July 13, 2011

Adora's Move to Educate Everyone about the RH Bill

I know you guys have probably walked by Adora in Greenbelt 5 numerous times and have seen the new window display. I've done this a hundred times already. But I just really wanted to blog about it and one particular experience I had when I passed by the display a few days ago.

The New Display

Entrance to Adora

Adora in Greenbelt 5

I really like it that Adora is making an effort in letting people know about the RH Bill. I am PRO RH Bill because I believe education is the answer to our population problem. We just have to wake up and accept change. Like in Bangkok, they are supportive of their movement against AIDS and their population problem. They even have a restaurant that serves as a venue to let tourists know about the cause. Known as the Population and Community Development Association, they have the ever so famous Cabbages and Condoms Resort and Restaurant, which I was able to visit last 2009.

Me and Sam outside Cabbages & Condoms

Mannequins dressed up with condoms

What? No mint? Take a condom instead
Posing with Angel
Anyway, going back to the topic... I've seen a number of cars with bumper stickers for "Anti RH Bill." Whenever I'm driving, I just really want to bump my car into them because I am so shocked to see that there are still so many people who have a closed mind. But because I've always been trying to keep myself in the middle of things, I behave and keep my thoughts to myself.

These stickers are posted on several cars in the metro
But when I first saw the new window display of Adora, I was very pleased that this luxury brand was not oblivious to the developments in our country. I am very pleased with their decision to choose this as their new campaign. It really goes to show that they are not just a fashion brand.

The Shocker

On a normal Sunday a few weeks ago, I was passing by Adora and admiring the window display when I happened to overhear someone talk about the display. As pretty, tall and skinny that she was, I could not help but frown at disbelief. While passing by the store, she asked her friend: "Ano yung RH bill?" It was a huge shock for me because I reckoned she was someone who studied in an expensive university and she did not look young not to understand it. She was probably around 19 years old and was in college already. I was just really shocked that she did not know what the RH bill is. Amidst all the fuss about the RH Bill, where has this girl been?! Whether she's pro or against it, I think she needs to know what it truly is.

Makes me wonder... what do colleges teach kids these days? hmm....

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