September 7, 2006

My Obsession

My Obsession
by: Trixie F. Torralba

A teardrop falls
And it's for you
A victory won
I want to share it only with you

A sadness
Calling out your name
Searching for your face
Yearning for your voice

When I'm sad
It's you who I want beside me
And when I'm happy
I want to be with you still

A smile
Please be my world
I want to be the only one
To make you happy

Only you
Can fill this emptiness
You're just everything
I've always dreamed you'd be

Calling out to you
For you
Words said only for you
Feelings felt only with you

Waiting for an answer
For a simple question
Where are you now?
Do you think of me too?

Searching for your face
In the crowd
Though I know
It won't be there

Crying in the night
Every time I close my eyes
Hoping you'll be there
The moment they open

Holding out a hand
Feeling nothing but emptiness
The brush of the wind on my palm
Wishing it was your hand instead

Endlessly dying
Going completely insane
Wondering if I'll ever
Be with you again

Singing only one song
Over and over again
While thoughts of you
Occupy my mind
Feeling your arms around me
Though you're not really there
It's just the wind

And my heart slowly dying, calling out for you
That slowly leads into depression
An emptiness
And then nothing

Hey Boludo (Hey Stupid)

Hey Boludo (Hey Stupid)
by: Trixie F. Torralba

Hey Boludo
I know you can hear me
This is a wake up call for you
So listen to me

Hey Boludo
I know you're smart
You can speak five different languages
And still have time for your art

Hey Boludo
You're not so cold
You run an empire
And still have a heart of gold

Hey Boludo
I admire everything about you
You're different
I find you mysteriously true

Hey Boludo
You continuously intrigue me
I want to get to know
Every little bit of you, please allow me

Hey Boludo
I find you so cute
No one can compare
What I say is the truth

Hey Boludo
I'm inspired by you
These achievements
They're all for you

Hey Boludo
I want to breathe
The same air that you do
The next time we meet
Hey Boludo
I want to give you my all
I continuously fall

Hey Boludo
I miss seeing you
My heart is calling out
And I'm feeling so blue

Hey Boludo
Stop being so blind
Don't run after her
You keep leaving me behind

Hey Boludo
I'm right here
Don't be stupid
She'll only use you, isn't it clear?

Hey Boludo
She doesn't want you
She's got someone else
I'm right here! Can't you see I'm true?

Hey Boludo
This is a wake up call for you
Forget about her, she doesn't feel the same
Oh my, this is my wake up call too
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