September 7, 2004

Someone to Love

Someone to Love
by: Trixie F. Torralba

I want someone to love
And love me back
With no pretentions
And stay on track

I want someone to hold
And never let go
Who'll be there to catch me
When I fall

I don't care if he's broke
As long as he'll treat me right
I won't care at all
Even if he'll make love to me all night

I don't want him to see me cry
Cause he'll wipe away the tears
And try to comfort me
When I tell him about my fears

I don't want to be loved only in the dark
Cause I know he won't stay
Please be with me
Stay all through the day

I don't want to share his heart
I want it all just for me
Let me be the only one
To make him happy

I don't need another heartache
I've cried just enough
I'm not trying to be mean
Or sound so tough

I wish he'll find his way to me
Before the water runs dry
Please be there when I wake up
And never say goodbye
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