February 10, 2009

Who is EatsTrixie?

Who is EatsTrixie?

After a promise of never changing her URL, Trixie decides to change her blog ONE FINAL TIME. But no, she did not delete AvecLamourTrixie. She merely separated her food blog posts into a separate arena because she realized she's been blogging non stop about food.

So really, EatsTrixie talks about food. Whether it's dessert, Japanese, Thai, or just anything different, she would love to try them! She's even tried other "meat" products such as frog legs, ostrich, dog, goat, and horse. The dog dish though was only out of curiousity. She only took one spoon serving and spit everything out.

Aside from ranting about food, Trixie also cooks (sometimes). She used to be a culinary arts student but dropped out after 5 months. Whoever said you can't cook when you feel pressured should be given a Nobel prize. S/he is right. After her 5 month stay in culinary arts, Trixie found that her passion for cooking has disappeared. She has even avoided eating and cooking for almost a year after she quit. But now she's back and discovered that food will always be her passion, just as long as no one pressures her.

This blog also features other topics but mainly, it is all about FOOD.

Culinary arts isn't for everyone. You have to know if you are the right person for it. If you can't handle stress, you have to figure out a way to do so.

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