June 28, 2011

O.N.E. Naturales: ONE for P199 Sale!

Last year, I was invited to the launch of a new product that embraced its audacity to manufacture skin care products that are Organic, Natural, and Eco Friendly. Abbreviated as O.N.E. Naturales, the products of the company can be classified as natural luxury but without the hullabaloo. Amidst its retro-ish design and clever advertising measures, it greatly appeals to the market because of its affordable prices. What’s more was that it was marketed by a local team of Filipinos who researched, developed, and manufactured the products on their own. Spearheaded by the genius that is Charade Galang, the brand has launched into instant stardom.

Charade Galang 

Fast forward to a year later, I am still using and loving their products such as the Berry Delicious lip balmYou Wild Coconut, You! body butter, and the Cherry Blossom Trails body scrub. I personally know a lot of my friends who also love O.N.E. Naturales and their products and I’m sure they would be pleased to know about this new promotion that they have.

As part of its first anniversary, O.N.E. Naturales is giving something back to its loyal customers. From July 31-August 19, 2011, you can buy the different products at only P199. Yes, P199 for each of your favorite O.N.E. Naturales products! Even the delicious Body Scrubs (originally sold at Watsons’ for around P600) can be yours for only P199! The only product that’s not included in this are the lip balms, which are already being sold for P199. It is still part of the promotion but it’s now priced at P199 for 2.

Online Sale: June 30-July 30, 2011
Image borrowed from

But wait! That’s not all!

Starting June 30, you have a chance to win 1 coupon to buy any product you want from O.N.E. Naturales. All you need to do is LIKE the Facebook page and you’re instantly qualified for the online raffle which will be happening on July 30. Entries will be raffled off through and the winner will receive a coupon to buy any of the products from O.N.E. Naturales.

Can’t wait until July 31st to buy your favorite O.N.E. Naturales’ products? Here’s some good news for you!

Why wait until the end of July when you can start buying your favorite products NOW? O.N.E. Naturales can now be purchased through the same options just like you would normally do with your favorite online stores: Gcash or through Bank Deposit. Hurry, this online selling is only available from June 30-July 30. To buy online, just send a PM in Facebook!

Aside from the online raffle, O.N.E. Naturales is also rewarding one lucky blogger to win a complete line consisting of 9 different products valued at P 4,231. If you’re a blogger and you would like to join this promotion, simply visit my blog so you can find out more about this sweet deal that you can get!

ONE Naturales' Product line

This is your time to buy all your favorite O.N.E. Naturales products at a cheaper price! You don’t even need to deal with a Groupon site and wait until the deal becomes active. All you have to do is to get in touch through the Facebook page and you will be properly accommodated. 

Contest + Freebies: ONE Naturales

Three crazy promotions, ONE huge savings!
footnote: this is the old logo
Image from

ONE for P199

As part of its first anniversary, ONE Naturales is giving something back to its loyal customers. From July 31-August 19, you can buy your favorite products at any Watson’s branch for only P199 each!

If you can’t wait for July 31, you can start buying your favorite ONE Naturales products through Gcash or Bank Account Deposit for also P199 each. If you’re interested, simply post a comment on our page wall and we’ll get back to you right away!

Online Raffle

You also get a chance to win a coupon for any of the products through the online raffle simply by clicking the ‘Like’ button on our Facebook Page. Everyone who follows ONE Naturales’ Facebook page is immediately qualified for the online raffle happening between June 30-July 30.

·         Anyone who ‘likes’ ONE Naturales Facebook Page is immediately qualified
·         Entries are listed and posted on the FB Page for transparency
·         On July 30, a representative of ONE Naturales will be raffling off the entries using
·         Winner will be notified through Facebook
·         Winner will receive email with the coupon and will be able to claim his or her prize by claiming it at the Rochar Office

Blog & Win

If you’re a blogger, you also have a chance to win a complete product line composed of 9 different products from ONE Naturales! Alongside the online raffle, we are holding off a contest for bloggers who share information regarding our ONE for P199 promo plus some of their beauty tips.


·         Blog about the ONE for P199 promo and share some of your ONE Naturales’ beauty tips; share your blog post URL on our FB Wall (You must LIKE the Facebook Page in order to join)

·         Invite your friends to share the link of your blog post on their Facebook status by using this sentence:

“Thanks to @bloggername, I’m heading to @ONE Naturales ‘ONE for P199 sale! (Post link)”

·         The name of the blogger and ONE Naturales should be tagged properly

·         Winner will be judged by representatives of ONE Naturales through the following criteria:

o    Originality – 45%
o    Content – 45%
o    Number of tags on Facebook – 10%

·         Contest ends on July 30, winner will be announced right away

June 26, 2011

Recipe #10: Chocolate-Hazelnut Ravioli

A few nights ago, I got to watch Giada de Laurentiis on Everyday Italian. I was really pleased to see the recent episode 'cause she featured some really cool recipes involving chocolate. During the episode, she got to share 3 recipes which I found so appealing. Out of the 3 recipes, I got intrigued by one particular recipe because it was so easy to make: Chocolate-Hazelnut Ravioli.

I made this tonight and shared it with my friend, Jesna. The original recipe is on the link above. But for the simple and easy version, here's the recipe I followed:


1 Egg
Wonton Wrappers
Crumpy Chocolate Hazelnut Spread


1. Beat the egg in a bowl. This will be used as an egg wash to seal in the wonton wrapper.
2. Brush the four corners of the wonton wrapper with the egg wash.
3. Place a teaspoon of the hazelnut spread in the middle of the wrapper.
4. Fold the wrapper from one corner, into a triangle. Gently press the corners to seal in the hazelnut spread.

What it looks like on this step

5. Fry each ravioli pocket for about a minute.
6. Place on tissue paper to get rid of the excess oil.
7. Serve. Be careful as the hazelnut chocolate is hot.

Finished product

Enjoy! :)

Dreaming White, Alpine White

What's your favorite chocolate bar?

If there's one favorite memory I have of my mom, it's when she would bring home boxes full of different kinds of imported chocolates. She would buy them from her supplier and resell them at a cheaper price. I remember going through her stash and picking out my favorite chocolate bars every time a new box would arrive. Among the chocolate bars that I would get included Maltesers', Alpine White, and Violet Crumble. That was around 1994.

Violet Crumble

Out of the 3 of them, only 1 is available in the market today-- Maltesers'. I have been on a long quest to taste my favorite chocolates-- Alpine White and Violet Crumble. Ever since those days, I have never been able to taste my 2 favorite chocolate bars ever again. I've even asked some of my friends from the US to ship me some Alpine White chocolate. Unfortunately, they couldn't find it there either.

This blog post does not have any good news to people who are just like me. Sadly, our quest for Alpine White will forever be a battle that we cannot win. As long as Nestle keeps stopping the production of this chocolate bar, we'll all have to settle with Hershey's Cookies and Cream chocolate. I don't have anything against it, but certainly-- it's no Alpine White.

The top contender that can make up for my craving for this orgasmic chocolate bar-- Milka.
Milka White Chocolate

Like you guys, all I have left is a memory of Alpine White, its aroma, and this commercial I found. A footnote: did you know there are no pictures of Alpine White (the chocolate bar) available online?

Sweet dreams you can't resist
A dream as sweet as this
Dreaming white, Alpine White
Nestle makes the very best
Sweet dreams... you can't resist....


P.S. Did you know there's a Facebook page to Bring Back Nestle Alpine White Bars? Who knows, maybe Nestle will listen to us this time.

June 21, 2011

Sango!: Japanese Burgers in Town!

Posted as another entry for's Write Some Juice contest. Please don't forget to vote for me! 

While everyone is on the hunt for the best burgers in town, there's one burger joint that should not escape anyone's scrutiny. Called Sango!, this burger restaurant is best known as a Japanese burger station. Who would have ever thought that the Japanese had more to their menu than the typical sushi, tempura, and ramen? In fact, who would have ever thought that the Japanese had burgers of their own kind? Certainly, Sango is one restaurant that lets everyone in on the secret. 

Although it is not relatively a new restaurant, it has expanded quite vastly over the recent years. Opening branches all over the metro, it has allowed each individual to have an opportunity to dine in a nearby branch close to their home. Originally, Sango! can be found in the close proximity of the Little Tokyo complex across Makati Cinema Square. Now, there are branches in Edsa Shangrila mall (Ortigas), Powerplant mall, Rockwell (Makati) and in South Supermall (Alabang).

I used to frequent the original branch-- Creekside Mall (Makati) with my friends. But ever since I moved, I preferred going to the branch in Powerplant Mall because it felt a bit more homey. 

Sango! Rockwell Branch

It still had the trademark flat screen LCD TV which showcased some of the famous Japanese TV shows and anime. They also have a variety of anime books and Japanese newspapers available for those who are waiting for their order. 

Japanese library!

While many love their Master Burger and Master Cheese Burger, it is also good to experiment with the other dishes from time to time. The other popular favorites include theYakiniku Rice BurgerTeriyaki BurgerMaster Double Burger,Maccha Asuki Cornflake Shake, and the Master Fries. They also have options for those who don't eat beef such as the Fish BurgerChicken Curry Burger, and their selection of healthy salads: Fresh Salad and the Goboh Salad.  

Ever since Sango! released their Curry Beef Rice Burger, I was immediately hooked. It was not like any typical burger. Here are the reasons why this burger is so different from the rest:

Sango!'s Curry Beef Rice Burger (P180)

1. It does not use bread. Instead, it is sandwiched by Japanese rice tightly formed like a burger patty. 

2. There's no burger patty. Instead, the Curry Beef Rice burger has thinly sliced pieces of beef marinated with a Japanese curry sauce. It is then topped with cabbage and a special sauce with it. 

I suggest eating this burger with a fork because it can get pretty messy. But it will be so worth it! 

Don't forget to pair this burger with a side order of Master Fries and Calpis Soda so you can get a free upsize for your drink.

Free Upsize!!!

Master fries are wedge fries covered with a Japanese beef sauce, the same sauce that they put on the Master Burger and Master Cheese Burger. On the side, you have ketchup and sliced onions to complete your meal. 

Sango!'s Master Fries, regular size (P115)

Calpis soda is a refreshing alternative to water or ordinary soda. It tastes pretty much like Sprite but has a sweeter aftertaste. 

Calpis Soda, (P50)

With a different taste and exquisite interiors, it's no wonder why Sango! is called The Burger Master. 

June 17, 2011

Flavored Beer: Something New, Bacon Fries: Something Weird

I have recently discovered some very weird yet interesting things.

I was browsing through Facebook a few weeks back when I saw someone rave about Flavored Beer. Since I usually drink beer, I found it normal for me to want to explore and discover how it tasted. After a few research and hunts, I was able to find where this was being offered- The Offbeat Cafe at The Collective, Malugay.

I've always wanted to go to The Collective but I never had the guts to go there. Plus I didn't have anyone to come with me. So when Writers Block Philippines held a Networking Night, I finally decided it was time to check out this "indie" haven.

I was a bit disappointed when I discovered the Collective. I was expecting to find a place somewhat similar to Cubao X or The Gypsy Tea Room (a local cafe I frequented in Bacolod). I found that the Collective was more for college students and it wasn't really my crowd. Still, this did not disappoint me. I was on a quest to try the flavored beer, and so on I went.

If you're wondering why The Offbeat Cafe is so familiar, it's the same stall that can be found in Mercato-- which sells the Offbeat Burger (a burger patty sandwiched between a regular Krispy Kreme donut). Weird isn't it? Well, you'll be surprised to know that it wasn't the only thing I found weird in this hole in the wall cafe.

Aside from the flavored beer-- Strawberry Beer or Melon Beer, I also got to try the Bacon Fries. I was initially expecting to receive an order of fries topped with bacon bits. But no. My friends and I got a dish with 5-6 long bacon strips deep fried with a coating. At P190, I don't think it was worth it because I did not get to taste any bacon. There was more breading than bacon, so it was a bit disappointing.

Bacon Fries with a spicy Caesar dip

Bacon Fries with a spicy Caesar dip
I was also a bit disappointed when I found that they only offered the unlimited flavored beer on Fridays and Saturdays. So I had to make do with 1 order of Strawberry Beer at P90. (The unlimited option costs P250).

This is actually red. 
Anyway, I wasn't too thrilled with the Strawberry beer either. I mean, yes, it was different. It was odd. I did fancy the taste but it was ... weird. I think it will take some getting used to. But at P90 per bottle, I would prefer a more recent discovery I had: Flavored San Miguel Beer.

Yes, you read it right. Everyone's favorite beer has included a new product in its lineup of sorts. I can't really say this has been launched because I've only seen it in a few locations, like select 7/11 branches in Makati and in a restaurant in the 1st floor of Greenbelt 3. I don't remember the name of the restaurant but it's right beside Starbucks. I think it's Via Mare. (Will confirm later).

I'm not sure how much it costs in the Greenbelt restaurant but if you buy it in 7/11, it's only P28 per bottle. So my friends and I make sure we choose this option.

Yep, that's from the 7/11 branch across A. Venue, Makati Ave.
I've tried both the Apple Flavor San Miguel Beer and the Lemon Flavor San Miguel Beer. I like both but the Apple flavor has a better taste. When you drink the Lemon flavor, it tastes like you're still drinking San Miguel Light only it doesn't have the bitter aftertaste. On the other hand, the Apple flavored beer tastes like you're drinking Cali Shandy.

Be warned! Be very afraid of it! 
Be warned though, the Apple Flavored beer is highly addictive. I can normally drink up to 6 bottles of SML without feeling drunk. But I can't even finish 1 bottle of the Apple flavored beer because I get sleepy.

Anyway, that's all for my recent discoveries. Let me know which one you prefer. :)

June 9, 2011

Laptop Locks at CBTL: They're so Useful!

When I first found out that The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf had laptop locks, I thought that it was just about time. I knew that there are some Starbucks branches that also offer locks for laptops. But they were only limited and you'd have to be lucky to have one. You have to approach the guard and ask to borrow a laptop lock so you can leave your laptop on your table and not have it stolen by anyone.

I'm sure you've seen this around

So when I found out that CBTL had a number of these in every branch, I thought that it was very fortunate. Especially since I'm a huge fan of CBTL. (Reasons why I love CBTL here), I thought that it was really thoughtful of them to have this for their prized customers.

I love to work in cafes. However, I have a poor stomach when it comes to drinking strong coffee or tea. I think it has to do with dairy or just the tea leaves but I really have to rush to the restroom after a few minutes of sitting on my table. Since it's so hard to find an empty table near a power socket, I find it such a waste if I leave my table without finishing work or even my order. I find this so true, especially if I just got to my table with my order.

Well, now that CBTL has laptop locks, I'm so happy that I can just leave my laptop on my desk and go to the restroom. Since I'm usually alone in cafes, this is a huge bonus. Anyone who can relate to me will know that this is a really huge help!

Yep, that's alongside my Smart Bro plug it
So when I was in a CBTL branch a few months ago, I was very excited to try using the laptop lock on my own laptop. I asked the barista if I could borrow one and she asked me for an ID. She then handed me a silver cable with a lock attached to it. It was my first time to use it so I was confused how to attach it to my laptop. I had no idea what to do with it so I swallowed my pride and asked the help of the barista.

Step 1: Look for the hole on your laptop where there is a T shaped connection

In my case, it was on the right side of my Compaq Presario laptop.

Step 2: Wrap the cable around your table's neck

You don't need to tie a know on the cable as it is already provided.

Step 3: Attach the other end of the cable on your laptop

Once you've attached it on your laptop, twist the key until you can remove the lock easily.

Step 4: You can leave your laptop and do your business :)

I hope you guys will be able to figure it out compared to me :)

June 2, 2011

Decisions Decisions

Before anything else, I would like to say thank you to the people who told me not to give up. I am really grateful that I have friends and family members that are supportive of what I do. For this, a BIG THANK YOU!

Changes in my Blog
Well, like I said, I removed my Site Visit Counter widget and have no longer used Plurk as intensely as before. I have decided to keep my blog but write for myself. I do no longer want to write while thinking how other people will accept my entries.

I know there will always be some haters out there and insecure people who will try to bring me down. Sorry guys. Better luck next time, okay?

I am planning to revamp my blog. I am still deciding on it, still looking for a good look for my blog. But for now, enjoy this video. I really love this band and they are one of the very few whose concert I attended (in Bacolod). It was more of a gig than a concert, really but well.. that's that. I watched it with an ex.

I wonder where they are now....
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