February 19, 2010

Crazy Bottling Game

I was able to see some ads in Facebook for a new site where I could play Typing Maniac. If you guys remember what that game is, it's a game where random words fall and you are typing them up as fast as you can before they hit the bottom of the screen. Well, anyway, the game has gotten a new platform and it is similar to Just like, there are several games under the website. The beauty about these websites is that you don't need to download the game. You simply need to register and log in every time you are going to play.

I tried playing Typing Maniac again but later got bored with it. So I tried out the other games in MetroGames. I tried out Catapult, Anti Virus, and Crazy Bottling. Among those 3 games, I enjoyed Crazy Bottling. Catapult does not have good instructions and needs to be fixed by the developers of the game. Anti Virus is like a typical Tetris but is confusing.

Meanwhile, Crazy Bottling is a game where you play with another player. Each one of you has 2 characters: a really muscular guy and a awkwardly thin guy. These two are your players. You play along with your rival as you transport the cases of bottles across the room. You have to wait for your turn until you can move it.

The game is pretty simple. You don't need to press anything to carry the cases. All you need is to move your players up and down so that the cases don't fall and you don't lose your job. For your left character, the controls are: A for up and Z for down. For your right character, you simply press the ↑ (UP) and ↓ (DOWN).

Each time you miss a case, you will get reprimanded by a really annoying boss. When you get 3 misses, you get fired and the game is over. If your rival gets fired, you get a promotion on the other hand.

Try out this game. It's very interesting and will require your hand-eye coordination. PLAY AGAINST ME! It is also a good way you can network and meet new people from all over the globe!

February 11, 2010

Places To Go On Single's Awareness Day

Valentine’s Day. The Big Day. Hearts’ Day. What else? Oh and yes, it’s a reminder for all the singles out there that they are not in a relationship. While to some, this may be a joy, there are others who feel that this day is a sad and unfortunate event.

Yes. February 14 is around the corner and all around you, you’ll start seeing people carrying roses and chocolates. People will be wearing red or pink or white. Restaurants will be full of star crossed lovers staring blissfully into each other’s eyes.

Yes. To the person in love, this is the day you have been waiting for. This is the day you expect to receive those special treatment and gifts and roses from your special someone. But, not everyone can be as fortunate as you.

To people just like me, this is another day where we stay indoors and avoid places where we know will be full of lovers. While you may have a case of the love blues, you can still enjoy this special day—either with your family, friends, or even by yourself.

No. I take that back. Don’t go out on your own. It’ll be agony, especially if you’ve just been heartbroken. For this reason, I have compiled together a list of the top places to visit this Heart’s Day Single’s Awareness Day together with all your single girl friends!

1. 15TH Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga- You may have heard of this event in the past recent years and this is truly something you’ve got to visit. Enjoy the road trip from Manila all the way to Pampanga with your girl friends to watch the grand Hot Air Balloon Festival starting Feb. 11-14, 2010. Tickets at P 150.00 per person.
The 15th Hot Air Balloon Festival
Clark, Pampanga
2. Breakups & Breakdowns (A New Musical)- Celebrate singlehood with your friends over at the Fine Arts Theater of Ateneo de Manila University on Feb. 11- 12, 2010. This is a romantic music comedy which was written by Joel Trinidad. Truly, have a good laugh over the typical break up scenes/ dialogues given a twist by this theatrical crew. Tickets at P 150.00 per person.
Breakups & Breakdowns (A New Musical)
3. The Greatest Is Love by Michaelangelo- Satisfy your hunger for music for a good cause. Head on over to Taboo Bar in Julia Vargas, Ortigas Home Depot on Feb. 12, 2010 for a night of good music. The proceeds of the show will be given to the various Victory Outreach Programs. So if you’re feeling charitable this year, buy the ticket for this Valentine’s show for only P 200.00 per person.
4. Stop, Look & Mingle- If you’re feeling in the need to party out this season, then head on over to Manor at Eastwood City. It’s the Valentine’s Day Soiree of the year you’ve been waiting for. This event will be on Feb. 13, 2010.

Oh, and don’t forget to send yourself some flowers from Island Rose. Whether or not you’re in a relationship, it’s nice to send flowers to the people you love. This means even your own self. You may not have a guy to spend this occasion with but that doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself happy being single. :)

February 8, 2010

Fitness First Cut The Fat Challenge

Fitness First- Cut the Fat Challenge
Since January of this year, I have been engrossed in a new Facebook Application that has taken my mind off a few things, including work! The Fitness First- Cut the Fat Challenge is an interesting Facebook game which is sort of like The Biggest Loser. Only this time, it's your fingers that are doing all the hard work.

You start with 300 pounds and work your way through every 1 pound you lose. This means you need energy to workout. And in order to have energy, you have to eat. In order to eat, you need money. You can get more money every workout you get. And this is a cycle which goes on and on. In order to lose 1 pound, you have to get rid of all the fat. Once you do, you lose one pound and you get another set of fat which you need to lose.

While this may seem like such a boring game, there is a catch that will tickle your fancy. The biggest loser of this game will win a 1 year membership at Fitness First and an iPod Touch. Up for grabs are also SGD money (paid through PayPal), Fitness First 6 months membership, Fitness First Free 7 Days, and a Fitness First Bottle.

Try it. You might join the crew in trying to beat one another. The game ended last January 31, 2010 but has yet began another round for February. Hurry! The biggest loser right now only weighs 128 lbs!

February 7, 2010

Goodbye Suki

Suki at 2 months old
Everyone who knows me knows I am such a big dog lover. And for them, it's no surprise that I took home a new dog the moment I laid my eyes on her. This happened last August 2009. I was planning to buy a dog so that I could have a pet of my own once again. One moment I was in the office, telling my sister that I would go to a place to check out a dog. But when I returned, I was already carrying a Labrador puppy. I named her Suki, after Anna Paquin in True Blood.

Suki at 3 months old
I love Suki. I would even take her with me when I went to QC one day. She would wear diapers so that she wouldn't make a mess. Aside from that, she even came along to an out of town trip in Laguna.

Sadly though, just a month after I bought her, she grew bigger immediately. Maybe it was because of the food that I was giving her and she was healthy. Maybe it was because I was too busy on other things that I didn't notice my dog growing so big.

What I did notice though was she was so playful. This is why I got her trained at Aszook9. It was two months worth of training but still, Suki was too playful for me. I couldn't even give her a bath anymore 'cause she always knocks the wind out of me. Also, I felt really sorry for always locking her up in her cage. I can't let her out 'cause she keeps on jumping on everyone.

Suki at 5 months old
This is why I decided to sell her or have her adopted.

I posted it on and I got tons of inquiries right away. I even had offers to swap Suki for a Lhasa Apso, Nokia Cellphone, Mp3 players, Hedgehog, Mynah Bird and a lot more. But what really caught my attention was this guy who wanted to swap Suki for a Miniature Poodle. He said he's going to use Suki for Autistic kids.

Last night, I officially said my goodbye to Suki. And though she looked at me with her puppy eyes looking like she was sad, a part of me felt free. Even though it was a sad event, Suki would be happier with them. She would have lots of time to play not compared with me that she's always locked up. I feel guilty about locking her up but it's for her own good.

Suki and her new owner rode a bus to Tarlac and a rented van to Baguio last night. I just got word that they have arrived in Baguio and that Suki was behaving well. I'm happy for Suki. It just saddens me that there are no longer puppy eyes staring at me whenever I take a peek in her cage when I arrive home in the wee hours of the day.

Ponti, my new dog

February 4, 2010

Help! New Dog Name

I need everyone's help on this. I just brought home a new Male Poodle. He's 3 months old and he's so adorable and smart! His original name is Twigy but I'd like to change it. Can anybody please give me a better French name that sounds gay-ish? :) You can recommend a name by simply sending a comment to this post. But if you like some of the names I have thought of, just click on the poll:

Possible Names:





Mon Ami


Sue Jue
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