March 7, 2004

I Hate the Way

I hate the way you took my heart
And tore it into two
I hate the way we continue to be friends
And act like nothing happened

I hate the way you look at me
It makes me feel something inside
I hate the way you're being so blind
It's you whom I love

I hate the way you smile at me
It makes my heart ache for more
I hate the look I see whenever you're asleep
It makes me want to love you forever

I hate the way you hold me tight
It makes me want you to stay
I hate the way you hold my hand
It makes me wish you didn't have to go

I hate the way you said goodbye
It makes me cry today
I hate the way I feel for you
It makes me long for you everyday

I hate the way you touch me
It makes me go weak
I hate the way you kiss me
It makes me want that moment to never end

I hate the way you ain't loving me
It makes me wish you do
I hate the way I'm hating you
'Cause I really wanna hate you
- But I can't cause I love you too much


Don't be so sweet
Don't be so nice
Don't open your heart
Let me learn more about you

Don't be so loving
Don't be so caring
Don't treat me like a sister
Let alone, act like my brother

Don't treat me so good
Don't make me hope
Don't make me dream
That you like me too

Don't kiss me just yet
Don't look at me with love
Don't whisper words
Words that'll only make me fall

Don't tell me you like me
Don't show me your love
Don't make me fall in love with you
And tell me that all you wanted was just friendship
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