January 31, 2011

Molten Choco Cake: The Orgasmic Delight That Won't Get You Pregnant

I'm sorry if I haven't blogged a while. Ever since I returned to Manila, work got hectic. I rarely have time to sleep. Most of my day is spent online. It hasn't been a month since I came home but I already miss something from Bacolod: Kuppa's Molten Chocolate Cake!

I used to love going to Cafe Bob's whenever I go home. But during my 1 month stay last December, I got to discover new restaurants that became my new favorites. Although Calea and Bob's will always be among my favorite restaurants, I have discovered new alternatives for them. Not many people will agree with me but I think the cakes in Calea have become too commercial for me. Except for their Cream Puff, I don't seem to find anything that I fancy. I know someone very close to me will get upset because I have turned my back against their family's business, but I speak the truth. I think that the only reason I'll go back to Calea is for their Cream Puff. I do prefer the cakes in Felicia's now.

As for Bob's, well, I really mean Cafe Bob's. I have traded in this cafe with Kuppa. I used to order Cafe Bianco and Choco Crunchies in Cafe Bob's but when I got to try Kuppa's White Cloud Mocha, I found a new favorite. I guess there really is room for change.

During my 1 month stay in Bacolod, I kept returning to Kuppa for several days. I wanted to try everything because their dishes have really grown on me. Plus, they are not so expensive (compared to Manila prices). I already posted a previous blog entry on Kuppa and I talked about their Wimpy's Burger, Strawberry Panna Cotta, Choco Peanut Butter Bomb, and their Mini Fruit Tart. But let me tell you something about the other dishes that I discovered in this restaurant:

1. Margherita Pizza

Oven baked gourmet thin crust pizza topped with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and basil leaves. They've been baked to perfection and the moment they touch your mouth, the tomato and mozzarella jive in a molten eruption!

Margherita Pizza, Kuppa Coffee and Tea
Margherita Pizza, Kuppa Coffee and Tea
2. Molten Choco Cake

Warm and succulent, chocolate oozes out every time your spoon hits the cake! This little baby is the perfect symphony of chocolate and cocoa powder. However, you have to be careful when you take a serving as you might inhale the cocoa dust and will leave you coughing. I love it because it's so good. One order isn't enough. I surely miss this since there isn't anything like it here in Manila.

Molten Choco Cake, Kuppa Coffee and Tea
Molten Choco Cake, Kuppa Coffee and Tea
I miss the Molten Choco Cake. Can somebody send it to me here? O,o

January 22, 2011

Baby Yoga: Would You Do This to Your Baby?

Okay, I don't think a lot of people have seen this video because it hasn't gone THAT viral in Facebook. But for those of you who watched Inside Edition the other night already saw this. I was able to catch the news and it was confirmed that Lena Fokina really does flip babies or as called "Baby Yoga."

As Fokina said, it was a normal practice in Russia so that they can make their babies "stronger." She even advised Americans should do this too to their babies because they are too lax with their children.

What are your thoughts?

January 19, 2011

James Younghusband Reenacting Glee's Version of Teenage Dream

Taking a short break from blogging about food and joining in the bandwagon with all the girls and gays who have crushes on both Phil Younghusband and James Younghusband.

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook account. It made me giddy and feel like I was a, well, teenage girl. ^,^

Phil is so dreamy! ^,^

Who do you think is hotter? 

a.) James Younghusband
b.) Phil Younghusband
c.) The guy on the right

January 17, 2011

What's A Trip to Bacolod Without Inasal?

Almost a week has gone by and I am back to my old life in Manila. Yes folks, I'm back in Manila. That's why I haven't been posting as much about the restaurants I visited. In fact, I am now left with another challenge of what to write since there are tons of other bloggers who have already covered the touchy subject of food in Manila. Anyway, I still have a few Bacolod restaurants I need to blog about then after that I'm empty.

Okay, so you guys might be wondering why I didn't blog about the famous dish in Bacolod: inasal. That's because I decided to focus on the new restaurants in the city. To add to this, I don't really like the inasal in most of the restaurants in Bacolod because I find them dry. I actually prefer Mang Inasal's. But next to this famed fast food joint, I have a local favorite: Lion's Park Grill Haus.

You guys may have heard that the best place in Bacolod for inasal is Chicken House. I don't believe that. I really like the inasal I eat in Lion's Park Grill Haus because it's not dry. Well, to each his own.

Lion's Park Grill Haus is just one of the many restaurants in Bacolod that have an open air environment. Their specialty is the native inasal chicken.

Choose your order from the board.

For those who have never tried inasal, I highly suggest that you head over to Mang Inasal (if you're not in Bacolod). The best way to eat inasal is by putting chicken oil on your rice (skip if you have high blood) and sprinkle a bit of rock salt. I really like eating my inasal with this because it complements everything.

Paa: P60, Garlic Rice: P23
Total bill: P83
Paa: P60, Garlic Rice: P23
Total bill: P83
Paa: P60, Garlic Rice: P23
Total bill: P83

Lion's Park Grill Haus is located in the corner of Manokan Country, Reclamation Area, Bacolod City. It is a mere 2 minute walk from the entrance to SM Bacolod (North). For orders and reservations, call them at (034)433 4747 or (034)476 6877. You can also text them at 09228724031.

January 12, 2011

Craving for Back Ribs? Don't Let Lord Byron's Stop You!

Okay, now I'm back in Manila. But I still have a few blog posts to write. So let me start with one of the most loved restaurants in Bacolod: Lord Byron's.

I remember this place first opened back in the last few months of 2006 and it was a huge hit right away. The only dish they offer (until now) is Baby Back Ribs and when you get to taste this, you'll really understand why they focus on this.

During my visit though, I was shocked to learn that Lord Byron's has become such a huge hit already. My brother even told me that when you go to the restaurant late, you'll no longer have a chance to eat there. So if you want to be sure that you can eat, you have to call or text them.

One of the reasons why this restaurant has become such a favorite of Bacolodnons is because it really tastes good. In addition, their price is really affordable and you already get a huge serving!

Since there will be a problem with parking, I decided to pick up my order.

Thanks to Dash for providing me their contact number, I was able to place my order ahead of time. When I picked up my order, it was already available and I did not have to wait too long.

Here are their prices:
Dine In- P 125
Take Out- P 130 (meal)
Take Out- P 115 (without rice)

I ordered for two (my brother and I) and I got so many ribs! I only took a picture of what I could finish and left my brother's other half 1.5 order in the styrofoam box. It was really good and it was too big for me so I decided to share it with my dog.. :)

Lord Byron's is open from 10.30 am-1.30 pm and 4.30 pm- 8.30pm. Get in touch with them by calling (034) 4324054 or texting 0910 425 7472. They are located behind Jack and Jill School in Homesite area, Bacolod City.

January 11, 2011

Pendy's: N Years of Good Food and Ambiance

I thought it was only fitting, that I post Pendy's as today's blog entry, because I'm flying home to Manila tonight. But this doesn't mean my visit to this much loved restaurant was recent. In fact, I chose a specific date to go to Pendy's during my vacation in Bacolod City. I chose December 25, after I went to visit my mom's grave.

I chose this specific date because I remembered that my family and I also went to Pendy's during Christmas day, a few years back. I don't remember what year it was exactly but this experience gave me something good to look forward to. In addition, Pendy's was one of the very few establishments which were open during the special day.

When I got to Pendy's, I was shocked to find that the cashier still remembered me. She told me that she no longer sees my mom in the restaurant so I told her that my mom has already been dead for the past 12 years. This shocked her!

As usual, I ordered the very famous Pendy's de Luxe sandwich.

Pendy's de Luxe, Pendy's
If you take a look at my previous post on Kuppa, you will see that I talked about their French de Luxe sandwich too. In that post, I mentioned that I will talk about the only French de Luxe sandwich in town that I favor... Well. It belongs to Pendy's!

Pendy's de Luxe, Pendy's
There really is nothing like it in Manila. In fact, those who know of such sandwich, please let me know so I can try it! 

Ever since I can remember, we have always been eating in Pendy's! That's why the loyal staff of the restaurant still remembers us. Back then, they were still located where Ikthus is in now. But even so, their design and furniture has stayed the same. Their food still tastes great and they have added new items to their menu. The only thing that has made a huge difference are their prices.

Before the food arrived, I got a chance to walk around and take pictures of the pasalubong items they carry. I think it really is perfect timing that I chose today to post about these items.

Most of these items brought a teardrop to my eyes simply because I remembered a time when my mom and I would eat in this establishment. I remember she loved to order their Lumpia while I got the Pendy's de Luxe.

I really miss my mom and eating in Pendy's brought back my memories with her.

Anyway, if you're looking for Pasalubong from Bacolod, here are the items you SHOULD buy:

1. Kalamay-Hati

This is a sticky and sweet substance that is the perfect afternoon snack. I used to eat this a lot when I was still small. I remember how I would guiltlessly finish one small coconut husk that contained this sweet delight! Now, I don't think I'll be able to finish a whole order.

2. Napoleones

Back when I was in Culinary Arts, my classmates all loved to eat Napoleones. My dad frequently went home so whenever I had the chance, I would ask him to buy me a box. I would then bring these delicious cream filled patties to school. The top layer is sugar so it makes everything sweet.

3. Boat Tart

You will find that there are lots of Boat Tarts manufacturers around Bacolod. But if you are looking for the best, get Virgie's. This is a delicious caramel and meringue mixture on a crust bed.

4. Barquillos

Although not only an Ilonggo delicacy, our Barquillos are really good! I don't know how to describe them except that they are hollow and are crunchy.

5. Barquiron

Again, I don't know how to describe Barquiron except that they are smaller and thinner than Barquillos. The only thing that separates them is that Barquirons have Polvoron in the middle. 


 6. Memorabilia

Of course, look for the Masskara memorabilia that can be found throughout the pasalubong centers in Bacolod.

January 8, 2011

Hunt for the Best Margarita in Bacolod

Okay, I've been blogging nonstop about food lately so I decided to take a break and just focus on another aspect: alcohol. But not just any drink. I'm talking about my favorite alcoholic beverage whenever I go to a bar: Strawberry Margarita. I've really grown to love Texas Roadhouse's Strawberry Mango Margarita and I'm so excited to drink it again!

So while in Bacolod, I decided to check out the different bars that offer the drink (or something close to it). Without further ado, here are some of the bars where I recommend great drinks:


Their pitcher of Mango Margarita costs P350. I found their mix a bit too strong for my taste. But when we found out that the pitcher we got had an insect swimming inside it (we chose to sit outside, this wasn't the restaurant's fault), they made a fresh pitcher for us. I found the second pitcher better than the first!

Mango Margarita, Mushu
(P350 pitcher)

It was the first time I went to Sibeeria and I really enjoyed it, except for the smoke that filled the air. My friends and I ordered the Strawberry Margarita and we really liked it! One pitcher cost P300 only. It was the smoothest margarita I tasted in all of Bacolod!

Apart from the great music and delicious margarita, I liked the fact that their waiters were all accommodating. Even if it was really crowded, they helped us find a spot and took our orders promptly. One waiter even told me that I would get to save more money if I ordered the pitcher instead of the glass.

Strawberry Margarita, Sibeeria
(P300 pitcher)
Strawberry Margarita, Sibeeria
(P300 pitcher)
The Gypsy Tea Room

Despite its name, it does not only cater to tea. Well, it used to be when it first opened. But recently, The Gypsy Tea Room has turned into a local hot spot for those who want mixed drinks at affordable prices. They have the best selection of mixed drinks that can't be found anywhere else.

Their most famous drink, Gypsy's Revenge, will really knock you out. I'm a huge fan of The Gypsy and plan to do a separate blog entry for them. So until next time, here are some pictures of the famous drink.

Gypsy's Revenge, The Gypsy Tea Room
My friend holding up Gypsy's Revenge, The Gypsy Tea Room
Until next time! Remember, drink responsibly :)

Chinese Restaurants in Bacolod: Golden of Fortune

As far as I could remember, my family always eats in Chinese restaurants. That's why I'm not such a huge fan of Chinese restaurants. It was always me against my whole family (especially my dad) because I was already tired of the same old dishes we usually order in these restaurants. As a young girl, I already preferred eating Japanese dishes instead of Chinese.

Fortunately, my family became open to the idea of trying out new restaurants. I think, with our whole family, I am the adventurous one when it comes to food. I am willing to try anything and eat anywhere--all for the sake of discovering good food.

So for Masskara 2009, my dad took me to a new Chinese restaurant right beside the call center where I used to work in. At that time, it was a new restaurant and I got introduced to the owner. However, I wasn't into blogging that much back then plus I had other distractions priorities that time.

That's why I decided to try out the restaurant again.

The restaurant, called Golden of Fortune, stood in the same spot where several other Chinese restaurants existed its senior. I remember back when I was a young girl, there was a Chinese restaurant in the same spot and it occupied a bigger portion of the space. Back then, it was also Convention Plaza instead of Luxur Place. Oh well, times have changed.

Golden of Fortune
Yes, it really does have an OF.
Anyway, I went to the restaurant with my step mom. Upon entering, I immediately felt like I was in one of the Chinese restaurants that frequented Ongpin. Although the place gave me a panciteria feel, it didn't taste as horrible as the Chinese restaurants I didn't enjoy eating in.

My step mom introduced me to the owner and explained why I was taking pictures of the food before eating them. Since Chinese New Year is fast approaching (February 3), Golden of Fortune had already designed the restaurant to welcome the good luck of this new festivity. They have taken down their Christmas trees and lights and replaced it with Chinese decorations.

Before we ordered, she showed me the live eel that my dad loved to eat in the restaurant. We ordered Fried Eel along with the typical Salt and Pepper Spareribs and Taiwan Pechay that we usually order. I wasn't a fan of the spareribs (anywhere) but since it was her chance to eat it without being criticized, I allowed it. 

the waiter showing us the eel we were going to eat

Aside from the eel, I also got to take pictures of the Peking Duck and Asado they were roasting. It was a quiet Wednesday lunch and we were lucky to have chosen the perfect date to eat in this restaurant. 

The food arrived without delay and since we were hungry, we quietly ate the items on our plate. Out of the three dishes we ordered, I especially liked the Taiwan Pechay. It was cooked perfectly and I had no problem chewing it. Plus it had enough sauce to add flavor to the vegetable. 
Taiwan Pechay, Golden of Fortune
(P120 small order)
I think the Fried Eel could have been better. I think that if we had chosen a different way of cooking it, it would have rocked my world. I'm fond of eating eel in Japanese restaurants so I was shocked with the thought of eating it fried. It would have been better if it had some sauce but since it was what we ordered, I couldn't really blame it on the restaurant. I think it's better if we chose the baked option. 

Fried Eel, Golden of Fortune
I tasted the Salt and Pepper Spareribs last. As I mentioned, I'm not really a fan of this dish from the beginning so I don't think it's right if I give my feedback about it. It was tolerable. I got to eat 2-3 pieces since I was so hungry. We had to take out the rest of the order since I concentrated on the vegetables!

Salt and Pepper Spareribs, Golden of Fortune
(P150 small order)
For dessert, I asked my step mom what they usually get. She ordered the Mango Sago from the waiter and at first he took out a small soup bowl size of the order. My step mom told him that she wanted the typical size they order. The waiter went back and got us a bigger sized bowl. I was really shocked with the size since it was only the two of us. What surprised me more was the price of this dish! 

Mango Sago, Golden of Fortune
Mango Sago, Golden of Fortune
I remember that when I ordered this in North Park, I got a serving good for 1-2 persons and paid P120 for it. With Golden of Fortune though, the serving was good for 2-4 persons and it only cost P150! It was such a feast that I enjoyed having the opportunity to eat 3-4 servings of this delicious treat! 

Despite its flaw in its name, I'd give Golden of Fortune 4 out of 5 stars. I would return again and try other dishes and get another hefty serving of Mango Sago. Plus I really liked how it was reasonably priced! I was shocked when our total bill was only P594. If I ordered these dishes in Manila, I would have to pay at least P1000! 

Golden of Fortune Seafood Restaurant is located in Luxur Hotel, Magsaysay cor. Lacson St., Bacolod City. They are open from 10:00 am- 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm- 10:00 pm. For reservations or catering inquiries, call them at (034) 4349947 or (034) 4349948.

January 7, 2011

Bacolod Burgers: Hungry Pete's

When I was still living in Bacolod, the only places you could get burgers were from McDonald's, Jollibee, and KFC. If you wanted to eat really good burgers, you would have to spend big on restaurants that offer them such as Bob's and Pendy's. That's why I was shocked when I returned home and found that there are now lots of burger stands that have been competing against each other. All these burger stands keep competing on which one has the bigger burger patty and which one is more delicious.

To be fair, I only got to taste one of these burger establishments. I still have to try Tio Sid's and Crave Burger but I'm afraid I'm running out of time and space for my stomach. If I could just spend another week in Bacolod with a budget for these restaurants, I would gladly eat and eat. But well, I have to return to reality, like most of you reading my blog.

Hungry Pete's menu
Hungry Pete's stall
So anyway, I got to try Hungry Pete's last week and found it good. I couldn't finish one serving because the order was too big (for me!). I ordered the Combo 1 which consisted of a burger, french fries and a drink (in can). One order cost P150 and the size of the burger could equal the plain Brother's Burger.

Combo #1, Hungry Pete's
I didn't find anything different with Hungry Pete's though. In fact, I think they could still add something to their taste to add more oomph and yum! But for the price and the size of the burger, I found it fair. I think I still have to try the two other burger stalls so I could determine which one is better.

We also ordered Chicken Fingers which, again, disappointed me. I think this is because my friend, Jesna, told me too much about the food and I had high expectations about it already.

Chicken Fingers with Fries, Hungry Pete's
Oh well. Like I said, I have to try the other burger joints to make a good decision on where it's best to eat.

Hungry Pete's is a stall located on the Ground Floor of Piazza Sorrento, Lacson St., Bacolod City. If you want to go there, just tell the taxi driver to take you to Sorrento. By jeepney, just ride either Mandalagan-Libertad or Bata-Libertad going north and you can get off in front of Mayfair Plaza. Sorrento is just across it. 
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