July 12, 2011

Hooray for New Shoes!

I don't like bazaars. I don't like staying in crowded areas where I'm surrounded by people and I can't get out of the venue as quickly as I can. This is why I avoid huge malls during the weekends and concerts.

But when I found out about the I'm Shoe In Love: Find Your Perfect Pair event, I made a date with destiny! Being a huge shoeaholic that I am, I made sure I went to the event. (Yes, for those who don't know, I am a huge shoe lover-- sans my blog Imeldanisms).

I'm Shoe in Love: Find Your Perfect Pair
Unfortunately, the event was postponed due to the bad weather during the last weekend of June. I had initially planned out my trip to the event because my birthday was just a few days after it. I wanted to give myself new shoes as my own birthday present-- I had already set up a budget (P3,000) and made sure I don't buy any new shoes before the big shoe bazaar. So when the event was postponed, I grew impatient. I checked out different stores and was already eyeing some new styles.

I invited my friend Jesna to come meet me after her 7am shift last Saturday. We planned to go to the event together. But because I woke up late and she wasn't feeling well, the trip was canceled. Or so I thought.

As the clock struck 9, I made a wild dash for my bathroom-- I bathed, clothed myself and hurried to the car. With no breakfast and intake of my L-Carnitine medicine, I hurried to NBC Tent. But just as I made an exit at Estrella Street, ack! the traffic! A normal 15 minute ride took me 30 minutes to get to my destination. I was racing and was so excited to grab whatever would fit into my budget.

When I made a left right before NBC Tent, my heart dropped. At only 10:00 am, there was already a queue outside NBC Tent. People were lining up and were all patiently waiting to get into the venue. Unsure of myself, I parked in the nearest parking (in BHS) and walked to the end of the line. That's when I had forgotten to bring my umbrella.

Yes, that's just the queue to get in
It was already 10:06 and the queue wasn't moving at all. I grew impatient and the rain was about to start. The family in front of me kept hitting me with their umbrellas (the dad wasn't holding the umbrella high enough). Hungry, annoyed, pissed, and frustrated, I gave up and went home.

Later that night, I met up with my relatives for a dinner at Manila Peninsula Hotel. I overheard one of my relatives (Noelle aka KikayRunner) talking about her new shoe finds from the event and how she was able to score 2 pairs for only P500. Quickly, I asked her what time she got there. 10:30. And yes, the line was already moving by then.

When I woke up the next day, I decided to give it another shot. I hurried to the event and was pleased that luck was on my side. I was prepared for the rain, early, dressed, and was able to park just beside the tent. Since I was 20 minutes early, I decided to wait inside the venue. Thanks to EastWest Bank, I got to save P50 from the entrance fee.

Free entrance!

So peaceful compared to yesterday!

When they finally opened, I hurried in. I found a number of shoes that made me want to hug them and never let go. But when I asked if they accepted Visa or Mastercard, they declined and said they only accepted cash. My heart was broken. Here I was, about to buy my favorite pumps from Katie shoes and Gold Dot but they didn't accept any other payment method except for cash. This was so frustrating-- I felt like I wasted my visit for nothing. So I decided to go around.

Trunk Show

Cole Vintage
That's when I finally saw them. I finally found something that caught my attention. Here are the shoes I bought from the event.

1. Possibility by The Ramp

This was such a huge deal! The original price of these shoes are around P2,500-- I bought them for only P820! They were also available in black and yellow combination, but I found it was a dull mixture. That's why I settled with this.

Possibility by The Ramp
P 820

2. Virtual Mae

At first, I was looking at the purple suede pumps and wedge heels that they had on sale. But I realized they were too HIGH for me. I couldn't walk in them. :( After several minutes of looking around, I finally found a pair I liked. These wedges are so awesome because they're so comfortable! Bought this at only P1,500.

Wedges from Virtual Mae
P 1,500

3. Virtual Mae

As part of Virtual Mae's sale, they gave away a free shoe for every purchase. After waiting and choosing from different shoes, I settled with this pair. Cost: FREE!

Heels from Virtual Mae

Plus, I got to meet Kat Agarrado from Sino si Kat?-- she was helping out sell Virtual Mae shoes. She was so friendly and accommodating that I was so in awe of her! Plus she was so skinny! I think she's just half my size. *dies of shame* I was too shy to ask to get a picture with her though-- after all, the event was for shoes not to meet your favorite singers.

Kat Agarrado, a total vixen with the attitude to boot!
Kat is also the model for Virtual Mae
My total for that day: P 2,320! I didn't reach my budget! Anyway, I went back in the afternoon because Jesna wanted to get shoes for herself. I thought she was going to buy heels but all she got were flats. :( 

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