July 1, 2011

A Heartfelt Thank You on My 25th

Today's my birthday. 

But that does not mean I am happy about it. If anything, it just made me sadder. So for everyone who sent me a text or posted on my wall, I'm sorry for not replying and thanking you guys. The simple reason for this is I didn't feel like saying 'thank you' to everyone who greeted me a "happy" birthday because I know it's not a happy one.  

Originally, I intended to celebrate my 25th with some close friends on July 2. I already made an awesome event photo and even an event page on Facebook. But when I got word of the developments of my dad's health, I decided to skip the party and just have dinner with my family. 

So that's what I did-- the whole day I was with my dad and my sister. We went to Philippine Heart Center to have him checked by Dr. Renato Villanueva. After that, we were advised to go to another hospital in QC to get consultation from Dra. Arellano. The tests aren't finished and they're still going back tomorrow for a few more tests before a final decision is made. Bottom line: my dad might need an operation for his heart. 

A few weeks ago, my dad came home from Cebu. We were supposed to go to Seoul, a Korean restaurant that he loves to eat in. But because he wasn't feeling well and was restless about it, we headed straight to the emergency room of MCM as soon as his plane arrived. 

We were there for a good 4-5 hours. We had to fight our hunger until we could get the diagnosis of what happened. It was suspected that my dad encountered: a) Pneumonia b) COPD c) or a mild stroke. We were all cool about everything, including my dad, because we were trying to hide our worry. By the end of the night, COPD was the most probable culprit. He was still required to go through several tests. 

Weeks later, we continued our normal lives and routines. My dad went through with his physical exams and tests--that's when his specialists started to worry the previous emergency was already a mild stroke. 

When I found out about this, I wept. I cried like never before. Alone in my condo, I cried and could not sleep. I kept thinking to myself 'this cannot happen to me again.' I did not want to lose another parent. I kept waking up in the middle of the night and told myself I should write more articles, find more projects so I could help in anyway possible. I know my dad is strapped for cash right now and I am no better. But if I just do more articles and save more money, I know I'll be able to produce some money that will help for his condition. 

I have to stop being selfish and thinking of myself. I have to do more work so I'll be able to get more money. So to my friends, I'm sorry but you won't be seeing me around anytime soon. If you need me, I'll just be in my condo-- locked up and trying to do more work. 

Thank you to all the birthday greetings. Compared to last year, I only received a few. But even if I'm not feeling up to celebrating my birthday or I'm not happy about what's going on, I want to say thank you to everyone who thought of me. I can count a number of greeters who have truly made me smile. I can also count the people who have made my heart melt and put a tear on my eyes.

I especially want to thank:
Ms. Mayenne Carmona (a dear friend who's like a mother to me!)
Kuya Nikki, Nang Aloha, Nathan & Kuya Richie (for not forgetting)
Lolo & Lola (for the support)
Miggs Torralba (thank you for your message Miggs!)

Bubot Torralba-Lao & Ronnie Lao (for welcoming me and for the cake-- which by the way, is the BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER)

My only birthday gift-- Ms. Polly's Chocolate Cake
the best chocolate cake EVER
Sheila, James and Shaina (for the best birthday greeting EVER!)

and to my dad, whom I would like to dedicate all the birthday wishes I received today-- success, happiness, and GOOD HEALTH.

My dad's birthday greeting that I woke up to

Thank you everyone!

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