wall Climbing- I actually have gone wall climbing back in 2003... unfortunately I wasn't as adventurous as I am now so... well, I wouldn't tell you until what part of the wall I stopped climbing.  

3. Learn how to use the turntable- I have a cousin who is a DJ and have been in love with a DJ as well.   My cousin wanted me to learn how but since my dad never allowed me to go out, it was never raised again.

4. Paint- I have a few sketches and a few paintings... but I really want to be able to express what I feel through art.

5. Origami- well it's a fun art... would like to have fun with it.

6. Road Trip- you know the song "magdadrive ako hanggang baguio... magdadrive ako hanggang sa buwan! gusto kong matutong magdrive...." that'll be the soundtrack of my road trip.

7. Read Road Maps and Hidden Treasure Maps- I'm terrible at reading road maps! I'd like to be able to see a map for treasure hunting. That'll be cool.

8. Be a scientist- there'll be a lot of things I would invent... unfortunately I'm not that smart. but this is just too good to miss out on..  

9. Geographer- true true... when I was young, my dream was to be either a geographer or an astronaut... I still dream about being the latter... 

10.  Astronomer- I love our galaxy.  I wish everyone would take care of gaia so that we could have cleaner air.

11. Inventor- just like the scientist dream.

12. Sew- I do know how to sew... it's just that I'm too tired to finish one.  

13. Sing- sometimes I have a nice voice, most times I don't.

14. Dance- I'm not talking about waltz/ballroom dancing... I'm talking bout dancing on
stage with a group... I kinda miss that..

15. Architect- back in high school, when I wasn't listening to the teacher, I used to draw my plans for a bar.... I wonder where that sketch is now...   

16. Fashion/ Interior/ Graphic designer- I just love art and colors... too bad I don't know how to incorporate them with shapes.

17.  Editor of a fashion magazine- something I really really want to be.....

18. Surf- or have my picture taken holding a board.

19. Skimboard- I'd rather surf though....

20. Jetski- again, I have done this when I was young yet I wasn't as adventurous... I screamed the whole 5 minutes I was on it!!!!

21. Dive- I'd love to take pictures underneath the ocean....

22. Play with dolphins- I was planning to do this in Subic.... but they costed a
fortune... next time I'm in Subic, I won't miss the chance again!

23. Model- hahahah! with my height, I wish.

24. Ramp- yeah, I wish.

25. Play with Puppies- it's been a long time since I was given the chance to play with puppies....

26. Gymnast- ummm... I think this should be checked out....

27. Be a researcher- I love to learn... to find out new things....

28.  Newscaster- my mom didn't want me to be one....

29.  TV host- okay... I was actually invited by ETC channel to audition for their new show but I didn't go to the audition since they were in Antipolo.. nobody in our family knew how to get to antipolo... I could have been the one co-hosting Chillspot not Karen Pamintuan....

30.  Be surrounded by really cute and hot guys- this should be good.  

31.  Be a chef- I still want to....

32. Shop til I drop- when I have money... lots of money.

33. Travel to another country by myself- I'm going to Singapore by the end of this month.. but not yet on my own... well it will be our first time outside and by ourselves (me and my sis)....

Every one should have a list too... it should be nice having something to look at remind you why you were born to live... or just something that will inspire you to save money... so go ahead and make your list... start now. share it with me. I'd love to read your list.  

It's funny... reading this list, I realized how crazy I was back then. I still have the same interests and hopes but I have become a lot wiser now. Out of 33, I think I've only done 5. I'm coming out with a new bucket list and sticking to it now that I've got a blog :) 

July 26, 2011

Home Cooked Meals are LOVE!

Day 127

I miss eating home cooked meals! Even though I know how to cook, there are times when I'm too lazy to cook my own food. That's why I end up eating out A LOT. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking. It's a good stress reliever for me, especially if I have complete ingredients and tools. But when you're cooking for yourself, it kinda gets too depressing. This is why I often have food delivered to me.

But I can't live on fried fast food alone. And of course, I can't afford to eat out in expensive gourmet restaurants all the time! So I try to make up by balancing my eating habits by cooking my meals. To make the experience more favorable, I have decided to invite some friends over to eat with me. I know my friends are also tired of eating unhealthy food that's why I decided to invite them over for a quiet and simple meal at home.

My friends also miss eating home cooked meals so I decided to cook Linutik or Latik and Fried Fish. I still have so much more to discover about home cooked Filipino meals but I think these 2 are a start.

Linutik/ Latik
I'm not sure what it's called but in my family we know it as Linutik. It's a dish that's made of mashed squash cooked with coconut milk. It's almost like soup but it really depends on the thickness of the squash. I like mine with a bit of bite left and not too runny.

Fried Fish
I actually forgot what the name of this fish is. Sorry!

Brown Rice
Leftover white from my birthday.

Meet my friend from College, Jesna. It is my challenge to make her eat vegetables because she does not like them. While she is in Manila, I will try my best to make her love vegetables too! :) Challenge accepted!
And yes, we had dessert. 

Marga, Jesna, Trixie at Music 21-- our weekly tambayan
Marga arrived and invited us to eat ice cream. But after a few minutes of walking, I invited them to go to Music 21 instead. If you're in the mood to sing your heart out, Music 21 is a must visit! They only charge P84/person/hour. Plus they continually update their songs. 

I plan to make home cooking for my friends a weekly or bi-monthly thing. I've started to discover my passion for cooking once again but I don't plan on going through another culinary school to get an affirmation that I truly can cook! Like I said, I love to cook for my friends and family. I'll just keep it at that. :)

July 25, 2011

Tagaytay Getaway: Marcia Adams

Day 126

An aunt/blogger friend, whom I refer to as Tita D, invited us to go try out a restaurant in Tagaytay. By us, I mean our set of food blogger friends. Unfortunately, it was only Smarla and I who were able to attend the little getaway she planned for us.

Our meeting place was at Starbucks, Greenbelt 1. It was a Saturday that I left my work behind and decided to bring my camera instead. The good part was that the travel to Tagaytay did not burden us. We were in Marcia Adams in just an hour.

While we were still making plans for our little getaway, I already knew we were going to eat at Marcia Adams. But I did not have an idea what the theme of the restaurant was. So I decided to check out other food blogs: Our Awesome Planet, Trip or Treats, and of course Between Bites. When I found out about the theme of the restaurant, I was instantly excited for my visit.

I have long been a fan of quaint cafes and restaurants that pay attention to their furniture, theme and setup. Just like my articles for Sparkazine on Fat Michael's PlaceThe Room Upstairs, and Cafe 1771; plus Mary Grace for my own blog, I truly appreciate these establishments. It reminds me of a time when I frequented a place in my hometown which made me truly feel at home. Knowing this about Marcia Adams, I decided to trade in my laptop for my camera.

Entering the restaurant, this is what you will find:

Smarla walking outside the restaurant
Parking Area for Marcia Adams
There wasn't a sign for the name of the restaurant so I think it's important to look out for this parking area setup. 

The restaurant
It's a short walk from the entrance with an incline. For those who can't walk this far, they have a car drop off area on the other side.

We made a reservation and they placed us on the table right across the entrance. To my right, this was the view.

Looking straight ahead and this is what I saw: 

The balcony
Beyond the balcony
And of course, the wine selections were simply divine...

 A quaint little corner for lovebirds....
The Chandeliers
I especially liked their restroom! It was clean and had a great amount of character into it-- so beautiful! 

The restroom was simply divine!
The restroom
 Upon arrival, we were handed the menu.

The Menu
Farmhouse Style Bread, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

You get to choose an appetizer, main course and dessert for a set price-- which was really good because it just made everything sound more delicious! 

The Appetizer

As an appetizer, we all decided to be healthy and get the Aegean Salad.

Aegean Salad
Aegean Salad
The salad was a mix of fresh greens, grilled Italian Ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, roasted pistachios in a herby, tangy dressing. It was also topped with a grilled slice of pear-- which was so wonderful. It completed everything! I love how it tastes so fresh and clean. I think I'll go back to Tagaytay just for this!

The Main Course

Since it was still a Saturday, I decided not to get the lamb or the pork. I'm following my own diet of not eating red meat during Mondays-Saturdays. Sunday is my only cheat day so I stayed true to it during this trip. I ordered the Fish Souvlaki

Fish Souvlaki,
Marcia Adams (P700)
Fish Souvlaki
Marcia Adams (P700)
Fish Souvlaki was an order of their "catch of the day." Chunks of marlin was marinated in olive oil, herbs and lemon and put in skewers. Instead of rice, I decided to get couscous. The last time I had it was when I was still in culinary school.

Moroccan Fish Stew
Marcia Adams (P755)
Tita D's order was the Moroccan Fish Stew, another order of fish marinated with harissa and preserved lemons. She also got couscous instead of rice.

Here's Smarla taking a picture of her order
Grilled Aromatic Pork
Marcia Adams (P700)
Since Tita D mentioned that the Grilled Aromatic Pork was one of the restaurant's best sellers, Smarla decided to get it. I was shocked when her order arrived because it was a really big slice of pork. Despite Smarla's size, I have trouble keeping up with the amount of food she eats! The girl can eat a lot and not gain any fat! I envy her for it. :( 

The Dessert

For dessert, Tita D and I got the Banana Split with Chocolate Ice Cream

Banana Split with Chocolate Ice Cream 
Banana Split with Chocolate Ice Cream
It was literally banana split into two halves-- the skin was even on the plate! The ice cream was so rich and delicious! 

Meanwhile, Smarla got the Fried Bananas with Dark Chocolate Dip

Fried Bananas with Dark Chocolate Dip

Fried Bananas with Dark Chocolate Dip
The Fried Bananas with Dark Chocolate Dip looked like Churros con Tsokolate! I'm so excited to make this dish next time! :) 

Time for the bill... 
What I love about Marcia Adams is the atmosphere of the restaurant, the stellar food, and the friendly host. I loved the fact that it was really home cooked and you had time to converse with your friends. If you're in a hurry, Marcia Adams is not the place for you. You really need to be patient and enjoy everything because the food is really worth the wait! I can't wait to go here with my dad and sister!

Marcia Adams' is located along the border of Tagaytay and Alfonso, Cavite across Ville Sommet.
To go to Marcia's, just drive all the way to Tagaytay and turn right at the Tagaytay Rotonda.
Go all the way to Alfonso, Cavite. You will pass by the restaurants along the Ridge, the Mendez intersection, and the turn to Antonio's.
You turn right when you see the Tagaytay Arch with Pineapples, and Residence Inn on your left. You should see a sign leading to Ville Sommet. You will see the entrance of Tuscany on your left.
Directions from OAP blog.

For reservations, text 0917-801-1456.

July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse: Dead at 27!

Today, I woke up with news to Amy Winehouse's death. At first, I thought that the source of this information was just making up a crazy title to his blog so he can get higher traffic. But I found it on another friend's status post in Facebook, so I just had to verify. I'm not usually the type of person who posts the same kind of stuff that other people have already shared, but considering his blog did not have any reason as to the cause of death, I decided to share what I knew:

LONDON (AP) - Amy Winehouse, the beehived soul-jazz diva whose self-destructive habits overshadowed a distinctive musical talent, was found dead Saturday in her London home, police said. She was 27.
Police confirmed that a 27-year-old female was pronounced dead at the home in Camden Square northern London; the cause of death was not immediately known. London Ambulance Services said Winehouse had died before the two ambulance crews it sent arrived at the scene.
 -- source: Yahoo! News
Here's a YouTube video for the news.

And this one too:

RIP Amy Winehouse. You weren't exactly one of my favorites but your talent will greatly be missed.

July 21, 2011

Greetings from My Home Office

Lately, I haven't been out of my condo. The only time I do is to get grocery and the food I had delivered. So I don't really have anything new to blog about.

For the moment, here's a view of my current home office. I know it's a mess but I like my things where they are--where I know where they'll be if I'm looking for them. This may be clutter for some people but this is what I call organized clutter.

Like I always say, to each his own.

Greetings from my home office!

July 20, 2011

Nightly Anxieties

Day 130

My day started out of nothing but a regular routine. As practiced numerous times, I rolled over to one side of the bed to switch on my computer. I checked my phone for any messages: NONE. The clock read 9 am. I know, a bit late for some people but for me, it just means that I was able to get enough sleep. After all, I slept around 2am last night after working on a website. (Will post it when it's been launched already).

I head over to my laptop and start checking emails and Facebook notifications-- this marks the start of my day. This is how I have been functioning for the past 2 years: a workaholic. Even when I'm on vacation, I still bring my laptop with me and continue to work. I never let anything get in the way.

The only thing that's bothering me right now are the nightly tremors that I encounter. I find it weird. Every night before I sleep, it's always the same thing. 'What if I lose my clients tomorrow?' 'What if I lose my memory?' 'Where will I be in a few years?' 'Will I ever be in a serious relationship again?' Throughout the day, these never seem to bother me. But just before I close my eyes at night, these are the things that worry me the most.

I close my eyes to sleep. Then when I wake up in the morning, I start new and continue with my regular routine.

July 18, 2011

The Sexy Chef Delivers!

Ever since I moved to live on my own, I have always been battling with what I should eat everyday. More often than not, I end up having a fast food company deliver food to my condo because I am too lazy to prepare, cook and wash dishes. If you're dealing with more than 10 articles per day, every single minute matters. This is why I prefer to have food delivered to me instead of cooking it on my own.

Don't get me wrong-- I do know how to cook. If you've been following my blog for the past few months, you'd see some of my own recipes that I shared here. Also, you already know that I'm a Culinary Arts School dropout. I quit because I was very depressed that time-- different story!

Anyway yes, I know how to cook but I'm just lazy that I still have so much work to do afterwards. I've even considered hiring a stay out help to prepare my food and even help out in cleaning my condo. But because I do not want to rely on someone's help while I still can, I choose not to do this. So yes, I have to deal with a constant struggle of deciding what to eat, which fast food to deliver my food, or if I should cook (by some miracle).

I've already been living alone for 5 months and the experience has been overwhelming-- at times positive, sometimes depressing. But it's part of life, I know. Throughout this time, I have often had food delivered to my condo. It's probably an average of 2 times per week because sometimes I also eat in food courts (so I can save money and eat healthy). I've even organized all the flyers I have received in a single folder-- that way I can just flip through them whenever I'm in the mood to have something delivered.

The following are among the many food delivers that I like:

1. McDonald's - Fast and reliable. I really love that there's no minimum order, instead they have a delivery charge. I think everyone should have it.

2. Wendy's - I love their fried chicken! Have you tried it? It's big and juicy!!! :)

2 pieces-- 1 for lunch, 1 for dinner :)
3. Mang Inasal - When I'm in the mood to eat inasal, I order through Mang Inasal. But this is rare because the minimum delivery fee is normally perfect for 2 or more people.

4. Tapa King - I like their Tapa Flakes, that's all.

So anyway, I really like the above fast food chains. But because they often cost so much and they're unhealthy, I try to avoid them whenever I can. Ever since I started drinking L-Carnitine, I've made a conscious effort to avoid eating in fast food joints. I've even changed my eating habits. I still have to find time to go to the gym, but hey-- that's a start right?

Even before The Biggest Loser Philippines started to air, I've already checked out The Sexy Chef. I've kept myself up to date if ever there are some promos that they will offer that I could join. I really want to try Lose Big Diet but it's just so expensive and out of my budget. In no way am I able to afford the P950 daily price for food to be delivered to my doorstep. So it's really frustrating. I really want to eat healthy but why is it that healthy foods are more expensive?

When I visited The Sexy Chef's website, I found a page where they had ala carte menus. I decided to give them a try because they can deliver a minimum of 2 orders + P50 delivery charge. For 2 days, I decided to have The Sexy Chef prepare my meals.

I placed my order ahead of time through email for Friday and Saturday. But because I went to the I'm Shoe in Love Bazaar on Saturday, I had to cancel Friday evening. Thankfully, they were accommodating and allowed me to do this. I told them to schedule the delivery for Monday instead. On Friday, my order arrived on time. Their rider was even friendly.

I was only able to take a picture of my Friday menu: Spanish Meatless Meatballs (P99) and the Fish Salpicao with Garlic Mushroom (P140). Because the former had tomato sauce, I decided to eat it for lunch.

The Sexy Chef
I've never been a fan of food that had tomato sauce in it other than pasta so I decided to give them a try. I know that it was just because I did not like tomato sauce but I wouldn't order it again. If you like to eat food with tomato sauce, I would advise you to eat this. I just really made a wrong move and wanted to see if I could finally teach myself to eat this dish.

Spanish Meatless Meatballs
The Sexy Chef (P99)
For dinner, that's when I knew I had made the rice choice. I loved their Fish Salpicao! It had brown rice at the bottom and the fish was cooked perfectly-- it wasn't dry and did not have any small bones (which I hate). I especially appreciated the fact that they prepared the sauce separately. At first, I was worried that they would mix the sauce with the fish and that it would get bad by dinner time. But when I got the delivery, I was so pleased!

Fish Salpicao with Garlic Mushroom
The Sexy Chef (P140)
That day's meal costed only P289 (including delivery charge). It was far less cheaper compared to what I normally pay for deliveries from fast food joints. And yes, it was HEALTHIER. I'd definitely order again from The Sexy Chef! I'm just fixing my schedule right now because I have impromptu meetings and things to do outside the condo.

*For inquiries and orders, visit The Sexy Chef's website: Or call 02.721.SEXY (7399).

July 17, 2011

Reinventing My Blog-- A Freelancer's Journey

I'm nearing my second year as a freelance writer and in line with this, I decided to give my blog a new approach. Instead of blogging about random things, I decided to reinvent my blog and talk about the many different things I do as a freelancer. Since I'm always asked how I am able to handle my daily activities, I decided to share this on my blog. At the same time, this is a great way I can monitor my work and be able to improve my work behavior. So my blog is no longer limited to just featuring food and restaurants. I now talk about many other things that I encounter everyday.

I hope you guys enjoy reading about my adventures as a freelancer! I hope with this blog, I get to inspire other freelancers. My second year as a freelancer, I need to do it right this time. :)

July 14, 2011

Why I Don't Plan on Watching Harry Potter 7

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- Part 2
As everyone else is getting excited to watch the final Harry Potter movie, I find myself retreating to a corner--nonchalant to the fuss everyone is making. It's not that I don't want to watch it or the first part of HP7. It's really just that I don't want to put an end to the movie. I know I've read the books and have been finished with them a long time ago, but I just can't gather the nerve to say goodbye to a movie franchise I've continued to watch with my friends.

L-R: Kristia, Snap, Cristel, Mimi, Trixie, Andrew

L-R: (Angel in the background), Mimi, Trixie, Tricia) 
In fact, I can't believe it's been 10 years! I can still remember the very first book was what brought me and my friends together. I know there were other things-- WWF, Incubus, Love Stories books, and our indifferences; that attributed to the start of a decade's worth of friendship. But it has always been Harry Potter, his friends and enemies, yes even Voldemort, that stood by us throughout these years.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
I can still remember the first time I heard of Harry Potter. Mimi or Cristel (I can't remember) came up to me one day and asked if I had already read Harry Potter. I said no and stated my reason: I never had the chance to buy a book. But before that, I had already seen the book in a few bookstores (both in Bacolod and in Cebu). All the while, I thought Harry Potter was the name of the author and The Sorcerer's Stone was the title of his book. Boy, did I give Mimi and Cristel a laugh!

L-R: Trixie, Tricia, Riza, Mimi, Carissa, and Danika
L-R: Sam, Jomelle, Riza, Mimi, Trixie, Cristel, Paula, Maffy, Tricia
That was the start of it. Mimi let me borrow her books. Every time a new book came out, she would always be the first to have a copy and we would all take turns borrowing it-- patiently waiting until the other had already finished it. Fortunately, we were all book lovers and we could easily finish a book; so the waiting really didn't take long. We also had our own favorite love teams to support: Harry & Hermione, Ron & Hermione, Harry & Ginny, and yes, Harry & Ron. I remember reading fanfics of HP back then and always favoring those that supported Harry & Hermione's love affair. So I was really disappointed when Harry & Ginny were paired.

When the first movie came out, we watched it together at Robinsons' Bacolod. By then, that was the only decent mall we had. It was also the only mall where we could all hang out during Saturday afternoons, play billiard and Dance Revolution. Even though we were all separated in College, we made a point to try to watch the new movie together. If not, at least talk about it-- inform each other that the new movie is out.

L-R: Carissa, Cristel, Trixie

Top L-R: Trixie, Mimi, Carissa, Riza, Andie, Cristel

Top L-R: Carissa, Riza, Mimi, Cristel, Andie, Trixie
L-R: Trixie, Angel, Chris, Carissa, Sam

Last year, I said that I won't watch Part 1 because I can easily forget what happened and will only end up spending money buying a DVD to give myself a review of the movie. But as the days and months went on, I became more and more busy. I forgot about buying a DVD. Now that the second part is here, I still haven't watched Part 1.

So yes, I don't think I'll ever muster the strength to watch HP7 Part 1 and Part 2. I think all the while, I was lying to myself because I could not believe it was the end. We grew up watching these movies and they've always been part of our childhood. Now that this is the last movie, I feel like I'm saying goodbye to my childhood and affirming the fact that I am now an adult. I think this is what many HP fans are also feeling now- a melancholic state of a decade past.

Bottom L-R: Cristel, Trixie, Carissa, Andie, Riza, Tricia, Angel

L-R: Carissa, Trixie, Mimi, Andie, Cristel, Riza, Angel, Sam, Tricia
(almost complete: without Chris)
L-R: Cristel, Riza, Andie, Mimi, Sam, Carissa, Tricia, Chris, Angel
(without me)
It has been, indeed, a hell of a ride. And amidst our quarrels and misunderstandings, we've stayed friends all these years. With all our busy schedules, I miss my friends and just being able to hangout on Saturdays with them. :(

Footnote: I don't plan on watching HP 7 without you guys... Let's have DVD marathon this Christmas? :) 
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