October 11, 2010

Kelly Osbourne: My New Weight Loss Role Model

For those who have been following my blog for some time now, you may have seen how indecisive I am of my domain name and blog template. I have transferred back from Ms. Single and the City and started on a different template before. But a few days ago, I decided to look for something cleaner. This is why I found the new template I am using.

But why a girl with dumbbells? Well, that's because now I take to heart my weight and health. I have decided to be stupid to join a gym for the THIRD time. Yes, it's the same gym: Fitness First. To all who know me, you know I have a beef with this particular gym. But I decided to rejoin because I care about myself and my health over my pride. Unlike before, I decided to stick with a home gym.

Back to my new template. It's a girl holding dumbbells. So that means, it's me 'cause I'm a girl. (doi). Related to this topic (health and fitness), I have decided to share who I want to look up to.

I am a fan of people who have made a huge transformation in their life. This is why when I was able to find Kelly Osbourne on E! News, I was really shocked in the HUGE change she went through!

I remember thinking that Kelly Osbourne will NEVER change. She will always be that crazy fat girl who always makes a fool of herself.

Okay, now I will shut up. She has actually transformed into someone I envy! She's way thinner than me now and has more class. I think it's because she got over her junkie phase. Anyway, I want to know her secret. I want to be like her now.

Who would ever thought that underneath those raccoon eyes, grungy makeup, and crazy hair lies a person such as this:

The girl's got style! 

Love those shoes and the whole ensemble!!

I had to zoom this because I thought it was Mena Suvari 

Some before photos:

Someday, I'll be as sexy and stylish as her! <3

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