July 26, 2011

Home Cooked Meals are LOVE!

Day 127

I miss eating home cooked meals! Even though I know how to cook, there are times when I'm too lazy to cook my own food. That's why I end up eating out A LOT. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking. It's a good stress reliever for me, especially if I have complete ingredients and tools. But when you're cooking for yourself, it kinda gets too depressing. This is why I often have food delivered to me.

But I can't live on fried fast food alone. And of course, I can't afford to eat out in expensive gourmet restaurants all the time! So I try to make up by balancing my eating habits by cooking my meals. To make the experience more favorable, I have decided to invite some friends over to eat with me. I know my friends are also tired of eating unhealthy food that's why I decided to invite them over for a quiet and simple meal at home.

My friends also miss eating home cooked meals so I decided to cook Linutik or Latik and Fried Fish. I still have so much more to discover about home cooked Filipino meals but I think these 2 are a start.

Linutik/ Latik
I'm not sure what it's called but in my family we know it as Linutik. It's a dish that's made of mashed squash cooked with coconut milk. It's almost like soup but it really depends on the thickness of the squash. I like mine with a bit of bite left and not too runny.

Fried Fish
I actually forgot what the name of this fish is. Sorry!

Brown Rice
Leftover white from my birthday.

Meet my friend from College, Jesna. It is my challenge to make her eat vegetables because she does not like them. While she is in Manila, I will try my best to make her love vegetables too! :) Challenge accepted!
And yes, we had dessert. 

Marga, Jesna, Trixie at Music 21-- our weekly tambayan
Marga arrived and invited us to eat ice cream. But after a few minutes of walking, I invited them to go to Music 21 instead. If you're in the mood to sing your heart out, Music 21 is a must visit! They only charge P84/person/hour. Plus they continually update their songs. 

I plan to make home cooking for my friends a weekly or bi-monthly thing. I've started to discover my passion for cooking once again but I don't plan on going through another culinary school to get an affirmation that I truly can cook! Like I said, I love to cook for my friends and family. I'll just keep it at that. :)

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