July 3, 2011

Mary Grace Cafe: A Homey Place to Work

With my work requiring me to spend all day hooked to the internet, it comes to no surprise why I can be spotted in different cafes around the metro. If I'm not drinking coffee, I'm usually ordering tea. While there are some cafes that have exceptional food, I really can't say the same for the rest. But because I need to be hooked to the internet and to a power source, it is only practical why I would sacrifice taste just so I could get work done.

With so many people who are now frequenting cafes and are staying there for several hours, it can be hard to spot an area you can stay in. When I'm in Greenbelt, my first selection would always be the CBTL branch in GB3. But since there are so many people who are always there, I would walk all the way to CBTL-Residences to try my luck. Often, I am lucky. But for the rare instances where I don't have a place to work in, I check out Seattle's Best and then Figaro (Greenbelt 3). My selection has always been so limited. 

Thankfully, Mary Grace Cafe opened a branch in Greenbelt 2. I think they opened around April or May this year. Since I'm no stranger to this quaint cafe, I found it only fitting that I should try out this branch. I usually eat in their Serendra branch but it's too far. So when I discovered the GB2 branch, I was so excited!

Mary Grace Cafe in Greenbelt 2
Mary Grace Cafe in Greenbelt 2
When I first dined in this branch, I was very pleased with their interiors. It had the same appeal as their other branch-- only it was more spacious this time. I was really pleased to know that they have installed free Wi-Fi to all their guests. Plus, most of their tables had an extension cord so diners could plug in their laptops. I only have an issue with their extension cords because they plug each extension cord to another extension cord. My laptop's plug has a melted portion on the top because of this. I even encountered one incident where it kept sparking. :( I wish they would change their extension cords so they could avoid accidents. 

Handmade Chandeliers
I especially love the second floor-- where there was a children's corner available on one side of the room.

Children's Corner
I also like the garden area because it's so warm and colorful-- green and vibrant. Unfortunately, the time I sat there, two girls sat next to me and smoked cigarettes. Despite all the hullabaloo about MMDA's new ordinance against smoking in public places, this did not seem to apply to them. Because I did not want to get another acute pneumonia condition, I decided to transfer inside. 

Garden area
It was too perfect! They had homey interiors, cozy ambiance, free Wi-Fi, plugs, and delicious food-- the only downfall was that their food was a bit pricey.

I know they offer quality food and the price is fine for how delicious the food is-- but I can't go there on a daily basis. Well, I can but I'll just have to end up ordering my favorite drinks and snacks. I think this is no problem though because their food has never disappointed me-- ever. Here are some of my favorite foods and drinks from Mary Grace Cafe:

1. Smoked Salmon & Cream Pasta

The pasta for those who are on a semi-diet. Let's just call it a cheat day okay? :) 

Smoked Salmon & Cream Pasta
P 251
2. Grilled Cheese Roll

You can choose to have it grilled or classic-- either way works.

Grilled Cheese Roll
P 42/ each
3. Homemade Iced Teas

You can order by glass or by pitcher-- the pitcher serves 2-3 people abundantly. My favorite is the Wild Raspberry

Peach Homemade Iced Tea
P 75 (glass)/ P 224 (pitcher)
4. Sansrival Cake

Oh and did I mention they have the best Sansrival cake in Manila?

P 90 (slice)/ P 230 (mini)/ P 610 (whole 8x8x2 inches)
So if you want good food, ambiance and a relaxed dining experience, Mary Grace Cafe in Greenbelt 2 should be your choice!

*Pictures of Mary Grace (the establishment) have been borrowed from their Facebook Page. Visit their website to find out more information about them.


  1. I like Mary Grace in Serendra, too. Will have to check out the GB branch. Thanks for the tip. Why don't you bring your own extension cord so you don't have to depend on theirs?

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment! Yes, I am now bringing my own extension cord with me so I never run out of outlets. Anyway, I don't want to overload their extension cords. Like I mentioned, they plug each cord to another extension cord. :(


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