September 23, 2009

Bob's Restaurant: A Local Family Dining Experience Soon In Manila

Bob's Restaurant-- one of the most popular family restaurants in the city of Bacolod. This restaurant has fed thousands of Negrenses from way back since the 60's era. The original restaurant was once in front of University of St. La Salle and has been remodeled to what is now the University Courtyard, where nowadays is being frequented by the Korean students. Still standing, although is their location that has attested to the changes that has happened over time. The Bob's Restaurant in Northdrive (B.S. Aquino Drive), just across the infamous Riverside Hospital.

Cafe Bob's Lacson
Over the years, Bob's has extended its menu to welcome coffee lovers in the city. Cafe Bob's was born in 2003 and it was originally in the University Courtyard. The cafe showcases gourmet coffee along with intricate architecture of the place. Lovers of the restaurant became more excited when the family owned diner opened more branches within Bacolod City.

No trip back home is incomplete without having a visit in one of my favorite restaurants. Up to this date, I can never find any restaurant in Manila that serves Sate Babi just the way I remembered it-- Yummy! Personal favorites of mine from the restaurant are the Sate Babi, Cheeseburger, Sizzling Bulalo Steak and of course, their Fruit Punch which is like no other! From Cafe Bob's I usually order Cafe Bianco and Choco Crunchies Frappe.

Early August 2009, I received news through the Facebook fan page of Bob's Restaurant that they will be opening their very own branch in Manila. The restaurant is expected to open by September 2009. Unfortunately, September is coming close to an end and so far, passing along Paseo de Magallanes, I can only see that there is an ongoing construction of the restaurant's dining fixtures.

I hope that they will not disappoint their now Manila based clientele which are very excited to get another taste of home. I surely don't want to be disappointed. But for the meantime, I'll keep my eyes on that order of Sate Babi.

Bob's Restaurant has Bacolod branches at B.S. Aquino Drive, SM City Bacolod, Robinson's Bacolod, Cafe Bob's Lacson, Cafe Bob's University Courtyard La Salle Avenue. Bob's will open in Paseo de Magallanes sometime between September-October 2009.

* Bob's Manila now open in Paseo de Magallanes.
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