July 5, 2011

Women vs Men: The Question of Equality

This video truly hits home. No matter how much we try to claim that men and women are equal, men are still the more dominant gender. It sucks but it's true.

Here are some of the things I've realized about our gender:

  • Once a woman is successful, other girls are wondering how many guys she slept with to get to her status
  • A woman who sleeps around with men is a whore, while a man who sleeps with lots of women is admired
  • Women like to talk bad about other women, especially if they are jealous of their success
  • Women are now expected to be an all in one package: they should work hard, support their family, be in control of the household, and serve her husband. 
  • When a girl is with a foreign guy, she is instantly perceived as a prostitute
Sad but so true. I have to admire Daniel Craig though, for his courage to cross-dress in support of equality between both genders!

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