October 28, 2010

A Much Needed Matsunaga High at KT Paperdolls x Rajo Wharton Fashion Show

KT (Kate Torralba) invited Angel and I to her fashion show last night. It was her new collection for Paperdolls which she launched together with Rajo. The event was fun as it showcased KT's new designs--a vintage inspired array of sorts. Rajo's collection for men was, as always, exquisite even though I was concentrating more on the pretty boys than the clothes themselves.

Having only attended the second fashion show in my entire life, I found this one better than the first. Aside from getting VIP treatment, the show was MUCH better. It was fun, lively, and ecstatic. The models came in and out with more energy than before. I especially loved the part when KT & Rajo collaborated their talents through a song number. They didn't play live though, as it was broadcasted through the overhead projectors. But it was a really fun song number. When Rajo sang, everyone cheered because only a few people thought he could. Or maybe I wasn't in on the secret.

ta-da! I found it on YouTube! I'm surprised it's already there! ^,^

After the song, the male models came out riding really cute bicycles that had a basket in front. They goofed around the stage several times before the ladies came out. Of course, KT looked gorgeous in her own masterpiece. Rajo was unable to come so the male models (+ KT) took out a Rajo-on-a-stick mask and covered their faces in it. It really took everyone by surprise!

I wanted to thank KT for inviting us but knowing how she's such a HUGE star now, everyone flocked to her like bulls to an ant. ^,^ Nevertheless, I waved Hi to her and sent her an SMS.

as if I know how to ride one!
What really made our night was when we bumped into Daniel Matsunaga on our way out. Although he wasn't exactly the one Angel and I had our eyes on, we decided to have our pictures taken with him. I mean come on, I don't really have my pictures taken with stars but he's a real eye-candy I couldn't miss out on.

After our photos, Angel and I ate dinner and laughed about the whole experience. We were on a "Matsunaga-high" throughout the night as we laughed and giggled like schoolgirls. Not even the annoying taxi drivers could drive us out of our frenzy!

Indeed, Angel and I needed our "Matsunaga-high". I recently had a semi- riff with her over a really small issue. For that, I do my Matsunaga *salute* (something we both invented last night).

October 20, 2010

The Hunt for the Best Batchoy in Town

Having lived in Bacolod all my life, there are some specific foods that I really miss. I try my best to look for something that's remotely close to their taste here in Manila. Sometimes I get lucky, but more often I'm disappointed. No matter how far that restaurant is, I will usually go to it just so I can get a taste of what I was missing.

I have compiled the list of these restaurants and dishes I especially love from them. Click here if you want to take a moment and see these... The Best Eats in Bacolod

Last year, Bob's opened a branch in Manila. I was very happy with this because I no longer had to wait until I could go home before I could eat Sate Babi again! What's good about it is that they opened their branch near Paranaque! I'll be posting about that next time.

Because we are pure Bacolodnons, people often ask us about our Inasal. But other than that, there are some people who do not know the difference between Bacolod and Iloilo. Just because we share a common tongue does not mean we are one. We are usually asked about the Batchoy. Although we do have our fair share of restaurants that have batchoy in Bacolod (21 Restaurant), we cannot deny that the originators of the dish are really the Ilonggos from Iloilo.

Now that we are in Manila, there are times when we crave for this dish. I remember growing up, my mom used to tell the driver to go to Lola's Batchoy to pick up her order. The driver would then come home carrying at least 3 tubes of the Mayonnaise package that you can buy in bulk. We would then eat batchoy during the rainy season.

For those who are unfamiliar with Batchoy, it is like Chicken Mami but it has intestines, liver, chicharon, and a different noodle.

Since it's been raining like crazy here in Manila, my family and I looked for the best place where we could eat Batchoy.

1. Ted's

Commonly found in malls, Ted's is one of the "original" batchoy places in Bacolod. It is said that they are the top competitors of Deco's (the original La Paz batchoy). I found this in SM Sucat. I did not like their batchoy though. It was all soup and just a few spoon servings of noodle.

2. Freska

My sister in law and I ate in Freska, RCBC Plaza last week. We were really shocked at how big each serving was. We were expecting each serving to be just a small bowl good for one, so we ordered 2. We did not know that each serving was huge!

At first, we were enjoying it. But after a while, I noticed a number of patches of oil flowing with the soup. Since they pounded the chicharon, the oil from the skin mixed with the soup. I had a headache so I stopped eating.

3. Deco's

The Original La Paz Batchoy since 1938.

At first, my sister and I thought that their restaurant was located across NAIA Terminal 2 (Cebu Pacific) because there was a huge advertisement there. When my dad and I decided to eat there, the parking attendant told us that it was just an ad. They did not have a branch there.

I saw their website and visited it. I found out that their branch is in Alphaland Southgate Mall, in Pasong Tamo Ext. corner EDSA.

Last Saturday, Bubot, Ronnie and I were rushing home from SM Megamall since it was already raining hard. We did not want to get stuck in case there will be a flood. But since we were still unable to do our grocery, we decided to go to Alphaland to do our groceries there.

Since we were already in the area, we decided to try Deco's batchoy.

We were shocked with each serving! Knowing Manila, we thought that the batchoy served to us would be all soup and contain only a few servings of noodle and meat. We were really shocked when we found that each serving was more than the soup! But don't worry, you can still ask for more soup (caldo). They'll give you this for free! ^,^

So what do I say about the hunt for the best batchoy in town?
Case closed. ^,^

The Best Eats in Bacolod

Since Masskara 2010 just ended, I reposted my list of the best eats in Bacolod. I compiled this list a year after I moved to Manila. I had to save my time before I could upload it because I did not have pictures yet. If you only know about the infamous Inasal, you have not truly experienced the best of Bacolod. Why? Read on below...

It may be because I practically lived in Bacolod my whole life but for me it's still the best place to grow up in. Being in Manila for nearly a year now has been a roller coaster ride filled with joyful moments, depressing memories and of course new adventures lurking just behi nd every corner. Nothing compares to the thrill of living in Manila and all of the endless possibilities that life can offer. Well.. that is.. almost nothing. Only if there were still s ome more to add to this almost perfect city.

Here is a list of the things in Bacolod that I crave for the most. If they may be already here in the city, I haven't encountered them yet and would like to do so. If only they were here, then Manila would feel just like home:

1. Bob's Bulalo Steak and Sate Babi-Imagine your ordinary bulalo soup but this time on a sizzling plate. Hot and so tender. Yummy... For the Sate Babi, pork barbecue topped with Peanut Butter sauce. Bob's specialty since 1940s.

2. Ericka's Cup's Very Berry Sundae (too bad they closed already)- definitely very berry. Vanilla and Strawberry sundae topped with Blueberries, Strawberries and Raspberries.. A sinful delight in every spoon! Better than sex. Hehehe. (You know the saying that Chocolate and Ice Cream are two items that we can all live without but we simply just can't resist? And that those two delightful desserts are comparative to sex in that way?)

3. Pepe's Dynamite Sticks- oozing with mozarella cheese with a touch of spice. Bursts in your mouth! A perfect appetizer or pulutan!

4. Kaisei's Chicken Teppan, Unagi Terriyaki, Sukiyaki- imagine the taste of Manila's Tempura Restaurant with the same price range but with the perfect high class ambiance... This is Kaisei. Everyone's favorite Japanese restaurant in Bacolod.

5. Gypsy Tea Room's Garlic Cheese Dip, Smoked Cheese Dip, Chocolate Fondue, Raspberry Tea Shake, Negros Coffee- looking for a place to chillout with the company of friends? Gypsy's is the perfect place. Occassionally they have live performances from various artists. You can also hold your poetry sessions in the venue. Gypsy's is the perfect "tambayan" for the budding artist. It surely is a place to inspire. They also have Card/Palm Reading, Henna/Permanent Tattoo, and items for sale. Their furniture are made of throw pillows and sofas. The Gypsy Tea Room is located in Level 1, Piazza Sorrento Bldg., Lacson St., Bacolod City

6. Kuppa's Wimpy's Burger, Pesto Pasta, Minestrone Soup- Their Wimpy's Burger is the perfect burger with cheese and mushroom sauce. Such a wonderful delight! A perfect view of St. John's Institute.

Wimpy's Burger

7. Nene's Spareribs, Burger Steak, Sisig- located across USLS-IS, it brings back memories of my childhood years. With a budget suited perfectly for the budding student, it would be perfectly alright to buy two heaping servings.

8. Pendy's Corned Beef Saucer and Pendy's de luxe Sandwich- Everyone has a certain place that will remind them of their childhood. For me, it's Pendy's. It brings back memories of my younger years when my mom was still alive. Pendy's is an old time favorite of my family. My mom was their number 1 customer. I will never forget the goodness of their tasteful delights...

Pendy's De Luxe
9. Bar 21's Batchoy and Crispy Crablets- I enjoy eating in restaurants that will remind me of my past. Bar 21 is another favorite of my family. It has been a witness of my life. Since I was a young girl dining in the restaurant after my class in Christian Academy of Bacolod, when I partied with my friends at age 13, and until I sat outside Cafe Bob's Lacson and tried to sketch the newly renovated Bar 21 at age 20. It's something I would definitely look forward going home to.

21 Restaurant's Kare-Kare

10. L'sea's Beef Brisket and Shrimp Rolls- Chinese cuisine at its best. Affordable too!
L'sea Shrimp Balls

L'sea Beef Brisket
11. Calea's Cream Puff- Anyone knows how famous Calea cakes are. Even people from Manila have heard of Calea. Do try their cream puff for a change.

Calea's Cream Puff

(L-R) Triple Chocolate Mousse, Ice Cream Cake, Chocolate Cake
12. Bascon Cafe's Bubba Cake- Another delicious delicacy. Bascon Cafe also offers a wide range of food plus its homey atmosphere. Perfect for laid back attitudes of the Bacolodnon.

Babba Cake, Black Sambo, Decadent Cake by Bascon Cafe
13. Vienna Kaffehaus' Sausages and Blackout Cake- Definitely try the cake guys. It's like nothing you've ever tasted before. It's my favorite cake by the way. And sadly, I haven't had a taste of this wonder in years. Will somebody in Bacolod please send me a whole cake? I'll refund the expenses, I swear!

That completes my list. If you've got anything to add, feel free to do so using the reply form below.

October 18, 2010

App Review: Accu-Weather

When news about super typhoon Juan (MEGI) broke, I made sure I had everything I needed with me. My sister and I went to buy groceries, I charged all my phones/laptop/iTouch, and made sure that everyone is safe. One of the key things that helped me track the typhoon was an iPhone app that I download.

Called Accu-Weather, this app will give you specifics on the weather news as well as how bad it will get. I used this app to track Juan's movements.

I suggest each iPhone or iTouch user should have this app so they can be ready for anything!

image borrowed from

October 15, 2010

A Taste of Ukay

I have never been a fan of Ukay-Ukay. Even though I have heard a number of friends tell me that they got to find a really nice article of clothing through this, I cannot find the nerve or energy to go through the endless pile of used clothes on a table.

Despite my lack of skills for this favorite Filipino hobby, I stand in awe of those who have the patience [and good respiratory capabilities] to go through a number of clothes just to find a cheap score. I could never stay too long inside such establishments because the smell of these clothes, no matter how many times they have been washed, find their way to my poor lungs and make me feel faint headed.

This is why when I was able to find Ukay Manila, I was immediately hooked! I no longer have to be envious of those who go through several piles of clothes and are able to find a piece of clothing they could boast of. With the help of this online shop, I am able to fit in. 

For me, I think the prices of the clothes in Ukay Manila are reasonable, if not the same as the actual UK stores in the country. Given the fact that these clothes have already been chosen by the founders of Ukay Manila, we can all be assured that they are really in good quality. 

I recently ordered a top from them. At first, I did not know that Lauren was a common friend. I only found out about this when I hit the order button. The next day, she informed me that the item was sent through Xend. I got my order the next day. :)

Now, I'm more than ever motivated to lose weight. Thanks to Ukay Manila's tops, I feel like I found the right place where I can shop for quality clothes! :)

October 13, 2010

Masskara 2010 Schedule

It's Masskara 2010 today! Actually, it started the first week of October, when the whole city was busy preparing for this year's much awaited event. But the main event falls on the 15th until the 17th. Unfortunately for us who live in Manila now, we can't have the luxury of partying with our friends, and reliving old Masskara experiences.

If you're looking for events to go to during this time, here is a compilation of the places you should go to:

MassKara Festival 2010 Schedule
via TheMasskaraFestival
Oct. 15, Friday: Super Cat Day
(Whole day)* Market-Market Pana-ad October Bonanza* Pana-ad Park
6 p.m.Lights On: Electric MassKara 2010* Lacson St., Tourism Strip
7 p.m.* Electric MassKara (Electric Float Competition)* Tourism Strip, Lacson Street
7 p.m.* 1st IFM Bacolod’s Best Hiphop Dance Crew Competition* Bays Center
* Majica MassKara* Lacson Street
* Manila Beer Banda* Manokan, Old City Hall & Lacson
10 p.m.* Live Bands
4 concert stages
* Lacson St., Tourism Strip
Oct. 16, Saturday: Superferry Day
7 a.m – 6 p.m.* MassKara 1st Starting Line Sprint Series
(On-going until Oct. 19, 2010)
* Old Airport, Singcang
* 2010 MassKara Badminton Invitational* Pohang Badminton Center
1 p.m. – 8 p.m.* 2nd MassKara Motorshow Open Competition* SM South Terminal
4 p.m.* Bacolod Negros Arnis Federation International* BAYS Center
* MassKara Street Dance Competition (School Category)* Araneta St. to Public Plaza
* Negros Dragon 2nd MassKara Motorshow* SM North Terminal
6 p.m.* Lights On: Electric MassKara 2010* Tourism Strip, Lacson Street
* “Hugathon” Free Hugs Campaign* Lacson Street
7 p.m.*Electric MassKara (Electric Float Parade)* Tourism Strip, Lacson Street
* Majica MassKara* Tourism Strip, Lacson Street
* Manila Beer Banda* Lacson Street, Tourism Strip Manokan, Old City Hall & Lacson Street
7 p.m. – 8 p.m.* Coca Cola Standard Comedian Act* Lacson Street, Tourism Strip
7 p.m. – 2 a.m.* Local Band Concert* Lacson Street, Tourism Strip
10 p.m.Live Bands: 4 concert stages* Lacson Strip, Tourism Strip
2nd MassKara Motorshow Open Competition* SM City North Terminal
Oct. 17, Sunday: Globe Day
7 a.m. to 6 p.m.* MassKara 1st Starting Line Sprint Series* Old Airport, Singcang
* 2010 MassKara Badminton Invitational* Pohang Badminton Center
4 p.m.* MassKara Street Dance Competition (Barangay Category)* Araneta St. to Public Plaza
7 p.m. – 8 p.m.* Coca Cola Standard Comedian Act* Lacson Street, Tourism Strip
7 p.m. – 2 a.m.* Local Band Concert* Lacson Strip, Tourism Strip
Oct. 18, Monday: Coke Day
11:30 p.m. – 12 m.n.Countdown to the Charter Day Giant Street Party Celebration* New Government Centerris
Oct. 19, Tuesday
72nd Charter Day Anniversary
* More Activities to be announced
* Schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

Listen to the Official Masskara 2010 Song: Kari sa Bacolod.

Masskara Queen 2010
Masskara Queen 2010: Agnes Marie Chang
Masskara 2010 Parties:

Of course, Masskara will never be complete without the parties.

October 12, 2010 (Tuesday):
FRLP: The MasqueRIOT 2010
Venue: Breizh

October 15, 2010 (Friday):
Venue: Automobilli Dettaglia (formerly Mezza)

Eyes Wide Shut
Venue: Sorrento

Masskara Roof Deck Party 2010
Venue: L'Fisher Chalet Roof Deck

October 16 (Saturday):
Free Hugs at the City of Smiles
Venue: Electric Masskara Strip, Lacson Street

Masskara Greenticket
Venue: Mayfair Plaza, 2:30pm-4:30pm

Enjoy you guys! ^,^ Hope to join in Masskara 2011! But for the meantime, see you all in December :)

*images via Facebook events and contacts: Bacolod Live 
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