June 3, 2010

Of Hair Cuts, Breakups, After Parties, and Sex

When it comes to hair, I love to experiment. One minute you’ll find me growing my hair, the next a cropped hairstyle. And although I may have never had the best hair, there’s just something about a haircut that makes me feel empowered after one. With me, you can always tell that there is something bothering me—once I get a major haircut: a breakup, new career, change in life, and many more.

Yesterday, I went to Mr. Shin of Beautybrick to have my hair cut. This is my second time with him and he has not disappointed me. The result of today’s haircut is a 20s hair style that I have always wanted to go for. The reason for my haircut was so I could exude a new me, through my hair, a new personality. A few days ago, someone really angered me so much. I couldn’t believe that anyone could be so mean, so evil. But I met the devil and made a terrible deal with him—one that stomped on my dignity, pride, and my essence of being a woman. Thus, I decided to get a haircut along with my change of personality.

And it (the haircut) was perfect for the Sex and the City After Party I attended last night. Along with my editor, Carla Sibal, we went to Shangrila Makati to attend the exclusive event Moet & Chandon hosted for the success of the movie.

Earlier, I was able to watch the movie with my family. I couldn’t stop laughing at Samantha! She was so horribly funny! And oh, everything is such a marketing strategy. Looking at it in a marketer’s ideals, the movie was a perfect way to promote Abu Dhabi, new designer apparel, and new terms (e.g. Black Diamond instead of Blue). I recommend anyone to watch the movie. It’s really good.

As for that devil: be careful ladies. You might find yourself face to face with him.

June 1, 2010

Intellipen Pentastic Launch

May 27, 2010-- Intellipen unleashed 2 products to the public by bringing some of the top bloggers in Manila to rendezvous at Café 1771, Ortigas. The team released their wireless and wired Intellipen products to this small group of writers as well as friends from the media. TheGypsyWrites was lucky to be a part of the event (thank you Vince Golangco) and was able to witness this cool pen!

There are two different types of Intellipen: the wired and wireless. Depending on the user, these pens will be able to benefit each individual according to his needs. Take me for example, there are times that I don’t want to bring my laptop along with me when I leave the house. Instead, I carry a small notebook and pen so that I can write some ideas. But there are several times when I have been able to construct a well made article on paper that I don’t have the time or even am too lazy to type those words into a Word format. So instead, I end up having a notebook packed with write-ups that are stuck inside the pages of those notebooks. With the wireless Intellipen though, I can simply clip the receiver onto a piece of paper and write freely like I normally would. When I arrive home, I can then attach the receiver to my computer and it will be converted to a file in my computer.

The good thing about this device too, is that I can doodle and design logos using my own handwriting. Although I don’t have the best handwriting, I can have a unique font that other people cannot use.

I prefer the wireless version. The wired version acts like a Wacom pen tablet that is connected to the computer. But instead of using a tablet, you can draw onto a piece of paper and still be able to get your drawing inked on the material.

SRP for Intellipen Pentastic is P4,500.00 for the wired version and P5,995.00 for the wireless. *Please correct if I am wrong :)

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